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Locksmith Prices & Cost Estimate in the UK 2022

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The Cost to Hire a Locksmith
Labour Rates and Call Out Fees
Locksmith Part Pricing
The Cost to Change a Door Lock
Emergency Locksmith Prices
Emergency Boarding Up and Burglary Repairs
Door and Window Adjustment Prices
Factors Affecting Locksmith Prices
Reducing Locksmith Costs
Questions to Ask Your Locksmith
Your Locksmith Cost Questions Answered

Find out how much a locksmith cost in the UK, Keytek’s locksmith prices list gives an estimated cost of an average locksmith jobs, how much it is to change a lock, for example. We also list the estimated average cost of actual locks and other parts. The price you pay for a Locksmith can differ quite drastically from company to company and job to job; whether you require an emergency Locksmith or are moving home and need the locks changed. Its not until a Locksmith assess the job in person that you can get an exact price. In our ultimate locksmith prices guide for 2022 we aim to give you an overview of what you can expect to be charged when you hire a locksmith.

As the one of the largest Locksmith community within the UK Keytek has been providing emergency locksmiths to customers for almost 30 years and are proud to share our wealth of knowledge on the locksmithing industry and provide the fairest price to customers.

All prices are based on estimates from recent UK Locksmith jobs (updated January 2022) – These prices may not reflect the price you will pay and should be used as a rough guide. For a quote, please call our team directly on 033 0332 0589.


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The Cost to Hire a Locksmith

In this section we discuss the overall costs of hiring a Locksmith, answering questions about Locksmith hourly rates and what the most common Locksmith jobs can cost.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Locksmith?

Different Locksmith services have different costs due to the different parts and materials required, the time of day of the job and how long it will take.

There are a numerous reasons why you may need to call out a Locksmith and each service will carry a different price point. For example you may want your locks changed if you have moved house, had a break in or are just concerned about your home security. Simply changing your locks may not cost as much as if you were looking to upgrade your locks to higher security models or make sure that all your locks are insurance compliant, due to the different parts and quality required that often comes with upgrading.

Landlords and estate agents will often call out a Locksmith to change the locks when a tenant has lost or not returned the keys but because of the potential number of doors and entrances to the property the cost is going to be more than just changing a single lock.


How Much Do Different Locksmith Jobs Cost?

Locksmith Job TypeEstimated Price
Replacing a Mortice lock.Mortice lock prices can start from £45 plus the labour charge. *
Changing a Euro CylinderEuro lock prices can start from £35 plus the labour charge. *
Emergency Boarding Up£200, depending on the amount of damage*
Changing all Property Locks£350, depending on the number of doors, windows, and locks. *
Door and Window AdjustmentWithout repair or replacement, you can expect to pay an hourly labour charge.
Gaining EntryWithout repair or replacement, you can expect to pay an hourly labour charge.

*Lock prices will depend on size, make, and model and these prices are exclusive of labour and VAT.


How Much Does a Locksmith Charge Per Hour?

As the Locksmith industry is unregulated there is no standardised pricing for a Locksmith’s labour charge.

If you book a Locksmith within normal working hours (8am-6pm, Monday to Friday) you can expect to pay a standard day charge. However, sometimes you can’t control when you need a Locksmith, so if you call after 6pm you might be charged a premium. This may also apply on weekends. It’s also worth remembering that a Locksmith may increase their hourly rate should they need to travel a greater distance to get to you.


Labour Rates and Call Out Fees

In this section we discuss the difference between labour rates and call out fees so that you can understand the breakdown of Locksmith costs.


What is a Labour Rate?

A Labour rate is the cost to perform services rendered. This is usually charged by the hour and is for the time spent onsite fixing the problem.


Locksmith Labour Rates

When you call a Locksmith, they may quote you an hourly labour rate. This labour rate will be a charge for completing work on site, whether that is completing a survey, fixing the problem, or replacing parts.


Are Parts Included in the Labour Rate?

The labour rate is usually only for the physical labour of the Locksmith and does not cover parts. It’s always worth asking the Locksmith this question so that you can better understand the breakdown of costs.

A trustworthy Locksmith will always be up front about their costings and what is included and what is not.


What is a Call Out Fee?

A call out fee is a charge for attending a property only. This is usually charged on top of any work to repair or replace the problem. For example, you can be charged for a Locksmith to come out to your home and diagnose the problem but then you’ll be charged more for them to do any repairs or solve the problem. Most trustworthy Locksmiths don’t charge for call outs.


Is a Labour Rate and a Call Out Fee the Same Thing?

