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Cambridge Insights

Cambridge is located in the East of England and resides around the River Cam. Cambridge is renowned for the prestigious Cambridge University which dates back to 1209. Much of the city’s heritage and culture evolve around the University and the River and invites thousands of tourists every year.

It takes just under an hour to reach London by train or just over an hour via car during quiet times.

Is Cambridge a good place to live?

Cambridge Population

In 2011 it was recorded that 123,900 people lived in Cambridge, 25,000 of those are students of the universities. There are 241 residents per square kilometre with the most popular age ranges from 36+, exempt of the city centre where lots of under 30s live due to their studies.


House Prices in Cambridge

The average price of a property in Cambridge will set you back £448,432 with the average price being paid at £439,681. There is a 2.66% drop in property value over the last 12 months with 1,507 sales recorded. These prices are more than £100,000 more than the average price of a property in Cambridgeshire!


Average Detached House Price in Cambridge

There were 478 sales over the past 12 months in Cambridge with the current average value standing at £607,327 and the average price paid was recorded to be £578.404 for a detached house in Cambridge. The value had dropped by -£46,331 which is –7.09%, we believe this is due to the UK’s current economic system going through turmoil recently with Brexit and Covid-19.


Average Semi-Detached House Price in Cambridge

The average price paid for a semi-detached house in Cambridge was £414,373 over the last 12 months from 390 sales. This is more than the current average value which stands at £409,065, due to Zoopla’s estimated a value change of –9.04%.


Average Terraced House Price in Cambridge

The value change decreased slightly compared to semi-detached house prices in Cambridge but increased in comparison with detached house prices at –8.13%. This value change has been estimated from 398 sales over the past year where the average price paid was £389,304 and the current average value standing a little higher at £403,119.


Average Flat Price in Cambridge

There were 240 flat sales over the past 12 months in Cambridge, a much lower number of sales on other property types in Cambridge. As to be expected the value change has also decreased and this time it is a higher percentage than the other property counterparts at –9.37%. Zoopla estimates the current average value of a flat in Cambridge to be £305,364 but the average price paid stands a little lower at £288,519, this is higher than the average amount paid (£273,937) across the whole of England which includes London in its figures.


Renting in Cambridge

According to the average rent per calendar month in Cambridge is £1,074 and the median rent is £900pcm. To rent a room in Cambridge you are looking to pay around £581pcm, for a flat it will set you back around £1,224pcm and for a house prices are around £1,672pcm.


Is Cambridge a Good Place to Live?

Cambridge is a very good place to live due to boasting lots of parks and countryside walks and the opportunity to go for a lazy punt down the river soaking up the rich heritage. As well as enjoying lots of time outdoors there is also lots of shopping and nightlife that we will explore later if that is your cup of tea! A further reason why Cambridge is a good place to live is that you have all amenities that will complete your convenience and satisfaction.

The happiness levels of residents in Cambridge have taken a steep drop from April 2019 to March 2020 and now stands at 7.2 out of 10, potentially due to Cambridge being the third least affordable city to live in the UK. In saying that, in 2017 the Sunday Times ranked Cambridge as one of the top 20 places to live, so you may need to factor in costs for enjoyment after you’ve figured out your living expenses before making the move.


Is Cambridge a Safe Place to Live?

Country Living magazine rated Cambridge as the sixteenth safest city to live in the UK back in 2017. The crime rate for Cambridge has fallen significantly over the past three months, crime reported on average levelled to about 400 reported crimes per month but in April 2020 that fell significantly to under 200 crimes per month. This could be an indication of when the UK went into lockdown and people spent more time at home than usual.

The most reported crime in July 2020 was bicycle theft so ensure you take a look at our bicycle security guide here and our shed security guide here for when you’re storing your bike at home!

is Cambridge a safe place to live?


What are the Best Neighbourhoods to Live in, in Cambridge?

Cambridge is a small city but it still has a few distinct neighbourhoods that cater for everyone, whether you like to live in the heart of the city, enjoy the vista of the suburbs or the relaxed life in the countryside.


Chesterton is a great all-rounder it has a village-like feel but is just a half hour stroll to the city centre, it resides well with families as it is in a good school catchment area but it also suits young professionals as there are riverside flats, good transport links and cool cafes! Chesterton is also one of the most affordable postcodes to live in Cambridge which is probably why it was voted as one of the best suburbs to live in 2018 by The Times. The cheapest property to buy in Chesterton in September 2020 is £200,000 for a one bed flat and the most expensive is a 3 bedroom townhouse for £650,000 on Rightmove.

Grantchester Meadows

If idyllic, thatched roof, chocolate box cottages are your thing take a look at Grantchester Meadows, surrounded by lots of greenery, farmland and the River Cam you are bound to find a spot of peace and quiet. Currently, (September 2020) there is only one property for sale, it is a 6-bedroom detached house set in 2 acres of land and an indoor swimming pool for a huge £2,100,000. The current average value of a property in Grantchester Village is £681,063 according to Zoopla.

