The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Security

A smart home refers to the interconnectivity between appliances in the home. This could refer to being able to command your TV from the sound of your voice or setting up your smart lock to turn on the heating as you come in the door or to control your lights, locks, heating etc. from anywhere in the world!

Smart home living is something many homes across the UK have implemented, a whopping 15 million homes in fact. As always, Keytek® are dedicated to making people’s homes safe and secure and smart home security is something we are keeping a close eye on.


What is a smart home security system?

Smart home security systems are an internet-connected focused hub that combines wireless cameras, movement detectors, sirens, door locks, and doorbells which will automatically detect and sense anyone try to open a door or a window.

This internet-connected hub is mostly useful for its ability to be connected through your Smartphone, making it easier to view all footage and control many parts of your home while conveniently being anywhere else.


What are the benefits of a smart home?

Whether you are planning for a smart upgrade in your security cameras, door locks, doorbells, or alarms, there is a set of benefits you will gain.


Smart homes are designed to provide higher security due to the ability to not only detecting break-ins and burglary but also all types of security including fire and smoke risks.


From monitoring your house while at work to opening your door gate to someone when you are not at home and keyless entries, a top benefit to smart homes is the convenience and saving yourself the hassle of guessing who is ringing your door bell.


The comfort of knowing you will be notified when your house is in danger wherever you are is a huge benefit to a smart home.


What are the types of smart home security?

The 6 main types of smart home security are the following:

Smart Locks

Not only do they provide you with comfort with keyless entries rather than forgetting your keys and waiting for hours for someone to open for you, but also are very easy to use and have more secure efforts.


Smart Security Cameras

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor security camera, smart cameras have developed to be part of your smart technology. With security cameras’ features and possibilities, a lot more can be achieved in terms of security.


Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells take security to a further level than what smart locks can do. Instead of guessing who is ringing the doorbell in midnight, you can get to speak and often see who is ringing. Smart doorbells have every feature an intercom covers.


Smart Alarms

Best known for its convenience of controlling it through your Smartphone, smart alarms, whether burglars or intruder alarms, provide you with peace of mind while providing high security for your homes.


Serious Sensors

These include smart motion sensors, flood sensors, smoke sensors, and even emergency sensors. The smart detectors will all provide better security.


Smart Lighting

One of the strongest smart home securities for night burglary is smart lighting, which has a powerful sensor to light up when someone is walking through your door at night.


How much does it cost?

Smart home technologies are vast and varied, therefore, so are the costs. It depends on what you want to do to upgrade your home; it could be a small upgrade to a smart light bulb or a whole home revamp that could mean rewiring the electrics too! We’ve seen smart light bulbs from as little as £12.99 but costs for a full revamp can easily reach £8000… unless you’re Bill Gates whom has spent an estimated $100 million upgrading his home to a smart home! His home includes hidden speakers behind the wallpaper in every room and a heated driveway, how the other half live comes to mind!


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Smart Home Security FAQs

Yes, smart home systems are designed to add more convenience and avoid the hassle of key entries and have better monitoring of your pets.

Because of the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation released by home tech gadgets, having a smart home can offer some health risks to its consumers in the long run.

The best way to prepare yourself is to upgrade your Wi-Fi as smart security systems entirely depend on Wi-Fi.

In terms of convenience, smart homes are worth the investment.