Ultimate Guide to Garden Furniture and Plants Security

Although theft of your garden furniture and plants is less common, it does still occur and can be a high cost to replace. Our guide below looks at how you can prevent and secure your garden furniture and plants.

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You may be surprised due to it usually being heavy and bulky but patio furniture theft is on the rise. Garden furniture is targeted by thieves as it is often left unsecured outside in gardens which makes it very easy to take for opportunistic thieves.

Store it in the Shed

Storing your garden furniture and expensive gardening tools inside the shed is better than leaving it out on show. If a burglar cannot see the items outside in your garden then there is a higher chance that your valuable will remain safe. As said above most burglaries are opportunistic, out of sight, out of mind.

That being said if you were to suffer a planned burglary you will need to put some measures in place to ensure your garden furniture are protected. It is vital that your shed is in good condition so that a thief cannot gain access easily, take a look below on ways you can improve on your shed security:

  • Replace any rotten wood and check around the windows and door frames to ensure there are no weak points.
  • Add more secure locks.
  • Install an alarm system.
  • Set up motion detecting security lights.

Check out our Garden Shed Security Guide for in-depth tips and advice on how to secure your garden shed!


Ground Anchors

If you have no space to store your garden furniture in the shed or don’t want to have to keep moving it around when the sun is out a great alternative option is to invest in some ground anchors. Ground anchors enable you to fix your garden furniture to the ground, putting off any potential thief.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a good idea to secure your garden furniture. No burglar wants to be caught in the act so a security light will help put them off before they are even near your valuable possessions. Security lighting will also alert you to movement in the garden from the bright light and leave burglars with less room to hide in the shadows.

Most security lighting can be programmed as to how sensitive to movement they are so that it doesn’t go off every time a cat walks by the sensors.


Mark your Furniture

Marking your garden furniture with your postcode will make it harder for burglars to sell on should they manage to steal it. Visibly marking it drastically decreases the value and makes it more easily identifiable to police officers. Try marking the underside of your furniture with a UV marker, stickers or etching into the furniture itself.

Garden Perimeter

The perimeter of your home is the first obstacle burglars come across so it is important that it is secure. If a burglar cannot see or easily gain access to your garden that will be a major put off as chances are they will not be able to get your garden furniture back out.

Ensure your gates, fences and walls are in good condition. Look out weak points such as signs of rot or loose bricks that could mean your perimeter may be easily kicked down. Read our Ultimate Guide to Fence Security to ensure you have the best fence security!

Low walls will of course mean easier access so build your fences high. In general, rear garden fences can be up to 2 meters high which is plenty high enough to deter burglars whilst remaining within the law. If you are going to alter your house boundaries it is worth consulting planning permission to ensure your time and money won’t go to waste if it doesn’t comply with regulations.


Take out Insurance

Take a look at your home insurance policy to see if it extends to your valuable garden furniture. Most standard home insurance policies cover some of your garden items but the amount of cover can vary dramatically. Talk to your home insurance provider if it does not provide enough cover for your garden valuables so you can rest easy in knowing you’re covered should the worst happen.

Plant Theft

Believe it or not, plants are known to have gone stolen. Especially if you are green fingered and have a garden that rivals the Chelsea flower show! Take a look below on how as a green fingered gardener you can admire your plants without the worry of green with envy burglars and high security!


  1. Plant them in heavy pots:

Big, heavy planters are of course very difficult to move so it may deter a chance garden burglar. Secure the planter with a chain or bolt it to the floor so even if they dig up your plant they won’t be able to take your expensive planter too.


  1. Don’t display your prize flowers:

It’s best to leave your rare plants and flowers for the back garden where you can enjoy them without the worry of thieves taking a snip. Even better security is to only plant small shrub like plants and flowers at the front so that no one is tempted to take a snip to create flower arrangements in their homes.


  1. Harvest:

Juicy fruits and ripe vegetables may be very tempting for passersby to pick. Frequently harvest your fruit and veg so that all your hard work does not benefit thieves’ sticky fingers!


  1. Secure long stems:

Secure long stems with chains or cable ties to something solid such as a tree branch or part of your fence. It won’t deter burglars if they have brought cutters with them but it may help deter a passerby.


  1. Security cameras and lighting:

Aim your security cameras and motion sensor lights at your garden. That way if your plants frequently go missing you’ll be able to catch the thief in the act and alert the police. Security lighting will also put of the plant thief as they will be in full view. Read our Ultimate Guide on Outdoor Security Cameras and Ultimate Guide to Indoor Security Cameras. 

  1. Garden ornaments:

Pretty ornaments and lanterns are best kept for the back garden for better security. These are often very easily picked up by thieves as they are usually small and lightweight.


  1. Put a lock on it:

If you have access to the back garden without having to go through the house ensure your back gate is up to scratch. Look out for signs of rotting and put a secure lock on it. For more ways on how to secure your back gate and garden take a look at our garden security page here!


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Garden Furniture and Plants Security FAQs:

The best way to protect your garden furniture is to place them in a shed rather than leaving them out in sight.

Yes, garden plants, even the inexpensive ones get stolen by thieves to sell them at outdoor markets.

The best way to secure your garden plants from theft is to place them in heavy pots that will not be easily moved.