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Harrow Insights

A small town in the heart of the London borough of Harrow, it is known for its blossom into being a village-like suburb where you will find many different homebuyers. The town has a perfect location for links to the heart of London, as it is just 15 minutes away, and popular for its countryside-like places where there are lots of greens and its wealth of local amenities. The town has the most diverse ethnicities, representing many different religions; it even has a centre for one of the oldest religions in history, the Zoroastrian, which makes it one of the most culturally diverse places in the capital.


Harrow’s Population

The population of the town is approximately 251,200. In fact, it has the highest proportion of 19 years old in the capital with 75% of them having the level 3 A levels or equivalent.


Living in Harrow

Compared to other areas in London, Harrow is one of the most popular  and nice places to live in for its new flats and convenient size houses with one of the most famous schools, Harrow School, in the heart of it. Harrow is also famous for being home to the best boarding schools where many prime ministers, such as Peel and Palmerston, were all educated there. Therefore, it is a place where roots are decisively put down by families or usually couples looking to grow a family in an area where house prices are reasonable with a good transport link to the capital’s centre.

Is harrow a nice place to live?


How much does a house cost in Harrow?

The average price house for a property in Harrow stands at approximately £522,162 in 2021, in which there is an increase of 7.45 % compared to the previous year.

Property TypeCurrent Average Value (£)Average Price Paid (£)Value Change (%)


How much does it cost to rent in Harrow?

The following table shows the average cost PCM in Harrow:

Property TypeAverage Rent Per Calendar Month (PCM)


Where are the best Neighbourhoods in Harrow to live in?

Harrow’s safest and best neighbourhoods are West Harrow, Harrow on the Hill, and Pinner, which are popular with families living there.

West Harrow

As its name suggesting, the neighbourhood is located on the west side of Harrow town. It is home to many artists, including poets, pianists, and musicians, who make the art and culture a big part of it, and visiting its many museums is a must if you are around there. In fact, it is known for its contribution to Usurp Art Collective charity that mainly provides support to different artists and cultural programmes.

Harrow on the Hill

A historic village in the town, Harrow on the Hill is a remarkable neighbourhood with its different independent boutiques and restaurants. It is also a historic village due to its amazing historic architecture. Therefore, it is popular with its different museums and heritage centre. It is also known for being a place to escape from the constantly busy life in the capital with various green areas that have houses that are below the average price for London.


A suburb in the capital, Pinner also extends with the historical side, in which there are some different Tudor buildings in the area. An important part of the neighbourhood is its annual street fair, in which it is one of the very few villagers in the country that continues holding it. It is a very culturally mixed neighbourhood like London’s most neighbourhoods and one of the safest place to live in.


Harrow Crime Rates

Harrow, like every other London Borough, has crime, albeit it is said to have the second lowest crime rate in the city after Richmond. In general, crime rates in the area have been relatively stable in recent years, and the Local Youth Crime Prevention Plan and Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board play together crucial roles in ensuring that safety requirements are met. The area is likewise well-protected by the police.

For more information and updates on Harrow’s crime rates and local policing, please visit page here.


Schools in Harrow

Harrow is most popular for having the best schools in the UK and the best boarding schools in London. Of course, the prestigious Harrow School for boys will come at the top with most of the students securing places at the world’s top universities and Ivy League schools. Harrow school is for boys aged 13-18; however, the town is also home to many different great alternatives.

There are around 60 primary schools in Harrow, and many of them have a rating of “above average” for their performances, including St Anselm’s RC, Byron Court, and Belmont. As for bigger kids looking for options for their next phase of schooling, there are around 25 secondary schools in Harrow. Co-educational Whitmore High and Claremont High are some of the most popular and highly rated.

Harrow College

Harrow College is an amazing option for further education. It is a part of HCUC (a merger between Harrow College and Uxbridge College), which is the best college for all 16-18 years old in London. You will find many different programmes within the college, vocal qualifications, and various modern apprenticeships.

Stanmore College

The second college in the borough of Harrow is Stanmore College, which has a friendly environment. It offers the students an excellent education with highly experienced and skilled staff at the College. The programmes offered in the college vary from full-time to part-time and online courses with many different courses.


Getting Around Harrow

TFL (Tube and Rail)

The area not only has a dedicated over ground station offering transport to Euston and Watford Junction, but also has Harrow on the Hill, which is the town’s Metropolitan underground station. The Metropolitan underground is a great line as it stretches from Chesham or Uxbridge, stopping at Wembley and King’s cross on the way.

By Bus

The bus station in Harrow is connected to the TFL network, and it runs many different services to most boroughs in London.

By car

Getting around Harrow with a car is very straightforward and not misleading. We recommend you avoid the traffic hassle and check the routes before you hit the road as well as for the car parking areas.


Nightlife in Harrow

As Harrow is mostly known for mainly school life and the large campus for the University of Westminster, the nightlife is not the best if you want to dance the night away during a weekend. There are many different places to eat and drink, but still not the same as other parts of London. However, there are some bars and clubs you can go to if you are living there.


