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Ultimate Guide to Home Security

Dark corners in your garden are perfect hiding spots for burglars. The use of outdoor security lights aimed strategically eliminates these dark spots and helps keep your home and your family safe. We have put together all the types of garden security lights for you to consider, how to install them, where to position them and a rough estimate on the costs.

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Outdoor Garden Security Lights UK

One thing a burglar craves is the cover of darkness. In the dark a burglar can move around you garden undetected and potentially steal expensive items.  However there are ways to illuminate your garden and potentially scare off burglars; outdoor garden security lights.

Types of Outdoor Garden Security Lights

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights have a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR). A PIR is an electronic sensor that measures infrared light emitted by objects in its range of view. If an object is detected by the PIR your security light will turn on. Having a motion sensor light means you do not have to leave your security light on day and night. The light will only come on when movement is detected. You can pretty much use any bulb for a motion sensor camera, as long as it is suitable for outside use.


Solar PIR Lights

Solar PIR lights are almost exactly the same as normal motion sensor lights. However, rather than having to plug them in, the sun provides them with power. Typically solar lights use LED light sources. The charge from the sun can last between 4-6 hours which means there is plenty of light to illuminate your outdoor space.


LED Flood Lights

There are a many advantages of using LED lights in your outdoor space. Superior brightness is one, but the main draw of an LED light is the energy saving, which leads to money saving. They may be a bit more expensive to buy at first, but in the long run they will save you money on electricity bills. They also have an average life span of 30,000 hours where as a normal bulb has the lifespan of 2,000, so they will need replacing less.


Halogen Flood Lights

Halogen is one of the most common types of lighting for a garden or outdoor space, however it can be expensive. Halogen bulbs are very bright and will light up your garden well with a very strong white light.


Security Lights: Solar Power vs Mains

When it comes to the security of your garden, you want to be sure that you are using the right kind of lights for maximum security. Solar lights are becoming more and more advanced. But are they more effective than the traditional wired security lights? Let’s have a look.



Solar lights are much easier to install, as you can place them almost anywhere (where they are exposed to sunlight) and they are ready to go. Whereas traditional wired outdoor lights have a much more involved process when it comes to instillation. Another perk of solar lights is that if you have a power cut, your lights will remain unaffected.



At the moment you are going to find it hard to find any solar lights that can match the brightness of the traditional wired lights. However, higher quality solar lights can provide you with some serious brightness.



Solar lights are easier to maintain, as they are easy to access for repairs and as long as they are kept clean and are dug firmly in the ground you shouldn’t have many problems with them. Wired lights may be harder to repair and maintain, as you may need the advice and assistance of a qualified electrician to make any repairs.



As the light from a solar light may be slightly less bright, you may need more. However the beauty of the solar light is that they can go anywhere it your garden. This means you may be able to cover more area with light than with one traditional wired security light. Your solar lights may not be affected by a power cut; however with the weather in the UK being very changeable and often cloudy, if your solar light does not receive enough sunlight then they may not work, or may not be as bright as you need them to be.

However if you just want to buy some light, then a wired security light should be able to provide sufficient coverage to provide good security (depending on the size of your garden. As mentioned before, if you do suffer a power outage, your wired light will not work.

Best Positioning for Garden Security Lights

Where you place your outdoor security lights is dependent on what their main function is. Whether you want to deter potential burglars or provide safety light when walking, it’s important to place your lights in the right positions.


Near the garage

If you tend to keep valuable items in your garage then having a security light illuminate the door could deter burglars. It’s also helpful if you tend to work in or around the garage at night as it can provide light for you. If you install a sensor light then anytime someone walks past your garage the light will turn on, another deterrent for potential burglars.



It may be helpful to pace your garden security lights so that they illuminate a path that you use frequently. As it goes dark earlier in the winter, it would be helpful to have a motion detector light that comes when you are walking to your front or back door. Or that lights the path you use regularly if you have outdoor pets, such as rabbits.



