Retail Security: How to Secure your Shop

Ever wondered how you can secure your shop and stock ?

Our ultimate guide to retail security, gives you all the tips and tricks you'll need to help secure your shop!

Whether you are a big franchise manager or an independent shop owner, security for your business is something you should always make a priority. Taking the proper precautions to secure your store and stock is essential to business success but knowing where to start to secure a commercial property can be difficult.

In this guide, we will highlight all security areas you should look at when owning or managing a shop, including tips regarding stock safety and security!


installing security camera


1.      Install CCTV Cameras

This is one of the best security investments you can make to protect your shop. CCTV cameras allow you to monitor your store at all times, even when you close for the night. Whilst it might be a larger initial investment, CCTV cameras can give you piece of mind day to day and are actually one of the best pre-emptive measures you can implement as they will act as a deterrent for any potential shoplifters, whilst also capturing that all important footage should your shop become a target.


2.      Get a Security Mirror

If you cannot afford a CCTV system for your shop, then you should consider a security mirror.

A security mirror is mainly used to monitor any blind spots in the shop that aren’t visible from the till.  Not only is it significantly less expensive than a CCTV system but it’s easy to install yourself, keeping costs to a minimum. You can purchase them for as little as £32.


3.      Install an Intruder Alarm

Whether your shop has one or multiple entry points, an intruder alarm is a great way to protect your shop when you’re not there.

When triggered, a loud siren can be enough to stop an intruders in their tracks and is a great deterrent, making your shop a less attractive target. You can often pair an intruder alarm with door and window sensors and security lighting to add extra levels of protection.


4.      Invest in a Decent Safe

Should the worst happen and your store does experience a break in, a sturdy, high security safe is a great way to keep valuables such as cash or high value stock safe. We recommend investing in a high security safe, ideally locked behind a locked door, which would make an intruder’s task more difficult and riskier.


5.      Utilise the Right Locks

The right locks can make a big difference when talking about retail security. Not all locks are created equal, different makes and models carry different security features and protection. For example, an anti-snap euro cylinder provides significantly more protection from a common forced entry technique called lock snapping.

The right locks not only provide more security for your retail space but also can help with your insurance premiums. Read more about different types of locks in our Guide to Locks.


How to Secure your Storage Area

You’ll most likely have some form of storage area within your store for excess stock and deliveries. You should always look to secure this area to help keep your stock safe!

You could look at getting a master suite system  that allows you to give designated key holders access to all or just specific areas of a property, or you even invest in a smart lock that allows you to give access fobs or codes to whomever might need access to your storage room.

If you were looking for a less expensive option, mechanical Digi-locks are a great option. They fix onto most doors and can only be opened after a specific sequence of number / letters have been inputted. These are a great option as they are cost effective to install and should you want to change the code this can be easily done!


As a shop owner or manager, you will be in charge of all crucial plans and decisions regarding the business. Don’t forget to add securing your shop from getting burgled, damaged, or deter any criminal activity to the list! The above tips will provide you with high security for your premises.


Create a Business Account with a Locksmith

Locks on doors and windows should work smoothly and be operated easily, if they aren’t there’s the potential that they could be risking your retail security. Locksmiths offer a range of services that are designed to keep any property secure, so setting up a business account with a Locksmith ensures that you have access to a local expert Locksmith who can help make sure that your store remains secure.

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