Locksmith Training Courses – How to become a locksmith

How to become a Locksmith

This page will guide you through what you need to think about when starting your career as a Locksmith. It will explain what Locksmith training courses you may need to take, what the differences between courses are and what they involve. We aim to give you an overview of what to expect as you train to become a professional Locksmith.

However if you would like further information with regards to Locksmith Training, then please visit our dedicated Locksmith Training Academy site

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What Locksmith training courses are available?
How Long Does it Take to Become a Locksmith?
Locksmith Apprenticeships
What is a CHAS accreditation?
Locksmith Career Guide


Locksmith Training

The Locksmithing industry is large and covers many different areas, including domestic and commercial markets. Locksmiths are never short of work, and often have a steady stream of work all year round. A person who has received professional, accredited Locksmith training is always in demand for many reasons; people move house everyday in the UK and need their locks changing. More and more properties are being bought for the rental market and landlords will need to change the locks every time a tenant leaves and thousands of business owners including shops, hotels and offices need to make sure there security is up-to-date. These people will want to choose a Locksmith that has proven skills and knowledge, so they can be sure that their property has been secured to a high standard. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the requirements of the Locksmithing industry; the undeniable fact that people lose their keys and lock themselves out every day demonstrates that there will always be a need for qualified Locksmiths.


What Locksmith training courses are available?


What accreditations do I need before I start my Locksmith training courses?

You don’t need any previous qualifications to start a Locksmith training course, you will however need a valid UK driving license. There are some attributes that will befit you if you want to become a Locksmith; ability to gain an understanding of mechanics and electronics, general DIY skills, a flair for detail when carrying out intricate procedures and an analytical and questioning mind.


What qualifications to I need to become a Locksmith?

With the Keytek® Locksmith training academy you can earn a Level 4 Locksmith Course which has been accredited by the NCFE. This involves a 5 or 8 day course that will give you a comprehensive understanding of the practical application of Locksmith techniques. This is further enhanced on the 8 day course which involves scenario training and on site shadowing.


What is covered in the Locksmith training courses?

What is covered in each course is dependent on which one you take. All of our Locksmith courses provide; a non-destructive course will teach you about the techniques needed to open a door with damaging it. Our uPVC course will give you a comprehensive understanding of uPVC doors. Additionally with our eight and five day courses however, boast the most in-depth and detailed program. You will come away with a Level 4 accreditation and have the confidence to use the most up-to-date techniques in Locksmithing.


What locksmith tools will I need for the Locksmith training courses?

With Keytek® all of your tools will be provided, you will not need to bring anything with you. You will use a variety of tools, including; screwdrivers, chisels, hacksaws, mulgrips , drill bits, drills, tapes, measures, rulers and specific Locksmith tools for picking to snapping.


How Long does it Take to Become a Locksmith?

Keytek® offer a range of courses ranging from one day to 8 days. However it take experience and practice to become a skilled Locksmith.


Auto Locksmith Training Courses

Auto Locksmithing is different from traditional Locksmithing, as it is specific to cars. A trainee Locksmith who takes an auto Locksmith course will be taught how to; strip, understand and rebuild a range of vehicle locks, lock picking and decoding both cylinder and laser locks, along with an overview of immobiliser systems, transponders and diagnostics, and much, much more.


Online Locksmith Training Courses

Online Locksmith training courses are not common, and is not accredited within the industry. Without being taught the practical elements of Locksmithing, you will struggle to grasp the foundation of the skills needed when on site. We would advise that you gain your Locksmith training through a well established NCFE accredited training provider, with approved centre status.


Locksmith apprenticeships

To be eligible for any apprenticeships in the UK you need to be 16 or over, living in England and not in full time education.


How long are you an apprentice for?

Apprenticeships combine practical training within a job as well as study and can take between 1-5 years to complete.


What exams/testing do you have to do?

While you are an apprentice you will work alongside experienced staff, gain job-specific skills, earn a wage and get time to study, usually about one day a week.


How to find a company to take you on?

Locksmith apprenticeships are available, though not through Keytek®. However other organisations offer apprenticeships to gain a level two in Locksmithing.


What is a CHAS accreditation

Keytek®  has been CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) accredited for the past eight years. This accreditation shows our customers that we have a strong commitment to setting the highest of standards for health and safety within the Locksmith industry.
To gain our CHAS accreditiation they assessed our; Health and safety policy statement. Our organisation health and safety, they researched our specific health and safety arrangements to a standard that is acceptable to their buyers and to others, they also looked into our background.
For more information on CHAS either visit our Keytek® CHAS page  or the CHAS website. 


Locksmith Career Guide

What to expect after becoming a accredited Locksmith?

Once you have completed your Locksmith training course and have your accreditation in Locksmithing, you can expect a rewarding career with a steady flow of work. If you choose to sub-contract then you can join the Keytek®  team, you are able to dictate your own working hours and fit them around your life. If you need to pick your children up from school every day between 3-4, then we will not offer you work within that hour. But if you have a weekend free, then let us know that you can work, and we will pass on as many jobs as you want.


Locksmith career progression

There are new locks coming on to the market every day, including the new phase of ‘smart locks’ so a Locksmith will never stop learning, the more advanced your skills the more complicated jobs you can take on. The room for growth within the Locksmith industry is never ending. The Locksmithing industry generally remains unaffected regardless of the wider economy, so you can expect to have a constant stream of work and with this comes peace of mind.


Your working environment

As a certified Locksmith you can expect to work in both commercial and residential properties. Your jobs can range from changing the locks on a new home, to securing a shop after a break in.

Further information with regards to Locksmith Training can be found on our dedicated Locksmith Training Academy site at www.locksmiths-training.co.uk