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Glasgow Insights

Located in Scotland’s western lowlands sits a port city on the River Clyde, Glasgow. As the 3rd most populous city in the UK, Glasgow is a European cultural capital known for its stunning Victorian architecture and art institutions including opera, ballet, theatre, and museums.


Glasgow Population

Glasgow is estimated to be home to 1,673,000 residents, with a population density of 3,521 people per square kilometre, making it the largest city in Scotland.


10 Fun Facts about Glasgow

  • The Glasgow underground railway system, Clockwork Orange, is the 3rd oldest underground system in the world!
  • The glorious Victorian bar, Horseshoe Bar, was opened in 1884 and is the oldest running continuous bar in Europe.
  • In the University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum, the first-ever ultrasound machine can be found.
  • During 1872, the first ever international association football game was played in Glasgow between Scotland and England.
  • Glasgow Cathedral is the most complete medieval cathedral on the Scottish Mainland.
  • Glasgow is home to trees that are older than the dinosaurs.
  • The Glasgow City Chamber has more marble than the Vatican.
  • Glasgow has won the “Curry Capital of Britain” title 4 times.
  • Standing at 62 meters high, the Glasgow Cineworld is the tallest cinema in the world.
  • Glasgow has their own mini-Statue of Liberty, that is an exact replica.


Snow covered Glasgow residential Street at night

House Prices in Glasgow

The current average house price in Glasgow is £197,342, which is a 4.14% increase in value compared to the previous year. With 13,363 sales in the last 12 months, the current average price paid is £190,670.

Detached House Prices in Glasgow

The current average price for a detached house in Glasgow is £330,038. This is a 0.69% increase in value compared to the previous year. Within the last 12 months, there have been 804 house sales, with the average price paid equalling £330,038.

Semi-Detached House Prices in Glasgow

The current average price for a semi-detached house in Glasgow is £206,812. This is a 1.59% increase in value compared to the previous year. Within the last 12 months, there have been 962 house sales, with the average price paid equalling £206,812.

Terraced House Prices in Glasgow

The current average price for a terraced house in Glasgow is £164,762. This is a 7.21% increase in value compared to the previous year. Within the last 12 months, there have been 890 house sales, with the average price paid equalling £168,590.


Flat Prices in Glasgow

The current average price for a flat house in Glasgow is £146,885. This is a 7.02% increase in value compared to the previous year. Within the last 12 months, there have been 3,982 house sales, with the average price paid equalling £146,885.


Renting in Glasgow

The average rent for properties in Glasgow is £858pcm. Divided down by property type, renting a room on average costs £638, renting a flat on average costs £865 and renting a house on average costs £774.


Is Glasgow a cheap place to live?

Renting in Glasgow is one of the most affordable cities in the UK, with renters paying £300 less in Glasgow than in Edinburgh. Prices will vary depending on the area in Glasgow, but overall Glasgow is an affordable city to live in.


Is Glasgow a nice place to live?

In 2015, Glasgow was voted the 51st best place in live in the UK, which puts it about halfway overall in the rankings. But in recent years, the lower cost of living and the higher average income has made Glasgow an attractive place to live and work.


Is Glasgow a safe place to live?

Much like any city, there are areas to be cautious of, but Glasgow is relatively safe compared to many other UK cities. The Complete University Guide puts Glasgow in the top 5 safest cities in the UK for students to study in, with Travel Safe Abroad classifies Glasgow as a low-risk city for tourists.

Glasgow’s East End is a less then desirable part of the city to live in, but overall is a safe area in which to explore if cautious.


Best Neighbourhoods to Live in Glasgow

Hillhead – West End

Popular with young professionals and students, the west end is ideal for those who are looking for their first home. Found in the West End are an array of different property types to choose from, alongside some of the best schools that can be found in Scotland.

Centred around the Botanic Gardens and Kelvingrove are a cluster of art museums and art galleries, where over 8,000 exhibits of art and history are displayed. This cultural hub situated in Glasgow is a sure favourite for many residents.



The Southside is another cultural hub in Glasgow, with diverse restaurants, parks, schools, and great transport links into the city centre. Very similar to the West End in attractiveness but a quieter area where beautiful Victorian sandstone architecture can be seen lining the streets.

Bearsden / Milgavie

A higher priced area of Glasgow, houses in Bearsden and Milgavie are perfect for those with a budget who are looking to raise a family. Far enough away to offer a quieter, slower paced life but close enough to reach the city by a short train ride, these areas are ideal for most people if you have the budget for it.


Travelling in Glasgow

The Subway in Glasgow

For getting around Glasgow easily and quickly, the subway is always recommended. Taking just 24 minutes to complete the entire circuit, the subway runs every 5 minutes during peak times and is a cost effective and fast way to travel.

Buses in Glasgow

With over 80 routes across the city, First Bus Glasgow is an affordable way to travel around the city.

Trains in Glasgow

There are 2 main train stations in Glasgow, Glasgow Central Station; linking the city to the South and Glasgow Queen Street Station; linking the city to Edinburgh and the North.