Mill Road

If trendy and eclectic is your thing take a look at the Mill Road area in Cambridge. It is full of organic fruit and veg stores and independently run shops, plenty of eateries and a handful of bike shops! It is also a great location for commuters, taking just 45 minutes to get to Kings Cross Station. There are two properties advertised on Zoopla on Mill Road currently, they are a one bed new build flat for £300,000 and a 6-bed terraced house for £485,000.


Travelling in Cambridge

There are plenty of travel options in Cambridge, it is also very accessible on foot as it is not a large city and contains copious amounts of green space.

Buses in Cambridge

The buses are run by the Busway and connect to Stagecoach. The buses run frequently and connect you up from Peterborough all the way down to Royston.

Trains in Cambridge

There are two railway stations in Cambridge, one in the city centre and one in Cambridge North. The quickest time it takes to get to London via train is 49 minutes on the Great Northern train.

Punting in Cambridge

If you are visiting Cambridge for the day, punting along the River Cam is a must. There are a few guided tour companies that will take you along the river to explore Cambridge’s rich university heritage.

Cambridge’s Closest Hospital

Addenbrooke’s Hospital is located in the south of the city.


What are the School’s like in Cambridge?

It comes as no surprise as being a city of learning that Cambridge has a good reputation of its schools and there are plenty of them, 304 schools and colleges in total according to 27 schools currently stand at an Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’, the majority then achieve a rating of ‘Good’. There are then 40 that received a rating of ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’. There are 11 private schools in Cambridge.


Universities in Cambridge

The University of Cambridge

Cambridge is renowned for its famous University of Cambridge, founded in 1209 it is the fourth oldest in the world and is one of the world’s top three universities! The University of Cambridge offers 30 undergraduate courses in the arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering. The university is also able to offer most students three years of college accommodation.

Anglia Ruskin University

Cambridge not only boasts one of the world’s most famous universities, it also offers another great university which has made it into the Times Higher Education Rankings top 40 for the 5th year in a row. You can study the arts, social sciences, business and law, health and education and sciences and engineering at Anglia Ruskin University.


Eating and Drinking in Cambridge

These are the top three restaurants in Cambridge according to TripAdvisor.

  1. Restaurant 22

Number one in Cambridge is Restaurant 22 which has also won the Travellers Choice Award 2020! The British/ European restaurant is located right on the River Cam and the dishes are presented like fine art. We recommend the seven-course tasting menu to really enjoy the best of the dishes.

  1. Al Pomodoro

This Italian restaurant scores the 2nd spot in Cambridge and is celebrated for its traditional Italian cuisine and deserts!

  1. Taj Tandoori

Number three on the list also has been awarded the prestigious TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2020 and serves up traditional and contemporary south Asian, Indian dishes.


Top Three Bars and Pubs in Cambridge

These are the top three bars and pubs in Cambridge according to TripAdvisor.

  1. Hidden Rooms

Serving creative cocktails and world class spirits. You can also book cocktail classes and dance workshops for you and your friends!

  1. The Piano Bar at De Luca

The only piano bar in Cambridge, open on Friday and Saturday evenings. Featuring a live singer and pianist playing popular music from the 1950s. Enjoy a blast from the past whilst sipping cocktails in this fancy bar.

  1. The Champion of the Times

If you’re after a more relaxed, friendly atmosphere head down to the Champion of the Thames pub. Reviewers love the atmosphere of the pub and the traditional beverages.


Shopping in Cambridge

When in Cambridge take a trip to the popular Grand Arcade Shopping Centre, located in the city centre of Cambridge. You will find exclusive stores including Kurt Geiger and Hobbs as well as some clothing chain brands such as Topshop.


Hotels in Cambridge

These are the top three hotels in Cambridge according to TripAdvisor:

  1. The Varsity Hotel and Spa

Located on the River Cam it’s the perfect location if you dream of punting along the river. Take a dip in the Elemis Spa and then grab a bite to eat in Six Panoramic Bar and Restaurant.

  1. Gonville Hotel

You’ll get a taste of living in Cambridge by staying at this hotel. Enjoy a bike ride with one of the hotel’s complimentary bikes or sit back and relax in a ride in the hotel’s classic coach-built Bentley.

  1. Regent Hotel

Located in the heart of Cambridge for ease, relax and enjoy your stay in this contemporary, relaxed fine listed building.


Top 10 Things to do in Cambridge

  1. Punt along the River Cam
  2. Fitzwilliam Museum
  3. University of Cambridge
  4. Kings College Chapel
  5. Cambridge University Botanic Garden
  6. Cambridge Gin Laboratory
  7. Kettles Yard
  8. The Corpus Clock
  9. Queens College Mathematical Bridge
  10. Trinity College


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