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A burglary occurs every 40 seconds in the UK which is why we at Keytek® Locksmiths aim to ensure your home is as secure as possible with our home security services. On every single call out we offer our customers a free home security check which involves ensuring all locks in the home are up to standard and meet the requirements of home insurers whilst also providing unique and tailored security suggestions for your home.

Our local Locksmiths are all DBS checked, industry experts and all accredited, so they can recommend a range of quality products that conform to all of the relevant standards for your home insurance policy and give you our quality home security services advice so you can rest assured your home will be as secure as it can be.

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High Security Locks

One of the best ways to improve home security is to upgrade your current locks to higher security models that have an extra security features that keep your home more secure. Our Keytek® Locksmiths carry a wide range of stock on board to ensure that we can supply and fit you with only the highest quality security locks wherever requested. With Avocet High Security and British Standard locks on board we will look to complete the job within the first visit wherever possible to make sure your home security is unmatched!


Avocet High Security

Avocet is a well-known manufacturer of locks, hardware, and security products and offers a range of innovative security products that strive towards higher security for homes across the UK. Avocet are currently the only provider of a high security euro cylinder which meets the TS007 3 star rating, SS312 Sold secure Diamond Accredited and Secured by Design Accreditation combined.

This cylinder is perfect for those looking to increase their home security and we here at Keytek® Locksmiths have the expertise and know how to be able to supply and fit Avocet high security cylinders to provide our customers with unmatched Locksmith services and extra home security products.


British standard kitemark on mortice door


British Standard Locks

Home insurance providers will often specify that the doors and windows on a property must be fitted with at least British Standard security locks.

A ‘British Standard’ lock will have undergone rigorous testing. These tests include strength, durability and equally important its security. The locks are then re-assessed and re-tested to ensure the safety, quality and reliability of the locks that have been fitted by a local Locksmith.


Identifying a British Standard Lock

A ‘British Standard’ lock is easily identified by the BS Kitemark logo (pictured to the right) which is usually displayed on the face of the lock. The BS Kitemark may also be accompanied by BS: 3621 2007 (mortice locks) or BS: TS007 (Euro cylinders), these are the current requirements set by the majority of Home Insurance providers.


Home Insurance Requirements

After you have been burgled, you may want to make a claim through your home insurance provider to help cover the cost of any damage that has been caused by a burglar. Therefore, it’s important to meet any requirements that are stated in your home insurance policy, such as specific locks or minimal security, as failure to do so could result in your policy being invalidated by your home insurance provider.

Our Keytek® Locksmiths use their expertise and professionalism to ensure that your locks meet home insurance requirements if required and can provide unique and tailored security solutions to ensure your home security remains intact.

More advice on home insurances can be found on Keytek® Guide to Insurance.


sahs jammer being installed on upvc window


Additional Security Hardware

Alongside lock fitment, lock changing and upgrades our Locksmiths can also supply and fit a range of additional home security hardware that can help to keep your home secured. Security hardware such as sash jammers, patio door bolts, window restrictors and door chains.


Sash Jammers

Sash jammers are small devices which attach near the window or door frame which secure a window or door in place restricting it from opening. These can help to improve your home security on uPVC windows and doors and can help protect your home against forced entry.


Patio Door Bolts

Fitted usually to sliding patio doors, a patio door bolt is installed on the sliding track to restrict the door from opening when engaged. This security hardware offers further protection against forced entry should the patio door locks fail.


Window Restrictors

Window restrictions are used to stop a window opening past a certain point. Often fitted on the frame and tethered to the opening of the window, you can set the length of tether to determine how far the window will open. Once again these are a good option for extra home security as they can provide further resistance if someone tries to force open the window from the inside.


Door Chains

A door chain, often referred to as a security chain, is a chain that is attached to a door frame which connects to a track on the back of a door which is used to restrict the door from opening fully. Often used as security hardware that further protects a home against forced entry, a door chain works in conjunction with the locks on a door to add another layer of protection.


home security cameras


How to Improve Home Security

We have created a comprehensive guide to home security, our Ultimate Guide to Home Security. Here at Keytek® we want everyone’s homes to be as secure as can be which is why our home security services extend further than the physical presence of our Locksmiths. Our ultimate guide to home security will help you make your own home improvements so that you can begin your home security journey yourself. Our fully comprehensive security guide includes:


Door and Lock Security

Your doors are the first line of defensive for your home security as not only are they often the main entrance to your home but are also the most common target for burglars. It was thought that in 2021, 76.4% of burglars gained access to a property through a door so door and lock security is increasingly important for home security. Look into if your door need replacing today, and what kind of door would be best for you.

Read our guide to door and lock security here!


Window Security

In 2021, 20% of burglars gained access to a property through a window so keeping in mind your window security is imperative to your overall home security. In our ultimate guide to window security we take your through every you’ll need to know about window security, how it can impact you and how it can help to increase your home security!


Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are on the rise and so the market for them has boomed. There are many types of home security cameras now including doorbell cameras, indoor security cameras and outdoor home security cameras. With so many options on the market it can be quite confusing which to choose so we have broken down everything you’ll ever need to know and answer all of your questions on how you can improve your home security with security cameras.


Smart Home Security

Another home security improvement growing in popularity over the last few years is the option to upgrade your home to a smart home. A smart home is the interconnectivity between the appliances in your home, for example being able to turn on your lights with the command of your voice through a smart home device. As well as making your life easier smart home devices have also been developed to make your home safer with smart home security.

Read the Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Security here!


Smart Doorbells

As a relatively new concept, the market for smart home security has boomed with products such as smart doorbells. Smart doorbells are great for home security as they often include a live time camera, two-way audio, and video playback so that you can see and communicate with whomever is knocking at your door and capture great evidence should a burglar attempt to gain access to your home.


We are continuously updating our Ultimate Guide to Home Security to bring you the latest news and security updates. A couple of topics that we are covering shortly are home security systems and home security alarms. In the meantime take a look at our blog for a weekly security news update!


Burglary Advice

Unfortunately, burglary offences are often on the rise, so its important homeowners secure their property now more than ever. If the worst should happen, we at Keytek® Locksmiths can help to prevent the situation from happening again with the highest quality locks and home security hardware.

If you have been burgled, the first step is to call the police and don’t touch anything where there could be vital evidence. Whilst you are waiting for the police to come round and investigate make a note of what has gone missing and any details you may have about the incident. Once the police have come round and taken evidence it is time to call the Locksmith.


Call Out your Local Emergency Locksmith

Keytek® Locksmiths are experts in the security industry so we are able to replace your locks to the highest standard and talk you through the different levels of security locks. Our emergency Locksmiths will also take a look at the locks around your home and give you the best advice and recommendations to put your mind at rest in knowing your home as secure as can be.


If a burglar has damaged your home, we also offer an emergency boarding up service. This includes boarding up windows and boarding up doors. Take a look at our Emergency Boarding Up and Burglary Repairs page for more information!

Home Security
  1. Make sure your door and window locks are in good working order
  2. Upgrade your locks to higher security models with extra security features
  3. Consider installing security cameras
  4. Create a smart home with interconnected smart products
  5. Call out a Locksmith to do a security inspection of your home

When your talking home security and protecting your home, family, and valuables you can never have too many precautious. With proper home security in place, you can help to prevent burglaries and attack and can lower your insurance premiums.

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