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Weybridge Insights

Located in Surry, this river side town is said to be the point where Julius Caesar crossed the Thames in 55BC. Weybridge is a quaint country town, that is not only close enough to central London to give residents the amenities of city life whilst offer the quiet comforts of country life.


What is the population of Weybridge?­

Weybridge is thought to have an estimated population of 30,305 people as of 2019, according to City population.


Crime in Weybridge

Crime in Weybridge is higher than other areas of the UK, and with the general income level higher here, crimes such as theft and burglary are more prominent. Out of Surrey’s 105 towns, villages and cities, Weybridge is rated at the 40th most dangerous location in Surry.

According to Crime Rate, the crime rate for Weybridge in 2020 was 58 crimes per 1,000 people which is 13% higher than the overall crime rate for Surrey which is 50 crimes per 1,000 people. However, as a whole Weybridge is thought to be the 59th safest medium sized town and the 2,270th most dangerous locations out of all of the locations in the UK.

Vehicle theft and break ins are one of the most common crimes in Weybridge, so making sure that no valuables are left in your car overnight or left on show is imperative to keep your car as safe as possible. Likewise, Weybridge locals would advise again leaving your car at the train station as it is a hotspot for car crime.


House Prices in Weybridge

The house prices in Weybridge are said to be well above the national average and as of 2021, Weybridge is said to be the 2nd most expensive place to buy a property outside of London.

Zoopla reports that the current average value of a property in Weybridge is £872,696 which Rightmove agrees with, with their estimate sitting at £887,781.

Average Property Prices by Property Type

Property TypeAverage Price Paid (£)


Renting in Weybridge

Much like the property pricing, the cost to rent a property in Weybridge is significantly higher than other places in the UK. Home report that you can expect to pay on average £2,231 per calendar month for a property in Weybridge.

Average Cost of Renting by Property Type

Property TypeAverage Rent Paid (Per Calendar Month)


What Neighbourhoods in Weybridge are the Best?

There are a few neighbourhoods in Weybridge that offer stunning homes that will suit family life, young professionals and even those looking to retire. Streets such as Curzon Road, St Albans Avenue and Mount Pleasant are all highly sought after areas where stunning Edwardian houses can be found.

St George’s Hill

A private estate that spans over 1,000 acres of beautiful countryside that has over 400 homes within its border, St George’s Hill is one of the most exclusive residential addresses outside London and thought to be one of the most sought after places to live in the world.

Now this estate is not for everyone, to get a home here you need to have an impressive budget and uphold the values of the St George’s Hill Residents Association. However, residents have access to not only a golf and tennis club but are also protected with CCTV, manned security, and card only access.

The Stadbury

Another gated community where beautiful waterside homes come with hefty price tag. These homes offer larger spaces and water views, where you can find large family homes perfect for those who want to make the most of the countryside whilst still having access to all of the bigger city amenities.

Hanger Hill

A more central location for commuters, properties in Hanger Hill offer slightly older homes at more affordable pricing where the styles and sizes of these homes can vary widely. Properties in this area are closer to the Weybridge trains station, offering further convenience for those commuters who work in nearby London.


What are the Schools Like in Weybridge?

There are a wide range of different schools within the Weybridge catchment area. Unsurprisingly due to the higher income level of its residents, there number of independent schools outweighs that of public schools, and with the increased funding, most of the schools in the Weybridge area have received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted.

Primary Schools

There are 10 schools within the Weybridge area that offer an education to those under 11, with 6 of them receiving a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted and the remaining 4 gaining an ‘Outstanding’.


Secondary Schools

There are only 2 public schools within the Weybridge catchment area. Both Heathside School and Fullbrook School have received a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted and cater to children aged between 11 and 18.


Independent Schools

There are a range of different independent schools within the Weybridge catchment area. St George’s College Weybridge is the top ranked school in Weybridge and caters for both girls and boys aged 11-19. George’s is known for their academic excellence and high teaching standards.


Specialist Schools

Walton Leigh School is a specialist school that provides for students with learning difficulties, where all students have a varied range of different special educational needs. This school has received an ‘Outstanding’ rating by Ofsted due to their exceptional teaching and education standards.


Weybridge Transport Links

Weybridge is favoured by London commuters as it offers a close enough proximity to get to London in just under 30 mins but is also far enough away to still have a community and country feel.

Weybridge Train Station

Located on Heath Road, the Weybridge Train Station is just a 10 minute walk from Weybridge town centre and offers a range of services to different locations across the UK. The most popular route is the train to London Waterloo which only takes 30-40 minutes to reach central London, which is perfect for commuters.

Bus Routes

Weybridge has multiple bus routes that give easy access around and throughout Weybridge, including convenient links to the Weybridge train station.

Cycle Enthusiasts

Elmbridge Cycle Club is a local club which runs informal rides on a regular basis which are open to everyone no matter the age or ability. Weybridge offer tones of cycle route and have made previsions for cyclists on the road so that if a bike is the chosen mode of transportation, Weybridge residents can cycle safely.

Shepperton Ferry

Offering a trip from Weybridge to Shepperton, where those on the Thames Path can bypass the Shepperton Lock without diverting by the Wey Navigation. This ferry runs every 15 minutes or so and if you are approaching from the Weybridge side, ringing the bell will let the ferryman know you are waiting.