No. A labour rate is a charge for time spent on site fixing a problem whereas a call out charge is for just arriving to site.

The main difference is that if you want a problem fixed and a Locksmith charges a call out fee, then you will be charged a call out fee and a labour rate and the cost of parts. Whereas those that don’t charge for call outs will only charge you for a labour rate, which is the time they physically spent solving the issue, plus any parts that might be needed.


Be Clear About Locksmith Charges

It’s always best to fully understand the breakdown of what a Locksmith will charge. If a Locksmith charges for a call out, does this include a minimum time on site? Does this cover the initial diagnosis of the problem and identification of any parts needed?

Ask questions to understand what different costs are involved in a Locksmiths quote.


gold british standard mortice lock being fitted with a screwdriver


Locksmith Part Pricing

In this section we discuss part pricing for Locksmith jobs.


Please refer to the table below for Locksmith part pricing for locks, mechanisms, and hardware.

Part Start From Price*
Rim Cylinders£25
Traditional Nightlatches£25
Double Locking Nightlatches (Yale 89)£45
British Standard Nightlatches£75
Mortice (2-3 Lever) £25
Mortice (5 Lever) £55
Standard Euro Cylinders£35
High Security Euro Cylinders£35
uPVC Gearboxes £75
uPVC Mechanism£110
uPVC Handles £20
Garage Door Handle£35
External Door Handles£45
Internal Door Handles£35


*All part pricing is estimated and is the estimated start from price. These prices can vary with the exact cost of the lock will depend on size, make, model, finish and star rating and are subject to individual Locksmith costs.


Please refer to the below table for pricing for additional security products.

PartsStart From Price*
Sash Jammers£15
Patio Door Bolts£15
Door Chains£15


*All part pricing is estimated and is the estimated start from price. These prices can vary with the exact cost of the lock will depend on size, make, model, finish and star rating and are subject to individual Locksmith costs.


The Cost to Change a Door Lock

The cost to change your locks can start at around £119 for a euro cylinder and from £125 for a mortice lock. The exact price of the lock will depend on make, model and security level and if any labour costs are included.

Below you will find estimated costs of what locksmiths may charge to change and replace all types of locks; front and back, wooden and upvc and mortice and euro.


Pricing Guide for Changing a Door Lock 2022

Door TypeLock TypePrice Estimate*
WoodenYale Cylinder ReplacementFrom £119+
WoodenComplete Yale ReplacementFrom £140+
WoodenMortice Lock Replacement (5 Lever)From £125+
WoodenMortice Lock Replacement (2-3 Lever)From £145+
uPVCStandard Cylinder ReplacementFrom £125+
uPVCHigh Security Cylinder ReplacementFrom £150+
uPVCMulti-Point Locking MechanismFrom £220+

*All part pricing is estimated and is the estimated start from price. These prices can vary with the exact cost of the lock will depend on size, make, model, finish, and star rating and are subject to individual Locksmith costs.


uPVC Door Locks

The majority of home owners have UPVC doors, so it’s likely that the lock you need will be pretty standard and easy to source. The cheapest option would be for you to replace the cylinder rather than having the whole mechanism changed, which is far more expensive. On average a standard euro cylinder can cost about £35 upwards, this can however vary on make/model and security standard.

All of our Locksmith are UPVC specialists, so they should be able to fix your door in one visit. To learn more about UPVC doors then visit our UPVC specialist’s page.


How Much Does It Cost to Change an uPVC Door Lock?

uPVC euro locks are often less expensive than mortice locks or rim cylinders so you can generally expect to pay less on uPVC doors than wooden doors. Depending on the size, make and model of the euro cylinder you can expect to pay for labour plus the price of the parts to change a uPVC door lock.


Wooden Door Locks

Night Latch

If a night-latch, often described as a ‘Yale Lock’ is just being changed for security reasons, then only the cylinder will need to be changed which will keep the price down. If the whole night-latch needs to be changed (if you are upgrading the security) then this will cost a little more.


Mortice Locks

If your wooden door requires a mortice lock then these can start at around £45, you will have to add this to the labour cost that your Locksmith charges. British Standard locks are slightly more expensive but most likely to be insurance compliant, 3 lever is cheaper than a 5 lever mortice lock, but a 3 leaver mortice lock is only really suitable for internal doors.

To learn more about changing the locks on your home, view our Lock Change Page.


