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Peterborough Insights

Peterborough is a city located within rural east England in Cambridgeshire just above the city of Cambridge and to the right of Birmingham. The city dates back to the early ages when it was known as Medeshamstede and changed to Peterborough by the end of the Middle-Ages.

It’ll take you just over 2 hours to reach London from Peterborough via the A1 and just under an hour via direct train to London King’s Cross.

Population of Peterborough

The population estimate of Peterborough in 2018 was 203,600 residents. That’s an 18,000 rise in the number of residents since 2011.

House Prices in Peterborough

Over the last 12 months there have been 1,241 sales of properties with the average price paid standing at £227,879. Zoopla estimates the current average value to be lower at £219,851 which results in a positive value change of 3.85%.

Detached House Prices in Peterborough

There were a healthy 478 sales of detached homes in Peterborough over the last 12 months with the average priced paid slightly lower than Zoopla’s current average value which as £307,045 and £308,899 respectively. For detached homes in Peterborough there has been a negative value change of -0.77%.

Semi-Detached House Prices in Peterborough

If you’re looking to buy a semi-detached home in Peterborough area, Zoopla currently estimates the average value to be worth £192,716 which is lower than the national average. The average price paid for a semi-detached home in Peterborough however was just over £10k higher at £203,855 paid on average over the last 12 months. However, there was still a negative value change of -0.37%.

Terraced House Prices in Peterborough

Over the past 12 months there were 321 sales of terraced properties in Peterborough. Zoopla currently estimates the average value to be worth £155,649 but the average price paid by homeowners was £163,803. There is a positive value change for terraced properties over the whole 12 months at 0.99%.

Flat Prices in Peterborough

Of the 1,241 sales of properties over the last 12 months only 76 of those were sales of flats. The average price paid for these flats in Peterborough were slightly higher than the current Zoopla average value at £116,303 compared to £113,822. The last 12 months saw flats in Peterborough have a negative value change of -0.59%.

Is Peterborough a Nice Place to Live?

Depending on whom you ask, Peterborough is either the worst place to live in the UK or the happiest place to live in Cambridgeshire. Every year creates a contradictive poll where people vote for the worst place to live in the UK, Peterborough has topped that list two years running. However, in a complete contrast Peterborough was voted the happiest place to live in Cambridgeshire according to the results from the Office for National Statistics ‘Personal well-being in the UK’. The 2019/2020 statistics showed that the average ratings of life satisfaction in Peterborough were 7.6 out of 10, the average rating for residents sense of worthwhile scored 7.8 out of 10 and happiness levels were 7.5 out of 10. This proves that there are indeed good and bad places in any town or city that you visit.

Is Peterborough a Safe Place to Live?

During the month of October 2020 there were 2,243 reported crimes in Peterborough. A staggering 704 of them were violence and sexual offences, followed by anti-social behaviour at 457 cases, public order at 202 cases and criminal damage and arson at 181 cases.

Best Place to Live in Peterborough

Yaxley, Peterborough

One of the favoured places to live in Peterborough is Yaxley. It consists of a wide range of houses such as big detached homes, terraced and bungalows so there is something to suit everyone. Yaxley is close to Middletons Road Recreation Ground, a few pubs and eateries and a couple of schools.

Whittlesey, Peterborough

If you’re looking for a home out of the town centre, Whittlesey is a great place to live within Peterborough. There are large, attractive homes located here and the houses aren’t piled on top of one another. Whittlesey train station is located close by for an easy commute to the heart of Peterborough. There are a few pubs here too, a Heron foods and even a museum.

Hampton Vale, Peterborough

If you’re looking for a newer build then look no further than Hampton Vale. There are attractive homes here including 3 storey townhouses and is surrounded by lakes such as the Serpentine Lake. There are a couple of schools in the area, play areas, a pond and some takeaways.

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Travelling in Peterborough

Travelling in Peterborough is relatively easy due to the A roads that surround it and its proximity to London in which it resides above.

Busses in Peterborough

For bus times in Peterborough check out this website.

Trains in Peterborough

Peterborough Train Station is the central station with another station in the north of the city named Stamford station and one to the east in Whittlesey.

