How to Manually Lock Garage from the Inside

Making your garage secure is one of the best things you can do for your home security. Take a look at ways you can manually lock your garage from the inside!

How to Manually Lock Garage from the Inside

The garage is a big part of any home, and somewhere you can store large items. Traditionally used to store your car, the garage is used for so much more than that now, you might keep valuable items such as bikes, gym equipment or even safes in there. All this means that you need to keep your garage as secure as possible 24/7 and garage security should be something you should look to prioritise.

If you are keeping valuables in your garage, you might be nervous that burglars will gain entry. There are some things you can try to lock your garage manually from the inside, to give your garage an extra level of protection and help keep it secure!

Unplug the Garage Door Opener

This one is simple but effective. If you have an electric garage door, often you can open it remotely with a fob or switch, however older garage door openers can be vulnerable to hacking via a device burglars often use to open a garage door by grabbing the signal.

However, if the opener is unplugged then you don’t have to worry about this method of entry as it will have no power source.

If you have a newer garage door opener, you might not be as suspectable as they have what is called a ‘rolling code’ which makes it very difficult for a burglar to latch on to the signal and gain entry using this technique.


Install Padlock

If your garage door vertical track is locked or jammed then the door cannot be opened, with a remote or manually. You can use a padlock on the vertical track to prevent it from being opened. You should be able to locate holes in your vertical track where you can thread the padlock. If you can’t find holes, then you can drill them yourself, although you can run the risk of damaging the vertical track.


Invest in a Slide Lock

A garage door slide lock allows you to secure your garage from the inside. You attach the lock to the inside of the garage door and it slides the latch into the vertical track and secures the door. This will only work on a garage door that has an area for the latch to slide into, so you need to make sure your garage door has this. The slide lock is installed using four bolts and if you don’t have holes already, you can drill them yourself. Slides locks are a simple and cost effective way lock your garage manually from the inside.

You can also get your local Locksmith to help fit a garage slide lock, and it might be better than doing it DIY as they will have the right tools and experience.


Utilise Cable Ties

One weakness of an electric garage door opener is that there often is an emergency release lever, this is most often used when there is a power cut. You pull it down and the garage door opens. However, burglars can use this to their advantage, by pulling it down from the outside by using something like a coat hanger or fishing stick. You can prevent this by securing a cable tie around the emergency lever, so that it can’t be pulled down.

cable ties

We would only suggest you do this when going away and not as a day-to-day practice as the emergency lever is a safety precaution and you don’t want to find yourself locked in your garage during a power cut or an emergency, with no way of getting out.