McCafferty’s Bar, Harrow, is a great choice if you want a young vibe type of bar with very reasonable prices. McCafferty’s is an Irish bar that has a good location in north harrow, with great reviews from customers for enjoying their evenings with some live music. If you also are interested in major sporting events, they offer the live televised sport.

Buckley’s Bar is a must go if you want delicious food with very moderate costs, not to mention the friendly service offered. This bar has young and old aged customers, so we recommend going there if you’re looking for a middle aged type of bar. There is also live music every weekend if you are looking for a nice weekend night out with friends.


Club KTM is a highly recommended place to dance the night away in Harrow. The club has a very exciting interior and well equipped lighting system with DJs and live music playing the best of all different music genres. It has two dance floors with 2 different bars offering a variety of drinks to enjoy your night.


Entertainment in Harrow

There are different activities that you can go to with family or friends.

VR Champions

It might be a new experience for many people but it is very fun for family and friends. You will be able to experience the most realistic virtual reality experience with fun and enjoyable challenges. There are plenty of games/challenges that you can choose from, which will suit all ages, including kids. It has a highly experienced staff who will also make sure you are having fun and enjoying the experience.

Putt Crazy

A brand new, very nice, and crazy golf, restaurant, and bar place is an amazing choice for friends, couples, and families. We highly recommend going there if you want a mix of an entertaining activity, delicious food and drink, and great taste in music. It is also very popular with friendly staff who always make sure you get the best experience, so if you are around Harrow and looking for an entertaining experience, make sure to pop up!


Shopping in Harrow

With many different independent shops that you can shop from, make sure you go to St Ann’s and St George’s shopping centres for an amazing mix of everyone’s retail favourites. They are both also home to great coffee and restaurant places to chill during your shopping day.  As for the big weekly home shopping, there are large branches of different retailers like Morrisons and Tesco.


Leisure in Harrow

Harrow Leisure Centre

If you looking for a healthy and active lifestyle, Harrow Leisure Centre provides many facilities, including a gym, large main swimming pool, small training pool, and sports hall.

Gyms in Harrow

There are many well equipped gyms in Harrow that can change your perception of health and fitness. Fitz Gym and Energie Fitness are very highly rated in Harrow town.


Harrow Must Sees

Harrow (Headstone Manor) Museum

The town of Harrow is known for its historical side when it comes to visiting places. Even though there are many different museums, Harrow headstone Museum is one of the most popular as it has free entry and lots of exhibitions, and family and community events. Their website is always up to date with the events taking place; make sure to check their website to enjoy an interesting historical experience.

Harrow Arts Centre

The only dedicated performing arts venue in the area, Harrow Arts Centre has many interesting high professional performances and workshops all year. Harrow has a very diverse community, and all performances provide you a journey of interesting arts for people who are from different backgrounds. If you want to experience different cultural performances, attending different events at Harrow Arts Centre is a great recommendation.

Pinner Memorial Park

Whether it is a peaceful relaxing walk or a picnic with friends or family, Pinner Memorial Park will meet your expectations of a beautiful park. It has a café and nice kids’ play area. We highly recommend this park if you are interested in greenery areas.


Staying Overnight in Harrow

Premier Inn

The most popular British hotel chain, Premier Inn, has a good location in Harrow if you want to head to the city or out to the country. Premier Inn is a perfect choice for a comfortable yet affordable overnight in Harrow. Whether you are staying for business or pleasure purpose, the hotel’s facilities will suit everyone.

Travelodge London Harrow

Another highly recommended choice for an overnight stay is Travelodge London Harrow for its great hospitality, comfortable stay, and affordable prices. The hotel is a better choice if you want to explore the area as it is only 5 minutes walking from the town centre of Harrow. The facilities offered in the hotel are also very convenient and suitable for anyone.


Where are the best places to eat in Harrow?

  1. Masa Restaurant
  2. Eastern Fire
  3. Ram’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant
  4. Jasmine’s Café & Diner
  5. Shobha’s Rasoi
  6. Hakkaland
  7. The Lounge Café
  8. Kingsfield Arms
  9. The Cod Father
  10. The Hare


Top 10 things to do in Harrow:

  1. Doll’s House on the Hill
  2. Tour of Harrow School
  3. Heath Robinson Museum
  4. London Motorcycle Museum
  5. Playgolf London
  6. Royal Air Force Museum
  7. Fryent Country Park
  8. Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve
  9. Vue Harrow
  10. The Castle Harrow


Harrow FAQs

What is the closest airport to Watford?

The closest airport to Harrow is the widely known, London Heathrow, which is around 8 miles away.

Where is the hospital in Harrow?

The main hospital in Harrow is Northwick Park Hospital, which is located in Watford Road, Harrow. In fact, the hospital is managed by London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust. It provides the whole area with many different services and most importantly, an emergency department.


Need a Locksmith in Harrow?

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