October 17, 2016 | Becki Hooper | Blog

Bluff the Burglar


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burglar holding a crow bar wearing dark grey and a black hat

bluff the burglar
It is more likely a home break-in will occur when the house is vacant. Here are a few intelligent ways you can fool a burglar into thinking there is someone home.

Start with your doorbell

There are various systems available which allow you to answer the doorbell without physically attending to the door. Not only will you be notified when the doorbell rings, but you will have the option to address the guest using a built-in speaker, all directly through your smartphone.

Fake a movie night

The flickering lights of a television can provide a clear indication that someone is home.  A TV simulator switches between differently coloured lights to suggest that you are watching television, and can be left running for six to eight hours.

Turn up the music

Bluetooth speakers have exploded in popularity and a variety of specifications are widely available.  An app is used to control when the speakers are turned on, which songs will be played and for how long.

Lights On!

Home automation systems allow users to control light switches remotely, using their smartphones. There are many systems available which use motion detection to trigger the switching on and off of lights, even allowing lights to turn on instantly when the doorbell rings, in an effort to deter burglars.

Car in the driveway

A car in the driveway is a clear indication that someone is home. If your house will be vacant for a long period of time it is ideal to have a car in the driveway, even if it’s your neighbour’s car for a couple of hours a day.


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