Cost for Changing Locks on House

One of the most important thing you can do when you move into a now home is to change the locks. Not only is the safest thing to do, but it could also be required by your insurance company. The average house has a front door, back door, window locks, as well as gate and garage locks that will need to be replaced. It’s more than likely that all those will take more than an hour to change, so you need to be prepared to pay for at least a couple hours of the Locksmith’s time, as well as the cost for all the new locks.

If you hire a locksmith to change all your locks in a new house then you can expect to pay around £350. This is not an exact price but  a rough estimate based, you can pay more or less depending on the number of doors you have and what type of locks you’ll need to replace. If you are unsure about what security measures you need to take when moving home, take a look at our Moving House Checklist.


So, in summary, the cost to change the locks on a new house can be dependent on these factors:

  • The type of locks that need replacing – some locks can be more expensive than others.
  • How many doors you have in your property that you would like the locks changed on.
  • How many windows locks you would like replaced
  • The time it takes for to replace of all the locks on your property.
  • The labour rate of the Locksmith and the average rates for your area.


For more advice when your moving home, go to out Moving Home Page.


Is it Cheaper to Rekey or Replace Locks?

Rekeying is a process where the pins are changed inside the existing locks to revoke access of an old key. This process is often more complicated and more expensive than just replacing the locks which offers far more benefits than rekeying. Likewise, it’s not a service that most mobile Locksmiths can offer, so they may charge a premium as it is not a usual occurrence.

We hope that we’ve covered everything about how much it might cost to change locks but if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us on 0330 332 0589, we’d be more than happy to help you out!


locksmith gaining access to a door where someone is locked out


Emergency Locksmith Prices

In this section we discuss the prices for an emergency Locksmith and what services they might offer.


Emergency Locksmith Prices / Costs

There are many reasons why you may need to hire an emergency Locksmith; you’ve locked your keys in the house, your key breaks in the lock or you might have been burgled. Unfortunately, due to this type of service almost always being an emergency, we can only give you a rough estimate on what you will need to pay. The actual price will depend on the nature of your emergency, what type of part might need replacing as well as the time of day the emergency happens.

It’s always best to talk to an emergency locksmith directly about how much it likely to cost.

Find your local emergency Locksmith here.


How Much Does an Emergency Locksmith Cost?

The cost of an emergency Locksmith is usually a labour rate plus any parts that are required.

An emergency Locksmith can be more expensive as you are likely to call them outside of sociable hours (8am to 6pm, Monday – Friday) and they will usually offer a quicker response time. The cost shouldn’t be a huge amount more than a regular Locksmith, however there can be some additional costs so it’s always worth just keeping that in mind.

To find out more about emergency locksmiths, visit our Emergency Locksmith Page.


Factors That Can Affect the Cost of an Emergency Locksmith

Much like a regular Locksmith, there are different factors that can affect the cost of emergency Locksmith services. Factors such as response time, time of day and service required will all cause the price to either increase or decrease.


Type of Job

Both a lock out and a burglary can require the immediate assistance of an emergency Locksmith, however one will cost substantially more than the other due to the type of job. If you are locked out and just need to be let back in, you’ll find that you will only need to pay a labour rate whereas if you have unfortunately been burgled, you’ll have to factor in the cost of any parts to repair damage, parts that need to be replaced and a couple of hours’ worth of labour.

For advice on what to do if you get locked out, see our Locked Out page


Time and Date

Out of hours will often come with a premium, meaning the same job will probably be cheaper 10am on a Monday compared to 10pm on a Saturday. Whilst you can’t control when you’ll need an emergency Locksmith, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind that you will pay more in unsociable hours, weekends, and bank holidays.


If you need an emergency Locksmith in normal working hours, you should be charged the standard rate.


Emergency Call Out Charges

We here at Keytek® Locksmiths don’t have an emergency call out charge, however with no regulations in the industry some Locksmiths may charge one. An emergency call out charge is what it says on the tin and is a fee just for arriving to site, often with a quicker response time. Whilst this doesn’t seem outrageous, keep in mind this can be charged to you regardless of whether that Locksmith fixes the problem or not and if they do, you’ll also be charged a labour rate for their time on site and the cost of parts which makes the job more expensive than it necessarily needs to be.

Most Locksmiths don’t have a call out charge and will just charge you for the labour and parts, and often can give you a rough estimate of the job cost when you first talk to them. However, this pricing will just be an estimate, and until the Locksmith is actually stood at your door and can see the problem then the price can vary from this.


Keytek® Emergency 24hr Locksmiths

Here at Keytek® we are proud to offer a 30 minute response time* for emergency services, ensuring that the problem is sorted as quickly and efficiently as possible. Other Locksmiths might charge a premium for quicker service but this is not the case at Keytek®, we charge the same whether we are with you in 30 minutes or a time of your choice.


