Sudden Increase in Burglaries in Ferndown and West Parley

Police in Dorset are warning residents of a sudden increase in daylight robberies, especially in Ferndown and West Parley, with five properties being targeted within the last few weeks. Ferndown and West Parley Neighbourhood Policing Team ask residents to be watchful and to report any suspicious activity.

Being a victim of a burglary can be extremely distressing, with the negative impact not solely being financial but also an impact on your emotional health and sense of security. There are various ways to increase your home security and help prevent a burglary from occurring; here at KeytekTM we believe your doors are the first line of defence against a burglary or home break-in. The local locksmiths in Ferndown provide a variety of locksmith services, including full security and home insurance compliance checks. If you are interested in upgrading your security, our local Ferndown locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, simply call 01202 051543 or visit  to arrange an appointment.

See our security tips for keeping your home secure:


Glastonbury increase festival security

Following the recent tragic events in London and Manchester, Glastonbury 2017 has massively increased their security. Festival goers will notice a few major changes, including thorough security checks and the placement of shuttle buses to help those affected to cope with large crowds.

For security reasons, festival goers will all be subjected to multiple searches of their bags and vehicles.  As a result, entrances will be considerably slower and there will be an increased number of queues, for this reason ticket holders are asked to pack light so searches will be quicker. Festival staff has advised all festival goers to put luggage tags on all bags and to prevent wrapping belongings in plastic wrap, in order to provide easy access during searches.

All measures taken this year are necessary for maximising public safety and security, with staff at Glastonbury working closely with the authorities. Festival goers are asked to play their part by packing lightly, planning their journey and cooperating with staff.  We hope everyone with a ticket enjoys themselves!


Woman discovers burglar in her Cumbernauld home

A woman discovered a burglar, dressed in all black, in her bedroom at 4.30am while she was sleeping.  After the burglar fled from the property the victim noticed several of her belongings had been stolen, including her mobile phone from her bedside table.

Upon closer inspection, it was brought to light that the burglar had been rummaging through cupboards at the property, and had gotten away with contents which will require a four figure sum to compensate. The victim’s patio door was discovered wide open following the burglary, indicating this was the main access into and out of the home.

According to the Police.UK website, research shows in the majority of burglaries, criminals most commonly broke into homes by forcing the locks on doors. For this reason, we believe it is vital to ensure the locks on your doors are strong and secure.


When upgrading the locks on your doors, our locksmiths will always recommend a British Standard lock, as these are widely recognised as a sign of quality and reliability. Our locksmiths are experienced, credible and trustworthy, and will ensure to only recommend the best quality products when carrying out a full home security and insurance compliance check.

If you are looking for a local locksmith in Cumbernauld to upgrade your locks, the KeytekTM engineers are all CRB checked and fully accredited by industry experts, ensuring that you will receive a reliable and professional service. Call 01236 800105 to book a local locksmith today, or for further information visit


Aggravated burglary in Carlisle

A group of three men and one woman have been arrested following an aggravated burglary in Carlisle in which a man suffered a serious head injury. Police were called subsequent to reports of a window being smashed at the property in Carlisle. Transgressors continued to force entry into the property and a male offender used a hammer to assault the occupants. Police arrived on scene quickly and made four arrests, all offenders also from Carlisle.


Being a victim of a burglary can cause huge amounts of distress, with the negative impact not only being financial but also an impact on your emotional well-being and sense of security. There are many ways to protect your home and prevent a burglary from occurring, starting with upgrading the locks on your windows and doors and ensuring the security of your house is to a high standard.

The local locksmiths in Carlisle provide a variety of Locksmith services including full security and home insurance compliance check. If you are interested in upgrading your locks, our local Carlisle locksmiths are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, simply call 01228 586005 or visit Keytek Carlisle to arrange a locksmith to visit at a time suitable for you.

“Can You Hear Me?” Telephone Call Security and Scams

common phone scams

Telephone scams are an old tactic telephone fraudsters have been using to deceive people into providing personal and financial information. It is crucial to have telephone call security in mind whilst talking to strangers over the phone, particularly when taking cold calls.

