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We know here at Keytek® that when you wake up in the morning to leave for work or return home after you have been shopping and find that your uPVC door is jammed in the locked or unlocked position that it can be an added stress you could do without. Well here at Keytek® all our uPVC Locksmiths are fully trained and accredited on uPVC doors and windows and are leading industry experts.

A quick call to Keytek® on 0800 035 0451 and we will have an expert uPVC Locksmith on site and nine times out of ten are able to resolve this issue on the first visit.

Our uPVC door Locksmith and uPVC window Locksmith are trained specifically in uPVC doors and windows so you can rest assured in knowing that your uPVC door locks, and window locks are in capable hands and back working as they should in no time.


Why Might a uPVC Lock Fail?

There are a number of reasons why your uPVC door locks, and uPVC window locks may unfortunately fail, everything from a worn out gearbox to a loose spring can cause a uPVC door or window lock to stop working. But never to fear as our uPVC Locksmith specialists have the expertise, knowledge, and training to tackle all and any uPVC problems. With a range of equipment and parts on board, our expert uPVC Locksmiths will most likely be able to sort all issues within a single visit. If not, our specialist ordering procedures ensure that you have the right part within 48 hours and in the meantime our uPVC Locksmiths will secure your property before leaving to ensure that your home security is maintained.


Calling out the uPVC Specialists

As the most common door type in the UK, all Keytek® Locksmiths have extensive experience and expertise with uPVC doors and windows, making us uPVC specialists. As one of the Locksmith industry’s leading experts, we ensure that all of our customer benefit from our uPVC specialisation through our expert services.


uPVC Door and Lock Repair

As uPVC specialists, all Keytek® Locksmiths are specially trained to identify and maintain uPVC doors. Not only does this mean that we can service the lock and locking mechanism but also the door itself! We ensure that all of our locksmiths are experts so that when they arrive to a job, they are able to identify the problem within a matter of moments and then start the process to get the issue resolved.

Likewise, our uPVC specialism means that we are equipped with a range of different locks and parts on board for uPVC doors to ensure that if we can get the job done on the first visit we will. However, if you needed a more specialist part, have no fear as we can have the correct part within 48 hours and in the meantime will ensure that your property is secured so that your home security is maintained.


Replacing a Lock on a uPVC Door

If your lock has broken, or you are just looking for a lock change then our uPVC specialist Locksmiths can be on site to help. As industry experts, we always prioritise security. This means that above all else we value and place importance on the fact that our customers are safe, and their home is secured. One way we do this is by only replacing like for like.

When a Keytek® Locksmith replaces a uPVC, door lock we ensure that the security level of our customers home is maintained through replacing the existing lock with one of the same security standards or higher. So, if you have an anti-snap lock on your uPVC door, the lock we replace it with will also be anti-snap.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a uPVC Door Lock?

The cost of replacing a uPVC door lock can change depending on time of day and the type of lock needed. For example, if you call a Locksmith outside of working hours (usually 8am – 6pm) then you can expect to pay more than if you were to call within working hours. Similarly different lock types and makes hold different pricing, so the specific lock that your door requires will affect the overall price of the job.

Read our guide to Locksmith Pricing.


Home Security

For more advice on home security take a look at our Home Security Guide here! In particular, we have a whole section on Door and Window Locks here which include some great information about your uPVC door locks and uPVC window locks!

uPVC Window’s and Doors

There is a range of Locksmith services a uPVC Specialist will be able to offer:

  • Upgrading Multipoint Locking Systems
  • Cylinder Changes
  • Handle Replacement
  • Additional Security fitment
  • uPVC Window Locks Security
  • uPVC Door Locks Security
  • Lockable Handles
  • Window Restrictors
  • Hinge Replacements
  • Emergency Boarding up
  • Home Security Advice 

Even if our uPVC Locksmith have to order in a replacement part rest assured we are able to place this order and have the part replaced within 24 hours*. There are times when a Multipoint locking system has been discontinued but fear not we work very closely with many large suppliers so even if the part has been discontinued* we will be able to source an alternative item to avoid you having to replace the door.

All parts fitted by Keytek® come with a 12 month warranty for your added peace of mind.

*In the majority of circumstances.

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