Once you have put lights in all the main entryways to your home, you might want to think about the more unlikely entrances, which could be used by a burglar. Burglars can find their way into your house via windows, back doors and gates. So if you light these areas up with your security lights, you scare the potential thieves away.


Open Areas

Whilst it’s important to illuminate the areas of your garden that you use the most, you also need to provide light for the majority of the outside area. Burglars love darkness, so if you position your outdoor security light so that the light hits most of the garden, it should scare the burglar away. You just have to make sure that with the placements of your lights that there are no shadows cast or dark areas for a burglar to hide.


What is PIR Lighting?

Passive Infrared Sensors or PIR sensors are a type of motion sensor that detects infrared light. Motion sensors are frequently used to detect body movements in and around properties. When the sensor detects movement, it will send out a signal which will set of the alarm. It could set off an audio alarm, or just cause a light to switch on.


How Much does it Cost to Install a Security Light?

The cost of installing a new security light will differ depending on what security light you have and the amount the tradesman will take to install it.

To give you a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay, we’ve broken it down;

To install one outside security light (independently powered) – £125-£150- 1-2 hours to install (including the cost of the light)

To install a PIR motion sensor light (powered by mains electricity)- £150-£200- 2-4 hours to install (including the cost of the lights)


Best Features of Security Lights

Motion Detection

A feature that we would recommend you look out for in an outdoor security camera is motion detection, especially if you are installing it for security purposes.


Adjustable timing

A good feature to have is the ability to set how long your light shines for when triggered. You can choose between a 1 minute, 5 minute or 10-minute period.


A back up battery

This is the ultimate ‘just in case’ precaution. If in the event of a power cut your hardwired security light won’t work, but if you have a backup battery you are protected no matter what.


What are the Best Motion Lights?

AuraGlow Flood LIghtAuraglow 50W LED Motion Activated PIR Sensor Security Floodlight

This outdoor floodlight has an impressive brightness of 3,800 lumens and at a power consumption of 50W, it’s still very energy efficient and with an impressive brightness, but the stand out feature of this light is the 50,000 hour battery life, which won’t need changing anytime soon! Another great feature of this flood light is the adjustable PIR (passive infrared) sensor range that allows you to choose how sensitive the light is to movement.

The real selling point of this flood light however is the price, at £29.99 on Amazon, the small price you’re paying for all the features is definitely worth it.





LE garden flood lightLE 30W LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Although this model is more expensive than the Auraglow, if you’re looking for ultimate customization this light is defiantly worth the investment. Not only can you adjust the PIR sensitivity to light but you can also set an illumination time after motion detection and light sensor sensitivity enabling you to customize your security radius around your home. Considering the higher price, £99.99 on Amazon, your defiantly paying that little bit extra for all of the different customized settings.

Another great feature of this flood light is that is also boasts a 50,000 hour battery life, with the added bonus of an IP65 water-resistant rating making this an extremely low maintenance option.

The only downside to this light is that it is 30W meaning for not as powerful a floodlight, but if this is a deal breaker you can also get a 50W version for a slightly higher price tag.

Best Outdoor Security Light

Camera Power Source Motion sensor Waterproof/WeatherprooPriceDo we recommend
Ring Floodlight Camera Hardwired YesWeatherproof £299.29 Yes
Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight Battery Powered YesWeatherproof £22.95 Yes
Sunforce Solar Motion Light Solar Powered YesWeatherproof £37.73 Yes
Light It! Motion Sensor Security Light Battery Powered YesWaterproof£27.53 Yes

Ring Floodlight Camera

The Ring Floodlight Camera is the big player in the market, Ring is famous for their doorbells and the outdoor security camera comes with most of the same features. It has an inbuilt camera as well as a 270-degree motion sensor, with a 30-foot radius. It’s the most expensive outdoor security camera on our list, what you’re paying for really is the camera. The camera and app that it connect to, gives you extra security.


Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight

This battery powered outdoor security camera is easy to install using screws. The 140 lumens of light shine 30 feet when it detects motion on your property. We like this camera because it comes with a 2-year warranty, meaning you don’t have to worry if it breaks. It also includes a dusk- dawn sensor, meaning it won’t shine during the day time.


Sunforce Solar Motion Light

The Sunforce has a180 degrees motion sensor that senses movement up to 30 feet. This camera is solar powered with 3 AA rechargeable batteries. The light will automatically shine on the area where motion is detected for 30 second, 1 minute or 2 minutes. You can also adjust the distance of the motion detection.


Light It! Motion Sensor Security Light

This little nifty light is waterproof and comes with an LED light and 100-degree motion sensor. The floodlight illumination will detect any motion within 25-feet and shine with the power of 100 lumens. It also comes with a 2-year warranty; you can’t get better for the price.

There are a few security lights that are popular on the market due to their value for money and the security they provide. What light you need depends on what your needs are, so we will go through the most common types of outdoor security lights.


Motion sensor lights

These lights do exactly what you think they do; they will detect motion and light up in response to movement. This is intended to scare off any intruders, with the added bonus of activating even when you are away from home or asleep.



If you are looking for an outdoor security light with a broad beam, floodlights could be for you. The high intensity lights literally ‘flood’ the area with light, so are a good option for those with large gardens or fields. The super bright illumination can be good for areas that need extra light such as garages or sheds.



These are narrow, focussed beams of light that can shine directly on to any area you point them at. They often come with multiple heads so you can point them in various different directions at once. These are good for lighting up passage ways, or doors, if you use them after dark.

There are two main things to look for when selecting a bulb for your outdoor security light; energy consumption and brightness. You want to keep your home safe, but you don’t want to spend more than you can afford. Although it is important that you don’t skimp so much that your security light is ineffective. We will go through what you can get for your money.


LED Lights

LED lights are famously very cost effective and this is no different for outdoor LED bulbs. They provide bright light and good coverage without costing the earth, plus they last 5X longer than traditional bulbs. While they do cost more upfront than other bulbs, actually 2-5x more than an incandescent bulb, it’s worth making the investment. If you are looking for something that will save you money long-term, so it’s worth thinking about paying more for an LED bulb upfront.


Incandescent bulbs

These light bulbs are very common and therefore are cheaper and they will sufficiency work and provide you with enough light to use in your outdoor security lights. However, long-term they will cost you a lot more on your energy bill. The thing is with these more traditional bulbs are that 90% of the energy it takes to power this bulb creates heat instead of light. Put into simple terms, it’s not very efficient. They also don’t last as long as LED bulbs, so you will probably end up spending more on multiple incandescent bulbs than you would buying an LED straightaway.

You might not have thought about how you are going to power your outdoor security light, but it’s something to consider. The majority of outdoor security lights are hardwired to an electrical supply and this does make instillation complicated. Whether you want your security light to be hardwired or run on battery is dependent on where you want to put it.


Hardwired lights

The main benefit of having your light hardwired is that as long as your home power is on, your light will have power. If the light is battery or solar powered, you have the possibility of the light not working if the battery runs out or if the solar cell is uncharged. If you do decide to have your outdoor security light hardwired, then its best to consult a professional who can install it for you, which can incur an extra cost.


Battery powered lights

If you don’t want to have to contend with instillation costs and effort then you might want to consider a battery powered security light. The majority of outdoor security lights will come with long-lasting batteries, so the hassle of changing them doesn’t come about that often. The battery in a security light can last up to a year, which is good, but also makes it easy for it to slip your mind.


Solar Lights

Solar powered lights could be the best of both worlds, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery and you also don’t have to worry about tricky instillation. You might not get as brighter light as you would with hardwired or battery powered security lights, but it will provide enough light for you to see in darkness. There is a risk of interference from clouds and you will have to position the solar cell where it will not be blocked. If you have a garden that doesn’t get the sun, or there is a lot of shade then solar panels may not be for you.

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