A single trip will cost an adult £2.50 (£3.50 with a bike) and a child £1.25 (£1.75 with a bike) whereas a return trip with cost an adult £4 (£5 with a bike) and a child £2 (£2.50 with a bike)


Visiting Weybridge

With close links to London, access to the beautiful Surrey countryside and amazing local amenities, Weybridge is a very attractive holiday spot. Whether family holiday to enjoy Chessington World of Adventure or romantic getaway to soak in the local nightlife, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Staying Overnight in Weybridge

If you are visiting Weybridge, whether for business or leisure, there are a few places in Weybridge which are highly rated by Trip Advisor. The top 3 places to stay in Weybridge are Brooklands Hotel, Hand & Spear Hotel, and Oatlands Park Hotel. If you are planning to stay in Weybridge, one of the most important aspect to consider is the proximity to London, as this is one of the most useful aspect about staying in Weybridge.

Brookland Hotel

A cosmopolitan hotel that takes inspiration from the world famous 1920s Brooklands racetrack, the Brookland Hotel is in an ideal location for easy access to nearby London whilst also offering comfort, style and relaxation. With a spa joined to the hotel, you not only can enjoy the bar and award winning restaurant but also treat yourself to a full body wrap, facial or massage.

This hotel has received the Travellers’ Choice Award 2021 for their multitude of consistent outstanding reviews. With over 3000 reviews, the Brookland Hotel is the highest rated hotel in Weybridge and boasts a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor.

Hand & Spear Hotel

Another highly rated hotel on Trip Advisor (and average of 4.5 from 146 reviews) and recipient of Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award 2021. The location of this stunning hotel not only allows for easy access to central London (taking only 35 minutes) but also to explore all of the amenities that Surrey has to offer such as Brooklands Museum, Chessington World of Adventures, Mercedes Benz World and Sandown Park Racecourse.

Oatlands Park Hotel

A quiet, countryside manor, the Oatlands Park Hotel is the perfect setting for a quiet weekend getaway, offering stunning lake and forest views. Located just 5 minutes from Weybridge train station and 10 from the M25, this hotel is the perfect base for exploring the surrounding Surry countryside and making the most of the local amenities.

With a rating of 4 on Trip Advisor from over 1,545 reviews, the customers of the Oatlands Park Hotel sing its praises. From their comfortable rooms to fantastic food served in the Mulberry Restaurant, to the show stopping chandelier in the foyer, those staying at the Oatlands Park Hotel are in for a treat.


Things to Do in and Around Weybridge

When visiting Weybridge, it’s always a good idea to have a car or some sort of transportation as most of the local sights are not central to Weybridge and are a short drive from some of the most popular Weybridge hotels.

Top 10 Things to Do in Weybridge

  1. Brooklands Museum
  2. Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands
  3. London Bus Museum
  4. Elmbridge Museum
  5. St George’s Hill Golf Club
  6. Bannatyne Health Club & Spa
  7. Webb’s of Weybridge Classic Car Hire
  8. Thames London City Tours
  9. Brooklands Hotel Spa
  10. BSpa

Brooklands Museum

Celebrating British motorsport and aviation, the Brooklands Museum is home to some of histories most iconic aviation, motor, and pioneering exhibits where you can be immersed in the stories that helped to shape history.

Fun for the whole family, there is something here that everyone can discover about history. You can purchase single tickets for both adults (£17.95) and children (£9.95) or you can purchase a family ticket for £29.00.

Chessington World of Adventures

Whether a thrill seeker, adventurer looking for The Gruffalo or explorer of the rainforest, Chessington World of Adventures offers something for the whole family. With rides suitable for little kids, alongside teenagers and young adults this is a fun day out that is sure to be the highlight of any family holiday.

Chessington Zoo and Sea Life Centre

Contained within Chessington World of Adventures are both the Chessington Zoo and the Sea Life Centre, which offer another day of fun, respectively. Whether you fancy saying hello to the king of the business or heading into the coral reef with clownfish, the zoo and sea life centre offer lots of different exhibits to keep the whole family entertained.

London Bus Museum

Home to the World’s largest collection of working historic London buses. Here you can find buses from over 100 years, from the iconic 1870s horsebus to a 1970s Leyland Titan. Open 365 days a year, when you buy admission to the London Bus Museum you also receive admission to the Brookland Museum.

Mercedes-Benz World at Brookland

An exhibition of rare and exotic cars and home to a wide range of driving experiences. Younger guests can experience getting behind the wheel also on the little learners track where they can get behind the wheel of a mini electric Mercedes-Benz. Every weekend guests are further treated to a Silver Arrow display, which is said to be a sight to behold.


Shopping in Weybridge

There are a few retails parks dotted around the Weybridge area that hold supermarkets, like Tesco and Waitrose, and cafes that are both well-known brands and independents.

The Heart, Walton-on-Thames

Offering a wide range of different well known brands and high street shops, The Heart is a 12 minute journey from the Weybridge town centre and offers a chance in which to get some retail therapy. But not only is there a range of shops here, but also restaurants, cafes, a gym and even a ping pong parlour.


Top Places to Eat in Weybridge

  1. The Queen’s Head
  2. The Great Gurkhas
  3. Osso Buco
  4. Cantina 41
  5. Valentina
  6. 1907 Restaurant, Bar & Grill
  7. Nikki’s
  8. Pearl Of China
  9. La Casa
  10. The Greedy Elephant


Need a Locksmith in Weybridge?

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