Distraction Burglary

Distraction Burglary

There are various techniques an intruder will use to gain entry to your home one of which is to distract you when you are at home by posing as a tradesman or someone asking for your help and using your front door to access your home, this type of burglary is referred to as ‘distraction burglary’.

Although this type of burglary is not as common as a forced entry burglary it is still important to be aware of it and how to avoid being a victim of distraction burglary as an intruder will make up any type of story to gain entry to your home.

There are a number of factors you can look out for if you suspect a caller isn’t who they say they are, these include the common lies they will use in order for you to let them into your home.

“I’m from the ‘Water Board’, there’s a leak down the road I need to check your water supply.” – Don’t be fooled this will never be true as the phrase ‘water board’ is no longer a phrase used by legitimate organisations.

“I need to read your meter.” – Always check with your utility supplier that this is a legitimate representative before you let them and check that they carry identification. Some suppliers operate a password scheme.

“We’re the police, we’ve caught a burglar, we think he’s stolen your cash and we need to check your money is safe.” – A genuine police officer will never do this. Under no circumstances should you let them into your home.

A representative from a genuine company such as a utility supplier or tradesman will always be more than happy to show you their identification. If they refuse to show you any form of identification or you are still unsure, shut the door immediately and phone the police on 999.

If you suspect a bogus caller call 999 immediately and report it to the police.

Deter a burglar with our ‘No ID? No Way!’ sign. Simply click the image below to download and place it on your front door where it can easily be seen by passersby.

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