Never disclose the following details:

  • Any passwords or online banking codes
  • Your four digit card PIN to anyone, even if they are claiming to be the bank or police (your bank will never ask for your PIN over the phone or by email)
  • Personal details, unless you are completely sure you know who you are talking to.

How to spot a phone scam

  • What is a cold call?

Cold calls are often an indication that you are being contacted by someone you do not know. Occasionally companies do reach out to their customers out of the blue for authentic reasons. It is important to always verify who you are speaking to before any further discussions, this can be done by calling the official number for the company they are claiming to be calling on behalf of.

  • In a Hurry?

Often scammers will pressure you to respond promptly and make decisions in a hurry. It is important to always take a moment to make an informed decision, particularly if a sale is being made and money is being transferred.

  • Too good to be real?

Scammers may offer you a deal which appears too good to miss. It is important to research whether these offers are being presented by legitimate companies and are not simply being used to entice you. Remember, if a deal appears too good to be true, it usually is.

Latest call security scam – Can you hear me scam

A recent telephone scam residents are being warned of, which could cost a victim thousands, consists of simply answering the question ‘Can you hear me?’ The fraudsters are known to record your voice and use this as a voice signature to make unauthorised payments for products and services you have not used.

Be vigilant when taking calls from unknown or withheld numbers, and if you hear this phrase you are advised to hang up straight away. Kris Hicks of CPR Call Blocker says ‘If you don’t recognise the number, don’t answer. And if you do pick up, and they instantly start asking ‘Can you hear me? Are you there?’ as if they are trying to get you to say ‘yes’ to something, don’t say anything and hang up. It’s fishy, don’t fall into the trap.’

If you have responded to a suspicious call and believe you may be a victim of fraud a central point of contact is Action Fraud. You can report fraud or cybercrime using their online reporting service at any time of the day and they will also provide you with support.

Burglars break into garage in Winchester

Police in Hampshire are urging residents in Winchester to secure their bikes and review their garage security after a spike in bike theft. Warnings were issued following incidents where burglars broke into garages where bikes were being stored.

This highlights the importance of adequate garage security, as often the garage is used to store a range of power tools, expensive sports equipment and various other valuables which are highly sought after by burglars. Whether your garage is attached to your property or separated from your house, the contents could be at risk if the garage is not secured.

How to increase the security of your garage:

  • Installing motion-triggered security lights will make sure any activity around your garage will be detected.
  • A heavy duty garage door lock would deter opportunistic burglars as they aim to complete a job in minimal time without being noticed.
  • The installation of a garage defender disables the use of the garage door and also creates an obstruction for the burglar.
  • Consider extending the home security alarm to the garage in order to protect your contents.
  • If your garage contains high-value items, it is worth securing the contents internally using ground and wall anchors; these will prevent burglars simply carrying your items away if they do manage to break in, and will usually require a fair amount of effort to remove without being noticed.

For further tips on securing your garage check out our blog regarding garage security, it includes some great advice on how to increase the security of your garage and help protect the contents with ease.

If you are in the Winchester area and would like additional security measures added to your garage, call your local Winchester Locksmith today on 01962677099 or visit Keytek® Winchester to book an appointment!

Vehicle Thefts in Bridgend

Surfers and sea lovers targeted by vehicle thefts in Bridgend

Residents in Bridgend are urged to evaluate the security of their vehicles following a series of thefts where valuables were stolen from cars as surfers and sea lovers headed into the water. It has become apparent that there are elevated levels of crime in areas around the beaches in Bridgend, specifically Porthcawl.

Police in Bridgend South Wales issued a message asking those visiting beaches not to leave keys and other valuables unattended in vehicles while going in the sea. Your car is more likely to be targeted if valuable items such as wallets, phones and sat-navs are on display, therefore it is better to remove them from the car or tuck them away into the glove compartment or under the seats. Don’t forget to remove sat-nav holders and any suction marks on the windscreen as they indicate you have valuables in the car.

Read our blog on for more vehicle security advice. If you ever find yourself locked out of your car call your local Bridgend locksmith on 01656 334326.