Summer Home Security

Don't Let Your Home Security Lapse Over the Summer!

Unfortunately, extremely high temperatures are not good for uPVC or wooden doors since changes in temperatures can cause doors to expand or shrink. These changes may render your property unsecure, since you may be unable to unlock or worse, lock your door, leaving your home exposed to a potential break-in. For more support, have a read through our guide on what to do when your uPVC door or window won’t open, or how to fix a uPVC door lock mechanism.

As it gets warmer most people want to make the most of the sunshine and spend more time outside and out of the house. But be aware, burglars also know this fact and will change their behaviour according to the seasons. Burglars will often take advantage of more people being out and about and target the houses they see as empty.

More security tips, news and advice can also be found on the Keytek® Locksmiths blog, or check out our Ultimate Guide to Home Security.

Read through our Summer Security Checklist PDF as a quick and easy guide to keeping your home secure in the summer.


Making your House Seem Occupied When on Holiday

Everyone loves a holiday and summer is the perfect time for a trip away. According to Statista, in 2019, 48% of UK residents have made a trip both abroad and in the UK, unfortunately, many of us forget some aspects of keeping a house secure.

Home security is one of the most important elements to consider before going on a holiday. Nothing will attract a burglar more than an empty looking house. There are many different reasons how burglars can pick an empty house. See below what you can do to make your house seem occupied while you’re on holiday:

  • Avoid piling up any newsletters, mails, or deliveries, ask a neighbour or family member to collect them or apply for Royal Mail to hold your post.
  • Sign up to a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
  • Ask a neighbour to trim any grown plants that could indicate you haven’t been around for a while.
  • Install a light timer that could be on in the evening to give the impression someone is home.

big villa house with lights on, an outdoor table and a pool


Check Your Door Security

Door security is important throughout the whole year of course, but it’s always a good idea to check it regularly. So why not start your summer by checking your homes security and make sure everything’s in tip top condition.

Problems with your door can be caused by a variety of other common factors during the summer; a common cause being simple wear and tear, especially when everyone is more prone to popping in and out of the back garden.

This can cause security issues for your home, especially if you’re unable to lock up due to the lock being damaged by continuous use. However, this problem can be solved by calling a local Locksmith to your home who will be more than willing to fix or replace any locks that have been damaged by wear and tear.

Also, don’t forget to secure your home even when just popping out to the garden, this includes the window you have left open to catch the rare breeze. Leaving any doors or windows open could leave your home unsecure and can be a burglar’s dream of entering your property undetected whilst you’re in the garden, not to mention it can invalidate your home insurance!


Test Your Locks

Sounds simple, but you need to make sure all exterior door and window locks are secure and in good working order. This is because the most common point of entry for a burglar is the front door. The weather getting hotter in the summer months can affect your locks, as they can expand in the heat causing them to become difficult to use or stop working all together.

Whilst checking your locks, make sure you follow these procedures:

  • Make sure there’s no debris in the way
  • Use graphite to lubricate your lock
  • Keep an eye out for something not working quite right. This could be anything from sticky locks to lose cylinders

When a lock swells it’s often a simple case of calling a highly skilled and trained local Locksmith to fix the problem for you, making ongoing accessibility much easier during those hot summer days, leaving you far less likely to find yourself locked out when you return from a day on the beach!


Evaluate Your Summer Exterior

During the winter months we tend to let our gardens become messy and overgrown, once the weather improves, it’s a good idea to make time to get it back in order. This is because burglars love to hide from view in overgrown bushes and shrubs. Another reason to keep both your front and back garden neat and tidy, is that an unattended garden can make your home seem unoccupied and burglars are more likely to target unoccupied homes.

Here are few extra things you can do to evaluate you exterior during summertime:

birdseye view outside traditional house with beautiful summer landscaping


Arm Your Summer Security System

One of the best things you can do for your home security is invest in a home security system. So, you may wish to consider investing in one, or upgrading yours if it’s old or doesn’t work properly. If you already have a home security system that’s fit for purpose, make sure its armed when you leave the house. If you have other family members, such as teenagers coming and going, make sure they know how to arm and disarm it.

First decide if you want smart home security or a basic security system. Then look at the summer sales on places like Amazon, Curry’s, and Argos for a new security system if you need one.


Fix Your Fencing

The winter months bring harsh and freezing weather, which can affect your fence security. Your garden fence may have damage such a cracking or the temperature could have caused to wood to contract and move. When your garden is beginning to warm up is the perfect time to take a walk around to make sure the whole fence is still fit for purpose.

If you notice any broken, fragile, or sagging panels, you should consider getting it fixed ASAP. This is because burglars will also spot these weak points in the fence and potentially use them to gain entry to your garden and then your home.


Lock Up Your Shed and Garage Doors

If you are making the most of the summer weather by doing some gardening, then its important you remember to lock your garage and shed doors. Even while you are mowing or tending to the garden.

Leaving garage doors or shed doors wide open means anyone who walks past can see what you keep in there. If you are out of site, a burglar may even take the opportunity to take something. After every use of the shed or garage, make sure you lock them, every time.


Analyse Your Alarm Detectors

Carbon monoxide leaks are one of the most dangerous situations that can happen in your home, and with the start of the sunny summer days, it is a great reminder to ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are still working correctly.

Remember, if your detectors are over 10 years old, they should be replaced. With lots of barbeques and dinner invitations in the garden during summer, it is important to analyse your fire alarm and other alarm detectors!


Remember to download the Summer Security Checklist PDF before you go!

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