Who Has a Key to Your New Home?

Purchasing a new property and moving home can be an exciting but stressful experience. So, whilst you are trying to sort out your council tax, water bill and WI-FI, don’t let your security become overlooked!

Who’s Got a Spare Key?

We all give out spare keys to our home, whether it’s to family, friends, neighbours or even the baby sitter. In fact, 58%** of British residents give away a spare key to their home.

This means that when you move into your new home, the likelihood of an unknown third party having a key to your home is quite high. Whether it’s on an odd keyring or stuffed at the back of a draw, you can never be certain that the previous owner retrieved all of the keys. This can have serious implications to your home security!

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We will also include a FREE home security check whilst securing your home.


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Protect Your Home Insurance

One of the first things you will look at doing for your new home might be to sort out home insurance. As security experts we always suggest having some form of home or contents insurance, but did you know that if you don’t change your locks on your new home, it could actually invalidate your home insurance!

Within most insurance policies, the terms and conditions will state that you need to take appropriate precautions to secure your home. This can include both ensuring that you change the locks when you move into a new home and that no one has a spare key that shouldn’t.

If the worst should happen and someone does enter your home when they shouldn’t, often if entry isn’t forced the incident won’t be covered by your home insurance policy. This means if someone happens to enter your home with a key, your home might not be protected!

For peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you get your locks changed when moving to a new home. Remember to quote NEWHOME for £10 off the labour rate!

For more advice on home insurance read Keytek’s Guide to Insurance.


Should I Change my Locks When I Move Home?

Yes. One of the things you should always consider getting done first is changing the external locks on your new home. You never know who might have a spare key or if a key has been lost, so we always suggest that you book for a local Locksmith to come out and change your locks!


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Protecting Your New Home as a Landlord

If you have just bought a new property as a landlord, the new opportunity can be exciting but like all home owners you need to think about security!

Sadly, not all tenants back a key when they move on, and with more than half of British residents handing out spare keys, can you be sure that no one has a key to your new property?

As the new landlord of the home, we always suggest that you get the locks changed as soon as you take possession to help keep your new property secured!

Call us on 0161 696 9267 and quote NEWHOME to change your locks today with £10 off the labour rate!

We will also include a FREE home security check whilst securing your home.  

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Changing Your Locks with Keytek® Locksmiths

As your local security experts, we use our knowledge and skills to help home owners to secure their new homes! As uPVC specialists with extensive experience also with wooden and aluminium doors, all of our Locksmiths are trained to install a wide range of locks to offer our customers an unmatched service and superior security.

Carrying a wide range of lock types on board, we often can complete the job in just one visit* and offer high security locks, such as British Standard and Anti-Snap, to help secure your new home!


Door Lock Replacement Services

At Keytek® we offer a wide range of Locksmith services, including changing, replacing, and fitting a wide range of locks on a range of doors. Some of our services include:

  • uPVC Door Locks
  • Euro Cylinders
  • High Security Locks
  • Mortice Locks
  • Nightlatches / Yale Locks
  • Rim Cylinders
  • Patio Door Locks
  • Garage Door Locks

If you are unsure of what locks you have on your new home, read Keytek ‘s Guide to Locks.

Wondering how to secure your new home? Read our Home Security Guide for detailed articles on how to secure every aspect of your new home, from outdoor security cameras to securing your garden shed and everything in between.


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*where possible

**From a survey conducted by NOP on behalf of insurer NIG

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