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Bradford Insights

Bradford is a city that resides in West Yorkshire close to the better known city of Leeds in the midlands. Bradford in past years has had a bad stigma attached to its name but with recent developments the city is working its way back into the good books. For example in 2009 Bradford became the proud title holder as the world’s first UNESCO City of Film! Find out more about living in Bradford including its redevelopments further on!

It’ll take you around 4hrs to reach London from Bradford via the M1 and less than 3hrs via train!


History of Bradford

Bradford first became a settlement in Saxon times when it was first known as Broad Ford. The woolen industry bought prosperity into the town after its decline in the Norman Conquest in 1070 and the manufacturing launch in the 18th century saw the start of the town’s development with a new canal and turnpike road links. Around mid 19th century Bradford had boomed from a small rural market town to the wool capital of the world with a population of around 100,000 residents. In more recent times Bradford has continued expanding and developing as it was granted city status in 1897 and became a metropolitan district in 1974 but much of Bradford’s history still remains in the architecture and mills around the city.

The famous mills in Bradford started out quite modest with just one spinning mill in 1800 but just 50 years later that one lone mill had spun into 129. Another 50 years following Bradford was home to 350 mills and thus gained its wool capital of the world status.

Arts and Culture in Bradford

There is a thriving arts and cultural scene in Bradford which is why it is currently in the running to be the UK City of Culture. To soak up some arts and culture yourself in Bradford there are many places you can visit including Cartwright Hall Art Gallery which you can find in Lister Park which includes the Bradford-born David Hockney gallery. Another contemporary photography gallery in Bradford is the Impressions Gallery, it hosts regular exhibitions, events and workshops.

As the first city to gain the UNESCO City of Film of course you can expect to see some film in Bradford at the National Science and Media Museum. It features world class collections in photography, film and digital media. The permanent gallery ‘Wonderlab’ is a fantastic interactive gallery of light and sounds which intrigues those of all ages.

If you’re looking for a night of comedy, dance and shows the Alhambra Theatre is the place to go, it is a popular choice for many touring companies such as Disney, the Northern Ballet, Matthew Bourne and the Royal Shakespeare Company to name a few.

Last but not least you can get a little bit of art, culture and history in one trip at St. George’s Hall which is the UK’s oldest concert hall still in operation and has just been through a multi-million pound refurbishment.


Bradford Population

As we mentioned earlier, Bradford has continued to grow and grow since it was the main hub for the woolen industry. The Office for National Statistics estimates that the number of people living in Bradford in 2019 was 536,986 which has been a steady increase from 2001, we will soon discover whether this growing in residents trend follows once the 2021 census results have been published.


House Prices in Bradford

On average, the 2,290 buyers paid £147,661 for their homes in Bradford over the last 12 months. This is less than a £100,000 under the UK average which currently stands at £250,000. Zoopla currently estimates the average value to be a tiny bit below that figure at £147,039. The value change over the last 12 months has been very positive with an impressive 10.31% increase.


Detached House Prices in Bradford

There were 387 sales of detached houses in Bradford over the last year with those buyers paying £260,244 on average. Zoopla now estimate the current average value to have increased to £273,002 with a positive value change of 5.58%.


Semi-Detached House Prices in Bradford

The average price you can expect to pay for a semi-detached home in Bradford is £147,008 which is what 891 homeowners paid over the last year. Zoopla estimate semi-detached homes in Bradford to have risen slightly with the current average value at £150,410 with a positive value change of 7.86%.


Terraced House Prices in Bradford

There were more sales of terraced houses in Bradford this past year with 914 sales costing the buyers £108,058 on average. Zoopla currently estimate terraced houses in Bradford to be pretty spot on the same with a slight increase of around £160. Terraced houses in Bradford saw a high percentage in value change these last 12 months of 11.00%.


Flat Prices in Bradford

Over the last 12 months, 96 homeowners paid £78,068 for their flat in Bradford. Zoopla estimate the current average value of flats in Bradford to have shot up in price and estimate them to cost £117,607 on average with an impressive 12.04% value change.


Renting in Bradford

The average property rents for £555pcm in Bradford, with a room costing around £428pcm, a flat £568pcm and a house £606pcm.


Is Bradford a Nice Place to Live?

