Winter Home Security Tips


As the nights draw darker and colder, it is important to re-evaluate the security of your home and take the necessary measures in improving your home security to ensure your home isn’t an easy burglary target.

Did you know that November is the month you are most likely to be burgled? During the winter period your home can be seen to be more vulnerable by an intruder, especially in the lead up to the Christmas Holidays when you are most likely to have unopened valuable items. According to a report by insurance provider LV= a break in occurs every two minutes in the month of November.

Making your home unappealing to a burglar is the key to preventing it from being burgled during the winter period and is one of the most effective forms of crime prevention.

Although the risk of burglary does differ according to the type of property and level of security that is already in place it is worth taking the necessary precautions in order to best protect yourself and your home from a break-in.

Now that winter is here National Locksmith Keytek® has put together ‘Winter Home Security Tips’ to help you best protect your home from a break-in, which can be found below…

  1. Make sure all doors are securely locked at all times.
  2. If you are not going to be home leave a light on or on a timer to give the illusion that your home is occupied. A TV or Radio is a good alternative to leaving a light on.
  3. Make sure all accessible windows are locked and have restrictors fitted for added security – intruders can wiggle through any gap that is larger than a human head.
  4. Have a burglar alarm fitted. Some alarm systems can end up costing as much as £2000, if this is something you can’t afford have a dummy alarm fitted for as little as £13.99 a fraction of the price but equally as effective in deterring a burglar.
  5. Lock all garages and sheds.
  6. Check the perimeter of your home for weak spots.
  7. Have motion sensing lights fitted to the outside of your home.
  8. Mark any valuables with a UV pen and register them on
  9. Keep your curtains or blinds closed at night.
  10. Don’t leave any valuables where they can be seen through the window by passersby on the street.
  11. Don’t share any holiday plans on Social Media.
  12. If you are going on a winter break leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour or relative so they can keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away.
  13. Call a local locksmith on 0800 035 0451 to book in a home security and home insurance compliance check.

Over 20% of Britons still leave a spare key hidden outside of their property

Over 20% of Britons still leave a spare key hidden outside of their property Image

More than 20% of people are keeping up the old tradition of leaving a spare key hidden outdoors, a new survey by Keytek® Locksmiths has revealed. The survey asked people across the UK where they keep a spare key, and the results showed that despite years of police and government advice warning against it, many people are still leaving their keys in easily discovered hiding places.

Of those interviewed, 2% said they kept a key under a plant pot, 6% under a mat, 7% elsewhere in the garden, and 6% in the garage or shed. These figures will come as a surprise to many, as having a key in any one of these places is almost certain to invalidate your home insurance, should an intruder find it and use it to gain entry. This is something that the majority of home insurers advertently advise against. The AA insurance website warns homeowners “Don’t hide a spare key outside as burglars know where to look.”

As well as a significant proportion of people with keys hidden in the garden, the survey also showed that 44% of people actually keep a spare key with a neighbour, which offers an interesting new angle on the debate about how familiar modern Britons are with their neighbours.
Eddie Wilkinson, Operations Director at Keytek®, said:  “Although Britons on the whole are more security conscious than they used to be, these results show that many people are still taking big risks with the safety of their homes, by leaving keys in obvious hiding places that experienced burglars will be well aware of.”

He continued: “For a relatively small cost you can have a Key Safe fitted to the outside of your home by an experienced locksmith, this secure box can store your spare set of keys safely without you having to rely on a neighbour or family member to look after them.”

For more information about the domestic locksmith services provided by Keytek® or to make an appointment for a Key Safe to be fitted please call 0800 035 0451.

Keytekshop Summer Sale!

Keytekshop Summer Sale! ImageA few weeks ago we announced the launch of Keytekshop, an online ecommerce site where customers can purchase additional home security products for their homes. The launch of the shop has been a storming success and what better way to celebrate than to offer our customers some great deals…

With the summer finally arriving and the majority of us spending more of our days out and about, our very first sale helps you secure your property for a little less.

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We Built a Shop!!

We Built a Shop!! ImageSo its launch day! Locks, shopping carts and logos have been the topic of conversation here in the Keytek® office the last couple of months, as we continue to look for ways to improve our services and our customer needs by offering better access to excellent security products.  In the recent months we’ve been doing just that with the creation of our first online lock shop, which you may have heard about from our recent blogs and on our social media. After months of hard work we are all very excited to announce the launch of our new online shop, Keytek shop, now security really can be brought to your door, quite literally!

The project started back in March 2015 when we felt we needed to offer our customers a means of improving their security at home with great products. The idea of not only providing a locksmithing service for changing your locks and emergency call outs, but also to pass on our knowledge and recommendations to help you purchase new security items for your home from a trusted and respected  brand.  Keytekshop has been packed with all the best security products we could find ranging from Yale laptop safes to intruder deterrents to decoy safes in the shape of soup cans, all on a simple, clear shopping platform. With Keytekshop, improving your home security couldn’t be easier. However if you do struggle, or are not quite sure we’ve added in a helpful online chat service with an expert on hand to help you with choosing the right product. So go on over to our shop and have a look through our range of products to see what you can find to help secure the things you love and as a gift on us we are giving you 20% off on ALL products on our site and free delivery on orders over £40.

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Three Quarters of Britons Do Not Change Their Locks After Moving House

Three quarters of Britons do not change their locks after moving house Image

A survey has revealed that a staggering 74% of homeowners do not call a locksmith to change the locks when they move into a new property, potentially leaving them vulnerable to break-ins by someone who obtained a key during the previous ownership.

Survey participants were asked if they had their locks changed within a fortnight of moving in to their current home, only a quarter said ‘yes’. This basic security measure is recommended by leading home insurance providers such as Churchill, as most insurance claims are valid only if there are clear signs of breaking and entering, so the insurer will not pay out if the intruder was able to let themselves in with a key.

According to the Office for National Statistics the number of recorded burglaries has been gradually falling year on year for the last decade, but there are worries that this positive trend can only be sustained if homeowners remain vigilant and don’t take unnecessary risks with their home security. British Crime Survey statistics from The Crime Prevention Website show that people who have been living in their home for less than a year are twice as likely to be burgled as the average.

Eddie Wilkinson, Operations Director at Keytek®, said: “Getting your locks changed should be high on the list of priorities for anyone moving into a new home. You have no way of knowing how many keys the previous owners lost or gave to other people, and this does leave your home vulnerable. For a relatively small amount of money you can get a locksmith to change your locks, and not only will this ensure you know exactly who has a key, but will also ensure your locks are new and adhere to British Standards.”

Burglaries Increasing

Burglaries Increasing ImageThe figures show burglaries in England and Wales have increased 4% compared to the year before. Drugs crime also increased 6% which could be because police are giving more cannabis warnings.

According to the BBC, the risk of crime is at a historically low level. It is the second time burglaries have increased since the credit crunch began.

The figures came from the Home Office which uses both police figures and the British Crime Survey.

The figures also show:

  1. Since 1997, crime has fallen 39%
  2. Violent crime decreased by 6%
  3. Knife burglaries increased, but the number of deaths from knives decreased

Information sourced from

Don’t forget if you are in the unfortunate situation of being burgled and need to secure your property quickly a Keytek Locksmith is only a few minutes away.

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