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When your car key snaps, is lost, or has just stopped working it can be a stressful experience trying to sort a car key replacement. But don’t worry, our auto Locksmiths can help to provide you with a car key replacement, quickly and efficiently!


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We have partnered with one of the UK’s top car key replacement specialists, to be able to offer our customers a range of different auto Locksmith services where we are committed to providing road users unmatched roadside auto Locksmith assistance.

If you need a car key replacement, give us a call on 0808 164 2928 where we can help!


Car Key Replacement

You might need a car key replacement for a variety of different reasons but some of the most common are because you have lost your car key, your car key has snapped or your car key has just stopped working. Whatever the reason, we can help cut and program car key replacements.


Why You might Need a Car Key Replacement

    • If you have lost your car key
    • You want a spare set, just in case
    • Your car key has stopped working
    • Your car key has snapped


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Car Key Replacement Services Available by Vehicle Make and Model

No matter the car you drive, through our auto Locksmith partner we are able to offer a range of different auto Locksmith services including car key replacements for a variety of car makes and models.


Our auto Locksmith are able to offer:

  • Ford car key replacement
  • Replacement car keys Vauxhall
  • BMW car key replacement
  • Renault car key replacement
  • Audi car key replacement
  • Mercedes car key replacement
  • VW car key replacement
  • Toyota car key replacement
  • Kia car key replacement
  • Peugeot car key replacement
  • Corsa car key replacement


Why Choose a Car Key Replacement Service?

When you need a car key replacement, you could through your dealership or a car garage, but these can be more expensive, take longer and you’ll often have to go to the garage. When you call out an auto Locksmith who specialises in car key replacement, they will come out to you with a fully stocked van to provide you with a car key replacement right there and then.


How to Get a Replacement Car Key Without the Original

Auto Locksmith specialists have unique equipment on board that helps them read the key design from the car’s lock, cutting a car key replacement for you and programming it to your car whilst also disabling any lost or misplaced keys so you can rest assured your car remains secured.

When you call upon Keytek® Locksmiths for a car key replacement, we can ensure that you are connected with an expert auto Locksmith that can even create a car key replacement for you without the need for the original car keys. This means even if you need a lost car key replacement, our services are fast, efficient and worry free!


What Your Auto Locksmith Will Need to Know for a Car Key Replacement

To ensure that we provide the right service to the right person, we will need to know a few details when booking in. We will need to know:

  • Year, make and model of the car
  • The vehicle identification (VIN) number if you have it
  • The key identification number, or key code, if you have it

Keep in mind that for car key replacement services you may also need to provide proof of ownership of the car, so it’s a good idea to have photo ID and any other relevant documentation with you.


Where Can I Find the VIN Number?

The VIN number can usually be found stamped onto the chassis of the vehicle but may also be on any official document for the car.

You can find the VIN number on:

  • The bottom of the windscreen
  • In the vehicle service book
  • On the V5 document
  • On the inside of the car door pillar


Where Can I Find the Key Identification Number?

The key identification number can usually be found in the car’s manual but if you don’t have this information, it’s not essential for car key replacement services.


Emergency Car Key Replacement

When you can’t get into your car as you have lost your car key, its snapped or has stopped working, you’ll need an emergency car key replacement by a trained auto Locksmiths.

Needing an emergency car key replacement can be stressful but our expert auto Locksmith partner ensures that the process is made easier, and you are back in your car and on the road as soon as possible. We can pair you with a local emergency auto Locksmith who can solve the problem, repair the majority of faults with your car locks and provide an emergency car key replacement if necessary.

Our locksmiths have been trained to create or reprogram a spare key within an hour, allowing you to get on with your day. However, a replacement key will have to be made through a dealership, and the time it takes will be determined by the dealership.

One of the most frustrating things is locking your keys inside your car. If you’ve managed to lock your keys inside your vehicle, our locksmiths can pick the lock and open it without causing any damage to the vehicle. Our locksmiths can do this in minutes, so if you can’t seem to find the spare, don’t hesitate to contact us at Keytek® for help! We offer a 1-hour response time where possible to ensure that all issues are resolved efficiently and with the expertise of our Locksmiths there is not a solution that we cannot find.

Car Key Battery Replacement

If your car key has stopped working, you may need a car key battery replacement. Our partnered auto Locksmiths are able to supply and replace a range of different car key batteries to ensure that your keys are working fully and are paired to your car.

When called out, they can ensure that your car locking system is also working correctly to reduce the risk of not being able to get into your car.


Car Key Battery Replacement Services Available by Vehicle Make and Model

Our partnered auto Locksmiths can offer car key battery replacements for a range of different car makes and models. Below are just some of the makes and models we can provide car key battery replacements for:

  • Car key battery replacement ford
  • Nissan car key battery replacement
  • BMW car key battery replacement
  • Volvo s60 car key battery replacement


Why Are Car Keys so Expensive?

20% of drivers do not keep a spare key. The growing price of replacing car keys could easily be related to a rising number of motorists who do not invest in a spare key. When most drivers learn how much replacement car keys cost, they are shocked. Car keys are very sophisticated electrical devices with a PCB, transponder chip, and battery that are extremely costly to replace. The increase in price could also be related to advancements in vehicle key technology and the introduction of proximity keyless start keys, which enable users to start the car without having to enter the key into the ignition.


Find a Car Key Replacement Locksmith

If you need a car key replacement and are in search of your local auto Locksmith, give us a call on 0808 164 2928 where we can find you an auto Locksmith who will be able to help!

Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement FAQs

How to Get a Replacement Car Key

You can get a replacement car key by calling out your local auto Locksmith. Give us a call on 0808 164 2928 where we can get you connected to an auto Locksmith near you who will be able to offer a range of different auto Locksmith services, not just car key replacement!


How Much Is a Car Key Replacement?

The cost to get a car key replacement can change dramatically on the type of key and make of car that you have. If you do not have a record of your vehicles key number and immobiliser code the dealer can also charge an extra fee for supplying this. To get an accurate quote of how much it costs to replace a car key, give us a call on 0808 164 2928.


What to Do If I Lose my Car Keys UK?

If you lose your car keys, try not to panic! First things first, you need to call out your local auto Locksmith who will be able to get you back into your car and provide you a car key replacement.

For more advice on losing your car keys and getting locked out of your car, read our advice page!


Where Can I Get My Car Key Battery Replaced

An auto Locksmith will be able to replace your car key battery for you and ensure that your remote car key is still in good working condition.

Our partnered auto Locksmiths offer a wide range of auto Locksmith services, including car key battery replacements, for a range of different car makes and models.


Are Car Key Replacements Covered by Insurance?

Car key replacements due to lost or stolen car keys are sometimes covered by your car insurance policy, so it’s always worth checking your policy documents. However, usually this it is more expensive in the long run as you’ll usually need to pay out an excess and it can raise your monthly premiums.

It’s often less expensive and quicker to get a car key replacement through your local auto Locksmith.

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