Locked Out of House?

Whether you have locked your keys inside your property or your keys have been stolen or lost our local locksmiths can help you get into your home.

Locked out of house? Call emergency locksmiths!We all know this can be an extremely stressful time and is a common occurrence for those who require an emergency locksmith ASAP. Firstly don’t panic, whether you are locked out of your house during the day or even the middle of the night our trained and skilled locksmiths are available night or day, 365 days of the year to help you get back into your home.

When you are locked out you want to be sure you are using a locksmith that is not only trained but also one that is trustworthy and credible. To reassure you of this all of our emergency locksmiths are CRB checked (DBS checked) and are accredited and assessed by industry experts.

What do I do when I find myself locked out of my house?

When you do find yourself locked out of your home, you need to call your local emergency locksmith straight away on 0808 164 2928.

The emergency locksmith will then ask you the following questions

  • Where are your house keys?

    Are they inside your property, stolen or lost? If your keys have been lost or stolen you will need to make your local Police Station aware and give the incident number to the locksmith.

  • What type of lock do you have on your door?

    Is your door uPVC or wooden? Is the lock shoulder height or waist height?

  • Is your lock faulty?

    If your lock is faulty the local locksmith will ask you to give a brief a description of what is happening when you are trying to unlock your door.

We usually recommend an average emergency response time of approximately 30 minutes* to ensure that you are not locked out of your property for too long.

*where possible

Faulty lock, keys stolen or lost?

Whether you are locked out due to your lock being faulty or your keys have been lost or stolen our emergency locksmiths are able to replace your lock with one that meets your home insurance requirements.

How to prevent being locked out of your home

  • Make it a routine to check you have your keys on your person before closing the door.
  • Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour or family member.
  • Make sure all spare keys are cut from an original key rather than a copy.
  • Door restrictors can be fitted by a local locksmith to prevent the door from closing behind you.
  • If a key is starting to stick, check it and replace the lock or key if necessary.

What to do when you’re locked out of a uPVC door

  • uPVC doors tend to require adjustments due to wear and tear or various weather conditions which can cause the door to move out of alignment. Our uPVC specialists will be able to realign the door for you before the situation gets worse.
  • Don’t force the uPVC door, this could cause further damage to the door and incur more costly repairs.
  • Call a uPVC specialist on 0808 164 2928.

What to do when you’re locked out of a wooden door

  • Don’t force the wooden door, this could cause further damage to the door and incur more costly repairs that may require a skilled carpenter.
  • Call a local emergency locksmith straight away on 0808 164 2928.