Security Spring Clean

Security Spring Clean

Traditionally as the months get warmer we start to get our homes in order by carrying out the annual spring cleaning. Windows are opened, kitchen cupboards are emptied and walls are given a fresh lick of paint and whilst all of these things are very important, it’s also a good time to check that our home security is in order also and up to date with current standards.

To help ensure your home is as safe and secure as it could be Keytek® Locksmiths has put together a quick check list to help you spot any potential problem areas you may have in your home security. By carrying out these checks and following our simple steps you can help to ensure that you have taken measures in securing your home this spring.


As the days get warmer you will no doubt be finding yourself spending more time out of the house and enjoying the sunshine, but remember that you won’t be the only person whose habits change according to the seasons. Burglars will also impose upon the brighter days and vacant houses, therefore we have created a checklist containing simple steps which can improve your home security this spring:

Arm your Security System

It is important to have your home protected at all times, so why not consider investing in a top-quality home security system, or ensure your own system is functioning correctly. While spring time means sunnier days, it’s likely you’ll be spending more time outside your house. Arming your security system as well as activating all your alarm’s sensors will be vital to keep your home safe.


Check your Locks

The most common point of entry for a burglar is the front door, therefore it’s crucial to make sure all exterior doors and windows are locking correctly. Weather starts to change a lot during spring time, and making sure your locks work perfectly is important to not have larger issues in the long run when heat starts jamming doors or locks.

Whilst checking your locks, make sure you follow these procedures:

  • Make sure there’s no debris in the way
  • Use graphite to lubricate your lock
  • Keep an eye out for anything not working quite right. This could be sticky locks to lose cylinders


Evaluate your Exterior

Coming out of winter can often see our gardens left messy and overgrown, this makes spring the ideal time to start trimming shrubs and bushes. This will also eliminate places for burglars to hide. Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and keeping the front of your house tidy in general will indicate that someone is home even if you are absent.

Here are few extra things you can do to evaluate you exterior during spring time:

  • Check your outdoor security cameras if they work properly
  • Look over your outdoor lighting to avoid burglars who hide in the dark
  • Clean your garage and shed and make sure anything stored is out of sight


Analyse your Alarm Detectors CO leaks are one of the most dangerous situations, and with the start of spring, it is a great reminder to ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are still working correctly. Remember, if your detectors are over 10 years old, they should be replaced. With lots of barbeques and dinner invitations in the garden during spring, it is important to analyse your fire alarm and other alarm detectors!


Click Here to download your Spring security check list

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