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Ultimate Guide to Garden Shed Security

This part of the ultimate guide to home security we look at your garden shed. The garden shed is often overlooked in terms of home security; this makes it a prime target for thieves. Sheds are often filled with garden tools which, in turn, could be used to break in to your actual house. That’s why keeping your shed secure is more important than you might realise, the consequences of not could be more costly than you think.

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Garden Shed Security

Different Types of Garden Shed

The most popular materials for a shed to be made from is wood, metal and sometimes plastic.

  1. Apex Shed -Wooden Shed that is the most popular in the UK
  1. Pent Shed – If you are limited to where you can place your shed, a Pent might be the one for you.
  1. Lean-to/wall Shed – These types of shed will be attached to a solid structure, such as a house or wall.
  1. Lean-to/log store Shed – This is an advancement of an apex shed that offers additional coverage for storage.
  1. Corner shed – These sheds are designed to be placed in a corner and will often had a pent roof
  1. Offset Apex Shed – A smaller version of a typical apex Shed, with a small additional cover for storage space.


Which Garden Shed is the Most Secure?

The main difference in the security of a shed, is the material it is made out of. Sheds commonly come in three standard materials; wood, metal and plastic. Each material has its own positives and negatives, whether it is in security, aesthetics, durability or maintenance.

Compared to metal and wooden shed, plastic shed are relatively new to the market and have become a popular choice. Typically plastic sheds are made of a vinyl material that makes the sheds lighter, stronger and more durable than a classic wooden shed. Unlike metal and wooden sheds, a plastic shed requires little to no maintenance.


Best Ways to Secure a Garden Shed

Garden sheds are often targeted by thieves as they are commonly a lot less secure than a house, yet they still contain lots of valuable equipment, some of which could be used to break into a house itself.

Garden Shed Security Locks

Adding a lock is an easy and mostly inexpensive way to upgrade the security of your garden shed.

Rim Lock

This kind of lock is fixed onto the door and held in place with screws. The lock is secured with a strike plate.

Pad Bolt

A circular metal bolt that slides across and is secured into place until it is slid back again.

Hasp and Staple

The hasp is a hinge that fits over the staple and is secured by fitting a padlock through.

Garden Shed Security Bar

Another way to secure your shed is by using a security bar which adds an extra layer of security on top of a lock. They consist of a metal bar that lies horizontally across the shed door and is secured into place using a padlock.

Garden Shed Security Bolts

When keeping valuables such as bikes and tools in your garden shed you want to ensure that they are safe. Often the bog standard lock that comes with your shed can be easy bypassed or broken giving a burglar easy access to your valuables.  A relatively easy and inexpensive way to upgrade the security of your shed is to install a hasp staple and a good quality padlock; we suggest a padlock model that is closed shackle to ensure it can be as secure as possible!


Garden Shed Security Hinges

There are lots of ways to secure your shed door hinge further by upgrading your basic T hinge to a security hinge. They are very similar but unlike a T hinge, a security hinge has larger holes to accommodate dome headed bolts. This stops potential burglars from simply unscrewing the screws in place and lifting off the whole door.


Garden Shed Security Alarms

Installing a shed alarm is another step to ensure you are securing your shed as much as possible. There are a few varieties out there depending on your needs including:

  • Using a sensor or PIR (Passive Infra Red) alarm, the latter being a little smarter by only detecting movements that can only be the movements of humans rather than detecting the small movements of animals.
  • Alarm type: The basic is a siren alarm that bellows a loud noise when triggered in hope the burglar runs away. Another option is to set up a remote signal to your phone that quietly indicates someone entering your shed so you can alert the police.
  • Power supply: It is more secure to hook your alarm up to the main supply as a battery powered system can run out of power when you need it most.


Garden Shed Window Security

Shed windows are susceptible to break-ins as they are often a weak point of the shed, this doesn’t have to be the case though as there are a few ways you can secure your shed window:

  • Hang up blinds or curtains; this will hopefully deter a burglar as they will not be able to see any valuables inside.
  • Upgrade your window; double-glazed, shatter-proof or laminated glass windows are much harder to break than single glazed windows.
  • Install a security shutter. These not only hide the valuables that are inside your shed but also stop a potential burglar smashing the window to gain access.

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