Security Ideas for Your Home

You may have read many articles about the best way to keep your home safe and secure with the usual tips: make sure the doors and windows are locked, get an alarm system etc. But what else can you do to keep the burglars out? Well hopefully we can give you a few tips that you haven’t heard before!

Keep your Recent Purchases Hidden

Something you might not think of, but is especially relevant around Christmas, is to not advertise any of your new purchases!

hide delivery boxes security idea for home security

For example, if you have just bought a brand new 60-inch television, what do you do with even bigger box? You leave it next to the recycling bin? Well, this can be the perfect advert for a passing intruder of what valuables you might have in your home and may make your home a higher target.

We would recommend collapsing down any boxes completely and ensuring it fits in your bin with the lid completely closed. If it’s too big, we suggest you take it to your local recycling centre or tip if it can’t be recycled. This way it doesn’t sit outside your house for up to a week before the bins are collected.


Install Security Lights

You might have heard this one, but you shouldn’t limit outdoor lighting to doors and driveways, you should make sure that your garden is covered too.

Placement is key, putting your security lights in the wrong place can cast shadows that provide intruders with the cover they need to go undetected, so if you install a security light, we suggest choosing one that will cover your entire garden. This means if it is triggered your garden will be flooded with light leaving a potential burglar with nowhere to hide.

For more advice on security lights, take a look at our guide on security light placement.


Keep Spare Keys in a Key Safe

spare key security ideas for your home

If you are someone who likes to have access to a spare key just in case, then this could be for you. Instead of leaving your key under a mat, in a hanging basket, or within a fake rock (yes, burglars do know to check for these) you can leave it in a small code protected box attached outside your home. These are also good for the elderly and vulnerable who have multiple people, such as carers, coming in and out but you don’t want them all to have a key.

Find out more about key safes here.


Get a Video Doorbell

These are becoming increasingly popular as they give you the ability to see who is at your door, no matter where you are. The majority of these doorbells are fitted to motion activated recording, which means you can see anyone that comes near your door. This means you will be able to identify anyone that has tampered with your door or maybe even identify a burglar if the successfully enter your home. Also, the sight of a video doorbell might be enough to deter a burglar anyway.

To find out which video doorbell is best for you, head to out video doorbell blog.


Protect your letterbox

Some burglars use a technique called ‘fishing’ this involves putting long wire through your letter box and lifting your keys (if they are near the door) and using them to gain entry. You can prevent this by installing a letterbox guard, this will stop anyone stealing your keys through your letter box.

Learn more about fishing here.


Be Smarter with your Plugs

If this isn’t a trick you’ve heard of before, you can get timer plugs or smart plugs that you connect to devices in your home to give the impression that someone is home. Simply set the timer on the plug to go on and off at set times or remotely control a smart plug to randomly turn a lamp on and off.

If you go out or are away on holiday then these can give the illusion that you are at home and can make your home a less attractive target for burglars. Burglars love empty houses, so the idea is that they will be deterred from trying to enter your home if they think you are inside. You can even get timers for your curtains, so they draw themselves in the evening and open in the morning!


Have a Dummy Safe

If you are conscious of keeping your valuables safe then you might want to use a fake safe to throw off the burglars. The idea is to put the fake safe somewhere obvious, so the burglars go there first. But then keep your valuables in the real safe that’s hidden away. Burglars like to be in and out as quick as possible, so they aren’t going to be looking for a second safe.

To learn more about different safes on the market, read our safe blog.


Keeping your Home Safe

While we have covered some lesser known ways to keep your home secure, the basics are always the best. Making sure your doors and windows are locked, having an alarm system, and not leaving a spare key within reach are always the best ways to help prevent a break-in.

Any added security measure, such as the ones above, will help to prevent an intruder from breaking in. If the worst does happen and you do experience a break-in, then call your local Locksmith to help you out. For more advice on home security, visit our Home Hub.