How to Secure a Door from the Inside

Securing a door from the inside is crucial in helping to prevent break ins. It’s thought that 74% of burglars will use the front door to enter a home, so it’s super important that your door is as secure as possible, inside, and out!

There are many ways to protect your doors externally, such as smart outdoor lights and enhanced door locks, however, are a bit unsure of how to securely protect your doors internally. This guide will take you through how to secure your door from the inside, which will help to protect your home!

securing a door from the inside

1.     Consider Installing a Door Brace

A door brace is a good option to help secure a door from the inside. You know in the movies where they place a chair on the inside of a door to prevent someone from opening it? Well, that’s basically what a door brace does, except with much more strength and it’s usually made of metal. With travel and permanent models available, these are a great option if you want a bit of extra security without breaking the bank.


Door Stop Jammer

A door jammer is probably the most common form of door brace found thanks to its durability and flexibility, making it the perfect choice for students, renters and those who don’t want a permanent brace. These jammers offer extra security to most hinged and sliding doors with their adjustable design to prevent forced entry. These models can withstand up to 250kg of force and are ideal to prevent a door being forced open or kicked in.


Barricade Bars

Barricade bars are more permanent models that have a section which is fitted to the floor behind the door and have an attachable block which when locked together provide a blockade for the door where some models can withstand up to 1360 kg of force!  These are mostly seen in commercial spaces due to their ugly appearance and installation requirements.


What to Consider When Buying a Door Brace

There are 2 main considerations to think about if you are looking to get a door brace to protect your door from the inside:

  • Dimensions – although there is a standard dimension size for a door, it’s not always guaranteed that your door will be standard sized. Hence, it is important to consider your door’s measurements, which include height, width, and thickness, to make sure your door brace will work properly.

  • Placement – think about where you are going to place your door brace from the inside of your door. For example, different door types will require a different place for the brace so you’ll need to make sure you have the space for the brace.


2.     Install a Door Chain

Door chains are one of the easiest to ways protect your door from the inside in terms of using it and installing it. A door chain would not only make it a more difficult for a potential intruder to enter your home but also allows you to open your door without making your home vulnerable if you don’t know who’s on the other side of the door.

door chain secure door from inside

There are some essential things you should consider to make your door chain as effective as possible:

  • The height – choosing the height to install your door chain is important as it should be reachable by everyone living in your home. This includes any children in the house who are old enough to be opening the door.

  • The chain – the chain itself is the most important part of the whole kit, choosing it wisely is very vital to how robust it could be if someone tried to apply force into it.

  • Testing – always make sure you test the chain after installing it and that everyone in your household is satisfied with its position.


3.     Get a Peephole

If you want to see who is at your door before you open it and you don’t want to get a smart doorbell, a peephole will let you do it!

peephole secure door from inside

A peephole is a very traditional way to add extra security to your door. It’s super easy and cheap to install and with its fisheye angle you can see the entire area in front of your door! This way if someone knocks on your door you can see who it is before even opening the door, keeping your home safe!


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