In 2015, USwitch conducted a study of the best place to the in the UK listing the 138 regions. It included things such as mobile phone coverage, internet speeds, average income, house prices, unemployment rates and the cost of living. Unfortunately, in 2015 poor Bradford ended up in last place and was branded the worst place to live in the UK. Since then, Bradford has been under some major developments and have really upped their game as we discovered in the arts and culture section of this guide to Bradford so you won’t be short of things to do. Along with the redevelopments that have happened within the city the house prices have still remained low. As a city so close to Leeds it is much quieter this is a great appeal to many and offers you stunning walks across the Ilkley Moors. The schools in Bradford are also appealing to young families with a few offering you the chance to enroll your children into Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ schools.


Is Bradford a Safe Place to Live?

For many, the question “is Bradford safe” can determine whether to move there or not. Despite its bad safety reputation, Bradford is a relatively safe city to live in. Of course, there is nowhere in the world that you could 100% guarantee is safe so ensure you keep your home and belongings as secure as can be. Check out our Home Security Guide here for more information on keeping your house secure. Over the past 12 months, the most amount of crime took place in October with 474 crimes reported, the ‘safest’ month was in May 2020 with just 180 crimes reported. In 2021, Bradford saw a decrease in  crime levels compared to the previous year, with an average of 132 crimes per 1,000 people.

You can find out more about crime in your area by using our How Safe is your Neighbourhood tool!

Is Bradford safe to live in? UK

Travelling in Bradford

Travelling in Bradford is pretty easy with good road and rail links.

Buses in Bradford

First Bus is the main operator in Bradford with National Express coaches running in and out of the city at the Bradford Interchange.

Trains in Bradford

There are two main rail stations in Bradford which are Bradford Interchange and Bradford Forster Square which take you around the country to places such as London and Manchester. There is also a more local train route which will take you around the local areas of Bradford including Keighley, Shipley and Bingley for example.

Airport near Bradford

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) is your closest airport when living or visiting Bradford. It is just seven miles from Bradford itself and you can visit over 70 destinations from this airport that are within the UK or the EU.

Schools in Bradford

You won’t be short of a school for your children living in Bradford as there are 201 primary schools, 59 secondary schools and 48 schools and colleges that offer education to 16-18 year olds. As we mentioned earlier, Bradford was home to a number of Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ schools and impressively there are 30 schools and colleges that achieved this rating. However, there are 33 schools and colleges that achieved a rating of ‘Requires Improvement’ and 8 schools and colleges that received the ‘Inadequate’ rating. In saying that, the majority of schools and colleges in Bradford achieved the rating of ‘Good’ which is nothing to be sniffed at. There are some unrated schools and colleges, either because they have yet to be rated as a newer school or are private and are not monitored by Ofsted. You can find out more about schools in Bradford here.

University of Bradford

The University of Bradford is situated within the centre of the city and offers a wide range of courses that would suit almost anyone including applied artificial intelligence, chemistry, midwifery, paramedic science, radiography, social sciences and many more! Find out more about the University of Bradford here!


Eating and Drinking in Bradford

According to Tripadvisor these are the top three places to eat in Bradford!

  1. The International – Indian/Asian cuisine
  2. The Manor House Bradford – British cuisine
  3. Christophe’s Coffee House – British café


Shopping in Bradford

There are many places to go shopping in Bradford including newly built The Broadway which compromises of over 90 shops and eateries located in the heart of the city. Kirkgate Centre includes well-known high street favourites and at the top of the town you’ll find some great independent shops around North Parade or in the Oastler Shopping Centre.


Places to Stay in Bradford

Some of the most highly rated places to stay in Bradford include:

  1. Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club – a 4* hotel set in a grand manor house with an 18-hole golf course, spa and sauna. Prices start from under £50 a night!
  2. Chevin Country Park Hotel and Spa – a 3* hotel that with a wood cabin feel. Cabins are also on offer as well as a pool and fishing experiences. Prices start at around £100 a night.
  3. Aphrodite Suites – central location suites that ooze modern luxury, a warming fireplace and a bottle of wine is laid out upon arrival. Prices are around £88 a night.

Top 10 things to do in Bradford

  1. Alhambra Theatre
  2. National Science and Media Museum
  3. Bradford Industrial Museum
  4. Bronte Parsonage Museum
  5. Salts Mill
  6. East Riddlesden Hall
  7. Boiling Hall
  8. Impressions Gallery
  9. Bingley Five-Rise Locks
  10. The Chevin


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