Bicycle in Glasgow

Nextbike Glasgow a unique and enjoyable way to get round Glasgow and is favoured by tourists. With over 700 bikes and e-bikes for hire at 50 locations around Glasgow available 24/7.

Sightseeing Bus in Glasgow

The most popular way for tourists to visit the city and see all the popular tourist attractions such as People’s Place, Glasgow Cathedral, Riverside Museum, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and a variety of museums.


What is the closest airport to Glasgow?

There are two airports in Glasgow, just to be confusing they share the same name. The oldest airport, known as the Glasgow Prestwick Airport, is where the budget airlines operate from providing flights to popular holiday destinations such as Malaga. Glasgow’s second airport, Glasgow International Airport, is the second most used airport in Scotland and is where Easyjet, Loganair and British Airways are based.


What are the schools like in Glasgow?

All of Glasgow’s schools follow the same 2 phase system, the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. In this curriculum the first phase starts at nursery age, with a board general education, and continues for several academic years (seven years of primary school and 3 years of secondary school). Phase 2 starts at age 16 and continues to the final school year at 18.


Public Schools in Glasgow

Much like the rest of the UK, most children in Glasgow attend public schools that are funded by the state. Although there is not a consistent quality amongst all the public schools in Glasgow, some of these schools are well regarded and consistently top of the best performing public schools in Scotland.

Placement to these schools is based on area, however you can apply to the council for a specific school but there is no guarantee of acceptance.

Private Schools in Glasgow

Funded by fees and charitable donations there are several private schools in Glasgow that any child can attend provided they meet the entry requirements and in often cases entry exam. Whilst still following the Scottish Curriculum of Excellence, private schools do tend to offer more flexible teaching methods and facilities which results in them ranking higher than most public schools.

University of Glasgow Tower

Universities in Glasgow

There are 5 different universities within the Glasgow vicinity: University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian University, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and Glasgow School of Art.

University of Glasgow

The top-ranking university in Glasgow and 2nd among all the universities in Scotland, the University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is home to an estimated 30,805 students. With 3 different campuses across the city, the University of Glasgow is an inclusive university with great academic scores.


Where is the best place to eat in Glasgow?

According to Trip Advisor the best place to eat in Glasgow is the E-Street Café, which has a 5-star rating across 107 reviews. Rated 1st out of 417 cafés and 1,676 restaurants in Glasgow, the E-Street Café is certainly a place to visit!


Top 10 places to eat in Glasgow

  • E-Street Café; Café
  • Scran; British Café
  • Mini Grill Glasgow Steakhouse; Steakhouse Grill
  • Jodandys; British
  • Turkiye; Mediterranean & Turkish
  • Green Gates Café; Indian & Asian
  • Obsession of India; Indian & Asian
  • Dakota Bar & Grill; European Steakhouse
  • Roastit Bubbly Jocks; European & British
  • Number 16; Healthy & Scottish


Shopping in Glasgow

Catering for different tastes and budgets, Glasgow is a central hub for all types of shopping and has been dubbed a “shoppers paradise”. From vintage stores to high street brands to independent shops, you are sure to find everything your heart desires. Shopping is centralised in the centre of Glasgow, in what is known as “Glasgow’s Style Mile”.

Buchanan Galleries

Sat at the centre of Glasgow city centre is the Buchanan Gallery which is home to over 80 of the best stores, including popular high street brands.

The Forge Shopping Centre

An indoor shopping centre, home to over 70 stores of well-known high street brands, is a great place to visit for a relaxed shopping day.

Glasgow Fort

One of Scotland’s top shopping spots, here you can visit high street brands, designer stores and an array of restaurants and bars.


Hotels in Glasgow

There are many different hotels and B&Bs that will suit every budget and situation in and around the city. The top 3 places to stay in Glasgow, as suggested by Trip Advisor are:

Dakota Glasgow

A great central location for tourists, graded 100 out of 100 for walkers with 181 restaurants and 69 attractions within 0.3 miles, the best rated Glasgow restaurant E-Street Café within walking distance. With 1,868 reviews, this hotel has a 5-star rating and has been awarded a Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice award for 2020.

Ibis Styles Glasgow Centre West

Rated 5-stars from 561 reviews, this hotel is music themed and offers another option for those who are looking for a great local location in the city centre. Rated 100 out of 100 for walkers, this hotel is also within the walking distance of the best rated restaurant in Glasgow, E-Street Café, and within 0.3 radius 166 restaurants and 52 attractions can be found.

The Pipers’ Tryst Hotel

Another perfectly located hotel, the Pipers’ Tryst Hotel is graded 100 for walkers, with 147 restaurants and 57 attractions within easy walking distance. With a respectable 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor with 634 reviews, this hotel is a cosy place to stay in Glasgow with easy access to the entire city.

Cylde Arc ober clyde river at sunset

Top 10 things to do in Glasgow

  1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
  2. The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel
  3. Glengoyne Distillery
  4. Celtic Park
  5. University of Glasgow
  6. The Necropolis
  7. Tennents Wellpark Brewery
  8. The Clydeside Distillery
  9. Ibrox Stadium
  10. Glasgow Botanic Gardens


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