Schools in Peterborough

There are 81 primary schools, 25 secondary schools and 22 schools and colleges that offer 16-18 years education in Peterborough. 5 of these have achieved the rating ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted which includes Arthur Mellows Village College, Fulbridge Academy, Hampton Hargate Primary School, Heritage Park Primary School and The King’s (The Cathedral) School, all rated between 201-2015.

Unfortunately, 10 schools and colleges received the rating of ‘Requires Improvement’ and 2 have received the rating ‘Inadequate’. The remainder of schools and colleges were rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted or are unrated as they are private schools or the new data has yet to be published. Find out more about schools and colleges in Peterborough here.

Universities in Peterborough

The University of Peterborough was established in 2007 by Anglia Ruskin University and Peterborough College and is home to a £10million campus. There are a variant of undergraduate degrees on offer in subject areas including Business and Professional, Social Sciences, Creative Industries, Education and Teaching, Science and Technology and even a few partner courses.

Anglia Ruskin University also has a campus in Peterborough (Guild House) and is dedicated to health, education and social care. It is a smaller campus than the rest of the Anglia Ruskin University with just 1,200 students.

Arts and Culture in Peterborough

There are a few things to explore in Peterborough if you are interested in the arts, for example there are often dance, music and comedy nights at the city’s three theatres. If you are looking for exhibitions there are a wide variety or renowned and local artists work on display at Peterborough Museum (and ‘Ghostly Tales’ if that’s your thing). Furthermore, there is an annual festival that takes place in Peterborough annually, with some well known acts performing there.

Peterborough Nightlife

There are plenty of things happening in Peterborough if you’re looking for a night out on the town, try Embassy or the Met Lounge for a night of dancing. If you prefer a few drinks or some good pub grub check out O’Neill’s, Woodman or Sir Henry Royce.

Top Restaurants in Peterborough

If you’re looking for somewhere special to eat in Peterborough then check out the top three rated eateries in Peterborough as voted by visitors on Tripadvisor (January 2021):

1. Gurkha Durbaar

This Indian/Nepalese restaurant has claimed the top spot for the best restaurant in Peterborough through its 5* rating on Tripadvisor. It’s not hard to see why as the reviewers mention how exceptional the service, food and décor are making for a fantastic evening.

2. Gurkha Lounge

In the second spot is Gurkha Durbaar’s sister restaurant the Gurkha Lounge which serves Indian food alongside its famous Nepalese food. This place also lives up to the high standards of the Durbaar with excellent service and fresh, tasty food.

3. Resist! Vegan Kitchen

As Peterborough’s first vegan restaurant which opened in 2017 it has climbed its way up rapidly to achieve third place! Everything is made from scratch and all the food is sourced ethically.


Shopping in Peterborough

There are plenty of shops to choose from when in Peterborough. Your first stop should be at the Queensgate Shopping Centre, however you might need all day there as it is home to over 90 stores, including shops such as John Lewis, H&M, Primark, Paperchase and plenty more. There are also plenty of eateries here so you can grab some respite in-between all that shopping! As well as the main shopping complex, Queensgate is hope to Westgate Arcade which includes a selection of independent retailers and award-winning butchers!


Hotels in Peterborough

The top rated hotels in Peterborough according to are as follows:

1. Countryside Lodge

With an overall rating of 9.8 out of 10 this lodge is marked as exceptional. This lodge is a home away from home which includes a kitchen and dining area as well as a patio and BBQ station. It is located 8.5 miles from the centre of Peterborough.

2. Highfields Holiday Bed and Breakfast

This B&B comes in second with a rating of 9.7 out of 10. The rooms are beautifully designed with a country-Esq. feel and a continental breakfast is served in the morning and a nice garden to sit and enjoy your cuppa in. It is located 8.7 miles from Peterborough Cathedral.

3. Castle Farm Guest House

This whimsical guest house has a rating of 9.5 out of 10 and snaps up the third spot. The guest house is a particularly scenic spot as it backs onto the River Nene below and is adjacent to the popular Fotheringhay Castle. It is located 13.7 miles away from Peterborough Cathedral.


Top 10 things to do in Peterborough

1. Peterborough Cathedral
2. Burghley House
3. Nene Valley Railway
4. Ferry Meadows Country Park
5. Railworld Wildlife Haven
6. Peterborough Museum
7. Sacrewell
8. Flag Fen Archaeology Park
9. Elton Hall and Gardens
10. Fineshade Wood


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