Michael McIntyre’s – Big Show

Did you catch our locksmith Craig on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show?!

Craig, our Technical Manager here at Keytek® Locksmiths thought he was going to London to sign up a new National Account for the company, but little did he know he had been set up by us to appear as the ‘unexpected star’ of the show!

While he was there he was asked to unpick a lock at the theatre, and had the shock of his life when he opened the door to see Michael McIntyre and a theatre full of people on the other side!

Also on stage was a crate with a padlock which Craig was asked to pick. In yet another surprise, he opened up the crate to discover his wife inside. His friends, family and some of us from Keytek® were also sat in the audience.

Later in the show, he was invited to take part in an escapology act with magician Jamie Allan to end the show. Wareham-based identical twin illusionists Gary and Paul Hardy-Brown created the set for the trick and spent an hour and a half rehearsing it with Craig.

Watch the video below to see the trick for yourselves!