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Safes are great additional security, protecting valuables such as jewellery, cash, and important documents, helping to add peace of mind that should the worst happen your most prized possessions have an extra layer. But just like losing your house keys, losing the safe key or forgetting the combination is quite common.

Our safe engineers can open all types of safes, including digital, combination and key lock safes whilst also providing a range of other safe services such as safe key replacement and safe repairs.


Can a Locksmith Open My Safe?

Yes. Whether you have lost or broken your safe key or are having issues opening your safe, our specialist safe engineers can open your safe and can help with a range of other issues you might be having.


Emergency Safe Opening

Safe won’t open? All our safe engineers offer an emergency safe opening service where they can open your safe with minimal damage. No matter the issue, we can diagnose the issue and provide a solution to ensure that your safe remains in good working order.

Our safe engineers are on hand to help ensure that if you find yourself unable to open your safe, experts are on hand!


Issues a Safe Engineer Can Help With

  • Open safe without combination
  • Open safe without keys
  • Safe keys stuck in lock
  • Safe keys snapped in lock
  • Opening electric safes
  • Repair broken safe lock
  • Damaged or faulty safe locks


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Types of Safes Our Safe Engineers Can Help With

Our safe engineers can help with a wide variety of different safes such as:


1.       Simple Fire Resistant Safes

This type of safe offers protection to your valuables in the even of a fire. Usually offering fire resistance rated in minutes, they are perfect for protecting a range of different valuables. Keytek® safe engineers are on hand to offer services and assistance with various models and makes of fire resistant safes.


2.       Wall Safes

Fitted and secured into the wall, wall safes can be both in view and hidden.


3.       Floor Safes

Imbedded into the floor, usually within concrete, floor safes offer security against removal. However, they can succumb to issues like rust but when you call out a Keytek® safe engineer they can offer expert advice on preventative measures.


4.       Traditional Key Operated Safes

Key operated safes are very popular within homes for securing valuables, and our safe engineers have a wealth of experience offering a range of different services specifically for this type.


5.       Combination Safes

These types of safes have a single dial which must be rotated to the left and right within a specific combination to open. Some of these safes may have an override key where if you have forgotten the combination, you can still gain access. Our safe engineers are specifically trained to be able to open and reset the safe with a new combination and even provide you with an override key should you need one.


6.       Digital Safes with Keypads

The modern version of the combination safe this safe uses a digital keypad where a code must be entered correctly to open. Even though are digital and carry an electrical element, our safe engineers are specifically trained to help whether you have forgotten the code, the keypad has stopped working or the linkage in the door has stopped working.


7.       Gun safes

Gun safes come in various different shapes and sizes and provide protection for and from any weapons. Our safe engineers are able to open, replace the lock and provide a safe key replacement on all gun safes. There are some specific things to keep in mind when dealing with a gun safe so please call our team on 0330 332 0589 for further information.


Safe Engineer FAQs

Safe Opening and Repair

The cost to open a locked safe will depend on a variety of factors, but most importantly what type of safe it is and the security levels it holds. Different safes will need different equipment and might take longer to open than others.

To find out how much it costs to open a safe, please call our team on 0330 332 0589

Safe Locksmiths are specially trained to be able to open a safe without causing or with only minimal damage. The techniques used to open the safe will depend on what size, make, model and security level the safe has.

If your safe won’t open the first thing you should do is call out a safe engineer who can come out and open it for you. A safe engineer will have a range of equipment on board and will have the necessary experience to get your lock open, hopefully without any damage.

If your safe has an override lock, we suggest opening the safe and then calling out a safe engineer to replace the battery. If you don’t have an override lock, or you’ve lost the key, our specialist safe locksmiths will be able to open the safe, replace the safe battery and provide you with a safe key replacement.

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