Spare Key Checklist

It’s never a bad idea to keep a spare key for your house. It can be really useful if you have lost your keys or find yourself locked out, but it can also pose a potential threat to your security if you don’t take some precautions!

Read our checklist below to make sure you are keeping your spare key as secure as possible!


  1. Make sure you know where all copies are

spare key checklist security and safety UK tips

You need to make sure that the only people that have a copy of your house key are known and trusted to you. If you are unsure of who is in possession of your spare keys, then it is recommended that you get the locks changed. It’s likely that if you experience a burglary and there is no sign of an actual break in, your insurance company might not pay out.


  1. Don’t hide it near the house

Burglars know where to look for a spare key. So it’s not advisable to leave it hidden under a mat, a plant pot, or even in a hanging basket as these will be the first places a burglar looks. Like we said above, if a burglar enters our home with a key, you may not be able to claim on your home insurance.


  1. Use a key safe

If there is a need for you to leave your key for someone to open the door, then you might want to invest in a key safe. These are small boxes that you can attach to the wall and protect with a key code. The key code can be changed whenever you like, so your key can remain safe. These are particularly good if you use your home as a holiday let or an Air B&B.


  1. Get to know your neighbours

If you have a trusting relationship with your neighbours then it could be an option to give them a spare key, for use in emergencies. This is safer than leaving one out in the open for anyone to find. A trusted neighbour is also another set of eyes, while you are out of the house, which provides an extra level of security.


  1. Don’t have a spare key

spare key checklist security and safety UK install a smart lock home

If you want to eliminate the risk of losing a spare key, or having one used to enter your home, then you could invest in a smart lock. These are like normal locks, but you can unlock the lock with your smart phone or key fob, or sometimes even your fingerprint. Smart locks also allow you to send keys to your friends and family, meaning that they can enter your home when they please. You can also set keys to only work during certain times. If you have a regular cleaner, you can set their key to only work during the hours they work for you.


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