Emergency Boarding Up and Burglary Repairs

In this section we discuss emergency boarding up and burglar repairs and the different costs you can expect to pay.


If you have unfortunately been the victim of a break in then your doors and windows could be damaged beyond repair. In order to make your home secure again after a break in, you may need to hire a Locksmith that can do emergency boarding up. Emergency boarding up is used when a Locksmith cannot fix your locks in one visit or you have broken glass in either your doors or windows, which would leave your house unsecure. Often in emergency boarding up services a Locksmith will repair and replace any locks as possible and then board up any doors and windows.

On average, this service can cost around £200, but this will vary depending on the individual Locksmiths charges and the amount of damage. You’ll also need to factor that the Locksmith might have to source parts and materials, so this can affect the cost of the job.


To find out more about burglary repairs, please visit our Emergency Boarding Up and Burglary Repairs page.


How Much Does It Cost to Board a Window?

You can expect to pay upwards of £150 to board up a single window in the UK, however the overall cost will depend on how many windows need to be boarded up and how big they are. The more there are, and the larger they are, the more material that will be needed, therefore it will be more expensive. You will also need to consider a labour rate and how long it would take.


How Much Labour Should I Be Paying for Boarding Up a Window?

You can expect to pay for 1 or 2 hours of labour when a Locksmith is boarding up a window, but this can change depending on the size of the windows and how many windows there are.


locksmith adjusting a window lock


Door and Window Adjustment Prices

In this section we discuss the cost of adjusting a door or window.


What is a Door or Window Adjustment?

Sometimes when a door or window stops working, it might not always be the locking mechanism, it might be the door or window itself. A door or window might need a slight adjustment to get it working again, which is a service that an expert Locksmith can offer.


How Much Does It Cost to Adjust a Door or Window?

To call out a Locksmith to adjust a door or window, you can expect to only pay a labour rate for the Locksmiths time. Adjusting a door is a simple service that only takes a bit of time and expertise and in most cases doesn’t require any parts.


Factors Affecting Locksmith Prices

In this section we discuss the factors that can affect Locksmith prices and how they can increase or decrease your overall bill.


What Can Affect Locksmith Prices?

The time of day and the type of job are the most common factors that will affect Locksmith prices. For example, you can expect to pay more for a Locksmith at 11pm than at 11am, but there are other factors which can affect Locksmith prices.


1.       Date and Time

A Locksmith is likely to charge more if you call them out at an unsociable hour, such as late at night or the early hours of the morning. So don’t be surprised if you are charged more than the advertised normal hourly rate. We would suggest booking in a Locksmith’s visit Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm if you can, to keep costs as low as possible.

Likewise, the weekend and Bank Holidays are often considered out of hours and usually carry a premium cost.


2.       Parts, Lock Type and Brand

The overall cost of a job will depend massively on the part pricing itself as different parts carry different prices. For example, the cost of a rim cylinder can start from £25 whereas a euro cylinder starts from £35. Likewise, higher security models of a lock type will carry a higher charge due to their security features and quality.

An important thing to also consider is that if you do need something replaced a Locksmith will often replace like for like, where they replace your current lock with a new lock of the same standard. If you already have a high security lock, then you’ll end up with a new high security lock which costs more than a less expensive, less secure model.


3.       Size of Job

Most Locksmith companies will charge by the hour, so if you only require one lock to be changed then you can be pretty confident that the Locksmith will complete the job within an hour. However, if you have just moved house and need every single lock on the doors and windows in your home replaced, then you may need to budget for 2/3 hours.

You may also need to consider if your doors or windows have standard or unusual locks. Most Locksmiths carry the standard locks in their vans, however if a part needs to be ordered in, the Locksmith will have to return to your property, meaning they may have to charge another hour of labour.


Reducing Locksmith Costs

In this section we discuss how you can reduce a Locksmith costs with some helpful tips and tricks.


How to Reduce Locksmith Costs

One way to reduce your Locksmith costs is to shop around and do some research about different Locksmiths in your area (if the situation is not an emergency). Take time to read reviews from other customers to see the service they received and their comments. You could also consult a double-glazing company, but they are likely to only offer to replace the whole door rather than replace or repair the lock. A Locksmith will be able to replace the lock and offer other solutions.


Calling Out a Locksmith or Try DIY

You may be tempted to do the work yourself, however this is something we do not advise. You not only can invalidate your home insurance policy if the work is not carried out by a professional but if installed incorrectly could leave your home vulnerable to attack. Different doors have different lock types, and different lock types have different features so it’s always best to call out a professional.

