How to Change a uPVC Door Lock Cylinder

Do you need to change a uPVC Door Cylinder? Read our guide below on how a Locksmith would do it and why you should call out the experts!

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The most common lock type on a uPVC door is a euro cylinder lock, which in theory can be straight forward to change but may become more difficult if you have a higher security model like British Standard or a Ultion euro cylinder.


Why is it Risky to Change Your Own Lock?

DIY is on the rise and whilst it can be tempting to attempt it yourself, you really shouldn’t risk it when it comes to your home security. One of, if the not the most, important reasons why you should avoid changing a cylinder lock yourself is because it can invalidate your home insurance if you fit the lock wrong or fit the wrong type.

We would advise against changing a lock cylinder yourself and suggest you call out a uPVC expert to help, but so you have an idea of how to change a door lock cylinder and what steps a professional local Locksmith will take we have created this guide.


1.    Locate the Screws on the Edge of the Door

A Locksmith will prop the door open and will secure it in place to locate the middle screw which holds the cylinder lock in place within the door.


2.    Undo the Screws and Slacken the Handle

Once the screw has been located a Locksmith will loosen the screw to release the cylinder lock from the door and handles. A Locksmith may also slacken the handle screws to allow the cylinder lock to be better manoeuvred.


3.    Slide the Barrel Out of the Door

The Locksmith will then insert the key into the door and slowly move the key back and forth to dislodge the cylinder lock. This process is slower than you expect as the loosening of the handles means that there might be a slight issue with alignment but a Locksmith will be able to avoid any particularly awkward resistance.

One at the right angle, the Locksmith will be able to slide the cylinder lock from the handle.


4.    Assess Replacing the Door Lock Cylinder

Once the cylinder lock has been removed a Locksmith will be able to measure the barrel for a replacement and be able to change the cylinder lock by sliding the new one back into place.

At this point, you’ll also be able to discuss with your Locksmith about your cylinder lock security and about increasing your home security with anti-snap locks (link to new page), British Standard locks or Avocet high security cylinder locks.

It’s important to note that exact measurements of the door lock cylinder will need to be taken to be able to replace it. If you fit a new size that doesn’t fit your door, you can be leaving your home more vulnerable to attack. If the door lock cylinder is too long it can increase the risk of cylinder snapping, likewise if the door lock cylinder is ill fitting it can cause problems where the lock doesn’t work correctly or doesn’t work effectively.

If you are looking to change a uPVC door lock cylinder, we highly suggest calling out your Local Locksmith.

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