Locksmith Services for Estate Agents and Landlords

Locksmith Services for Estate Agents and Landlords

As an Estate Agent or Landlord, it’s more than likely that you have multiple clients to look after and keep safe, so it’s important to have a Locksmith on hand to help out with any security problems. This can be stressful, especially if a problem occurs out of office hours. As an Estate Agent or Landlord you may need Locksmith services more than the average person, as you may need the locks changed for every new tenant. With multiple properties and tenants there is a higher chance that someone will lose their key or break the lock. You unfortunately may have to deal with unruly tenants or those who don’t pay the rent; in this case you may need a Locksmith to attend an eviction. Opening an account with a trustworthy national Locksmith company will ensure you always have a Locksmith just a phone call away to deal with any lock changes or issues you may come across.


How it works

Keytek® provides an unparalleled level of support for all our business account customers; our expert Engineers can help you with any security problem, quickly after you call us. You won’t have to worry about your tenants having to pay, or being present yourself when the job is done, as we can invoice you for the amount at a later date. We just need the tenant to be there to oversee the work and the job can be completed! We are also nationwide, so even if you have properties all over the country we will have a local Locksmith we can assign to your account. Keytek® don’t just provide emergency cover, we can also help you maintain the security standards on all your properties by carrying out regular security checks and updates where required.

Keytek® guarantee a 2 hour response time for a non emergency, and aim for 30 minutes – 1 hour for an emergency, meaning you don’t have to worry about tenant being left unsecured or even locked out for long.


Locksmith Services Available for Estate Agents

Within the estate Agent business lost keys, faulty locks and lock changes are inevitable. As a business that lets out properties you need a Locksmith that your tenants can trust. Keytek® are already the number one choice for many businesses across the country, including; Purple Bricks, Coventry Building Society, Lidl and Avant Homes, to name just a few.

If you manage several properties then it is very unlikely for all the doors and locks are the same. All Keytek® Engineers are trained to the highest standard in the industry, meaning they can are uPVC specialists, as well as experts in wooden and metal doors. You can be confident that a Keytek® Engineer will be able to fix any problem you or your tenant has.

You may want to get the locks changed every time a tenant moves out (which Keytek® recommends for the best security practice) in this case our Engineers can help. All of our parts have a year’s warranty, meaning that if you have any problems with a new lock we’ve installed, we will come back free of charge to resolve the issue.

Evictions are never the easiest of tasks, so you want to make the process as smooth as possible. Whether you need gain entry to your property or have the locks changed after an eviction, we can help as all of our Engineers are experts in handling evictions. You can arrange a time and date with us and our Locksmith will be there to help things run without a problem.


Why use Keytek® for all your Locksmith Services

• Provide National coverage from our professional team
• Offer a within the hour response service for emergencies
• Provide both emergency cover and maintenance programmes
• Operate to all current security legislation
• Meet insurance company specifications
• Provide a service tailored to suit individual needs
• Guarantee a 2 hour response time
• Offer a full 12-month guarantee on all parts fitted
• ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your needs
• Assigned account managers
• Accountability of an established and recognised National Company


How to set up your business account

If you are interested in opening a business account with us then all you need to do is call up and speak to a member of our team. Then you fill out a simple form and you are ready to go! After you are set up, just give us a call when you need us and we will be there.