When you have issues with your locks on door and windows, there is a certain amount of expertise require to either replace or repair them, therefore we would highly suggest calling out a Locksmith and not taking the risk of doing it yourself and leaving your home unsecured.


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Questions to Ask Your Locksmith

In this section we outline a few questions that you should be asking your Locksmith so that you can better understand their pricing and how much a job will cost.

QuestionsWhy you should ask
Is labour included in the price?When given a price you should ask whether it is include as it could be an extra charge if not.
What does a labour cost entail?You should always know what a labour cost will cover and what won’t cover.
Is there a call out charge? For emergency responses and out of hours call outs, you may be charged a call out charge
Is the price quoted a fixed price or an estimate?As it can be hard to identify the problem without seeing the issues and what may be needed so some may give an estimated price which may change.
If the price is estimated, what could change? Some parts (such as higher security products) will cost more than others dependent which is needed for your door.
What standard will a new part/lock be should you need one?A Locksmith should supply a new part which has a lower security than the previous one; they should always be the same standard or higher.
What will happen if they don’t have the correct part?Is there a procedure in place to ensure your safety and to get the issue sorted as soon as possible.
How will you be able to pay?Some Locksmiths may only take cash or may only pay card, you should know your options in which you can pay.
Do any parts supplied have a warranty?Should something go wrong in the future with a new part supplied, you will want to know that it can be sorted with ease.


Your Locksmith Cost Questions Answered

In this section we answer all of your Locksmith cost questions to help you better understand Locksmith pricing and services.


How Much Does It Cost to Unlock a Front Door?

A Locksmith’s labour rate is starts from £80 an hour to gain entry to your home but weekends and evenings will carry a premium. This is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on the individual Locksmith.

Should the lock be damaged or broken beyond repair, you’ll also need to consider the cost of any parts required.


What Additional Fees Might be Added to a Quote?

When you are quoted you should be given an overview of all of the costings and any possible extras, but one additional fee that you might occur is if there are unforeseen requirements for your locks such as unique or obscure parts. Should parts need to be ordered, you may be charged an extra fee for the Locksmith to return and install the part once it has been ordered. Locksmiths generally carry the most common parts in their vans, but anything specialist will have to be ordered.


How Long does it take to Change a Lock on a Door?

The time it takes to change your lock is dependent on the type of door you have and the type of lock you require. However, if your door has a standard euro cylinder or mortice lock then it should not realistically take more than an hour. However, should the Locksmith arrive and identify an underlying issue the time may change as the Locksmith may feel that those issues need correcting.


How Much Does It Cost to Change the Locks on a House in the UK?

You can expect multiple lock changes on a house to cost upwards of £200, depended on factors such as lock type, door type, labour rate for your area and time that will need to be taken to change the locks.


How Much to Change a Front Door Lock?

You can expect to pay anything in the estimated region of £100 – £200, but this will be dependent on the type of lock, type of door and labour rate of Locksmith.


Which? have set a basic guide pricing at:

Job TypePrice Estimate
Labour to remove a broken key without replacing the cylinder £80-£100
Replace an anti-snap Euro-Profile cylinder in a uPVC door£125-£170
Replace a budget Euro-Profile cylinder in a uPVC door£100-£150
Lost keys – open one standard mortice lock and one standard rim lock£90-£130


How Much Does It Cost to Change a Car Lock in the UK?

The price to change a car lock can be dependent on the vehicle make/model and key type. You should always contact an auto-locksmith to carry out any work on your vehicle locks. We here at Keytek® Locksmiths unfortunately do not currently offer car lock changing services.


Do You Need a Locksmith to Change Locks?

You may be tempted to carry out the work yourself, but we do not advise this. You can invalidate any insurance policies you may hold leaving you vulnerable if something where to happen, and also if you were to install the lock incorrectly it could render its safety features useless leaving you open to intruders.


All locks are different and although you may feel the lock is the issue there may be underlying issues with your door that cannot be easily identified. For these reasons we always advise that a professional Locksmith is called to carry out any work.


How Much do Locksmiths Charge in the UK?

The price Locksmiths will charge for labour will be dependent on your area and the competitive going rate. You can expect labour charges to be around £100 as a rough estimate.


Disclaimer: This Locksmith pricing guide 2022 should only be used as a rough estimate and does not provide set prices for the Locksmith industry. If you would like more accurate pricing for a particular job then please call the Keytek® team on 0330 332 0589.


*where possible

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