Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Burglaries happen every 106 seconds in the UK, which is why it is so important to make sure your home is secured against intruders. We have broken down some of the simplest ways to help secure your home against burglary!


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5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

1.      Secure your Doors

Your doors are the most effective way to secure your home. This might seem like a no brainer but out of the 67% of burglars that gain entry through a door, 21% go through an open door! You should always lock your doors at night and when you go out, but also consider locking your door even when you’re at home in the day to keep any ill-wishers out! Have you thought about replacing your door with a uPVC door?

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2.      Lock your Windows

29% of burglars go through a window, with 1/3 of them taking advantage of an open one. Windows are an opportunity for burglars to get into a property, even those on the second floor! Make sure that you are locking your windows when you go out and that they are properly shut.

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3.      Keep Your Garden Tidy

If your garden, bushes, and trees are overgrown, it can give burglars the opportunity to hide so that they aren’t spotted. This allows them to hide and wait for an opportunity and offers them a place to scope out your home before they attack. We recommend making sure that any grass, bushes, or trees are always well maintained as to reduce spots where an intruder might lurk.

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4.      Don’t Advertise Your Valuables

Most burglaries are spur of the moment, with burglars often seeing an opportunity and taking it. This means that they will peer through windows or doors to see what valuables you might have lying around, like the laptop you left on the sofa. We suggest making sure all valuables, such as purses, wallets, high value gadgets and anything of value, are out of sight as not to allow a burglar the opportunity to see what they could steal.


5.      Don’t Hide a Key

Although it has become common practise to hide a key under the doormat or flowerpot next to the door, this is the first place that a burglar will look when they are trying to gain access to your home. Consider giving a trusted neighbour a spare key or installing an inexpensive combination key lock box that can be fitted securely in a concealed space.


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5 Simple Upgrades You Can Make to Secure Your Home

1.      Upgrade the Door Locks

No locks are alike, some are stronger, more secure, and offer your home more security. Consider upgrading your locks to British Standard for more protection against forced entry techniques such as lock bumping and picking.


2.      Install Security Film on Windows

A really quick and easy way to improve your window security is to install a security film. This sort of film can be easily applied and helps to prevent break ins. A good quality security film makes the window glass shatterproof, so that should someone try to break the glass the film will hold the fragments together keeping the glass from shattering.


3.      Install Motion Sensor Lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to deter burglars as it increases the risk of getting caught and makes the home a less attractive target. Motion censored lighting adds another layer of security whilst also being efficient as it only turns on when motion is sensed. Learn more about outdoor lighting.


4.      Install a Sash Jammer

Usually used as extra security for uPVC windows and doors, sash jammer will prevent a window or door opening if the main lock is bypass. There are a few different types of sash jammers that you can choose from, but ultimately, they are an inexpensive way to add another layer of security.


5.      Fake It Till You Make It

If you don’t want to break the bank installing tech such as cameras and alarms, you can install dummy cameras and signs to make it seem as though your have a security system. Dummy cameras can be easily purchased from sites such as Amazon, and are a great way to fake extra security. Although not functional, any burglars who might try and target your home might be deterred as they aren’t to know that they don’t work and security cameras make a home a very risky target.


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5 Security Gadgets You Can Install to Secure Your Home

1.      Outdoor Security Cameras

The best burglar deterrent, outdoor security cameras are some of the best gadgets to add to your home. 63% of burglaries that were committed in 2020, happened to those without a basic security system with former burglars arguing that security cameras were their biggest deterrents. Outdoor security cameras can have features such as live recording, two way audio and even motion detection so that should anything be array whilst you are out and about, you still have full control over your home security and can be notified if anyone is on your property.


2.      Indoor Security Cameras

Great for keeping an eye on things inside the home, indoor security cameras are the perfect way to ensure that your home has another layer of security. You can place these pretty much anywhere in your home, whether you place in the hallway to keep watch over the front door or in the lounge where you have a few valuables indoor security cameras give you piece of mind. Find out more about indoor security cameras here.


3.      Outdoor Security Lighting

Dark corners are the perfect hiding spots for intruders to lurk. Installing outdoor lighting helps to eliminate this dark spots and helps keep your home more secure. There are many different types of security lights that hold their own benefits, but when place statistically they create a security band of light around your home. Find out more about outdoor security lighting.


4.      Security Alarm

A security alarm is a useful tool to warn off burglars also, as when someone enters the home through a door or a window a large siren will sound which will alert others to the intrusion and hopefully scare off the burglar. A security alarm can also be set up to send you a notification that the alarm has gone off.


5.      Light Timer

We all know the trick of leaving a lamp on when you go out for an evening but some burglars are wise to this trick now and might still even risk trying to enter the home, after all someone is home during 58% of burglaries. One way to get around this is to purchase a light timer which will turn a lamp or light on and off, making it look more random and more convincing that someone is home which makes the home a risker target. A light timer is an expensive way to make your home more secure and can be purchased on Amazon for £9.99.


­Home Security Basics Children Should Know

Everyday life can be extremely busy making it near impossible to protect your children at all times. For this reason we believe it is important to teach children home security basics so they are able to protect themselves when necessary.

1. Don’t let people know you’re home alone!

In order to help protect your children, it is important to help them understand why there are certain actions they should not take as they could put them in danger. Is it vital to stress the importance of children never letting anyone know there are no adults home.


2. Child friendly alarms

We believe it is important to have a burglar alarm installed, especially if your children are often home unsupervised. There are various burglar alarms on the market with child friendly settings, allowing a child to know exactly how to arm and disarm the alarm.


3. Who’s at the door?

One of the most important things you could teach a child is how to handle a stranger. In the occasion a stranger is at your door when a child is home alone, having an intercom will allow them to address the stranger without opening the door. Remind your child not to open the door to anyone they do not recognise or trust, and to alert you immediately if a stranger is at the door.


4. What’s the secret code?

Creating a secret password only known by your close ones can help prevent an emergency situation. Children can be told not to engage with strangers unless they state the secret password.

The use of these simple tips can help keep your children safe and secure, and help you feel more content when leaving your children home alone. While a parent can do everything in their power to protect their children, it is crucial to teach them security basics which can help protect themselves, which is a vital life skill.