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Additional Home Security Ideas UK

Everyone wants to be confident that their home is safe and secure, so as well as the usual steps you can take to secure your home, we will go through some additional home security tips. These additional home security tips will hopefully prevent any burglar from targeting your house.

Read our Ultimate Home Security Guide for advice on how to keep your home as safe as secure as possible. Head to the section you want to read through below:


How Good Is Your Home Security?

Sure, you might have a good lock on the front and back door, but what about the rest of your home security?

  • Would it be obvious if you were away from home for a period of time?

  • Do you leave windows open, even if you think they are not accessible?

  • Are any locks you have installed on windows and door obvious and visible?

  • Have you ‘hidden’ a where someone could find it? Under a plant pot or under a window ledge?

  • Would any hedges in your garden provide cover for a burglar to break in unseen?

  • Would entering your property cause any noise that would alert neighbours to a presence in your home/garden? Does your garden contain gravel, for example?

  • Is your garage properly secure?

Read through our Top Ten Security Tips to get more advice on how to secure your home properly.

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Additional Door Security

With over ¾ of burglars coming through doors, it’s important to make sure your door security is up for the task! There are several additional security items that can be fitted to your door that would support the existing locking points. Have you also thought about having British Standard locks?

Letterbox Guard

Letterbox guards are the perfect way to stop burglars ‘fishing’ for a key through your letterbox. They help stop lock manipulations as well, and can be fitted to UPVC, wooden and composite doors.

Door Viewer

Door viewers or peepholes are useful to see who is stood at your door without having to open it. They are easy to fit and can be easily removed if you move house. They can also be digital now, or you can have a smart doorbell.

Door Chain

A door chain can fit on any door, and it allows the door only to be opened to a certain point. This stops people from just walking in and makes it tricker for a burglar to enter. Make sure you buy a ‘police approved’ door chain, as you’ll know it’s been accredited by Secured By Design.


Wooden Door Security

Door Bolts

Key Operated Security Bolts

Security bolts are ideal for back doors. It’s a locking mechanism that extends from the top and bottom which holds tight to the frame. It can be easily fitted and adds to the security of the door.

Hinge Bolts

These are designed to prevent doors from being lifted from their hinges. They are best used on external doors, to make it more difficult to break in.

London Bar

A London Bar is a solid steel bar that reinforces a wooden door frame to protect it against forced attacks. Wooden doors typically are weaker after having a lock put in as wood needs to be chiselled out which reduces the strength of the door.


uPVC Door Security

Sash Jammers

Sash Jammers can be installed on the top and bottom of a door or window to stop them from opening. They are a more cost effective option and are easy to install.


Patio Door Security

Conservatories can be an easy target for burglars with so many windows and people not locking their back doors. Make sure you protect your conservatory doors by adding some additional patio door security.


Patlock For French Doors

Patlocks are a great way to secure your French doors. They work by holding the internal door handles secure and restrict the movement of the handles and the door until they are removed. They are instant and easy to use and are approved by Neighbourhood Watch and Secure by Design.


The Patio Door Guardian

This Sliding Glass Door Lock is a great and subtle way to keep your sliding patio door secure. They are extremely strong and not only protect your home from intruders being unable to jimmy the door open, but also keeps your children or pets safe as they will be unable to open to door. It gets attached at the top of the door and most have 2 settings: completely closed or open 8-16cm for ventilation.

black window frame with white netting

Additional Window Security

It’s not just your doors that you can add additional security too, it’s also important to secure any other access points to your home. Take a look at some ideas for additional window security.

Sash Jammers

These can be placed around the edges of a window to prevent it from being opened. Depending on the size of the window you may need one to three sash jammers. They can be installed both inside and outside of your home depending on the way your window opens.


Window Safety Restrictors

Window restrictors only let the window be opened a certain amount, which ensure people don’t jump out, but also that people don’t climb in. They are cheap and easy to install and are a great additional home security option.


Window Security Grilles

Internal retractable grilles are an economic way to protect your windows, they are discreet and help to stop intruders. They make it difficult for a criminal to enter your home because it’s not just a window they need to contend with to gain access.

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Additional Garage Door Security

Without the right garage security, someone can easily break into your garage and steal your valuable. To avoid this and to secure your garage, we recommend getting extra garage security.


Garage Door Defender

This is a great way to protect your garage door. A garage defender is fitted centrally to your garage door and is locked into a solid steel base with a padlock. This stops the door from moving or tilting so reduces the risk of people gaining access from the bottom or side of the door.


Pacri Bolts

These mount on the back of your garage door and are used with coach bolts. Pacri bolts have keyhole cover to be protected from weather and protect the door from being opened.


Hasp and Staple

This is used alongside a garage door padlock to secure a garage door. You would secure the ‘hasp’ (the loop on a plate) to the wall next to the garage, and the ‘Staple’ (the hinge) to the garage door. To secure these even more, fit a bolt through the both the hasp and the staple with nuts on the inside if possible.

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Additional Shed Security

Shed security is just as important as the home security as there are plenty of valuables in your shed you need to keep safe! From bikes, freezer or lawnmowers, it’s worth keeping all your valuables safe, so read ahead for some additional shed security tips.


Tamperproof Screws

Tamperproof screws are a great addition to your shed door hinge security as these prevent burglars from unscrewing your shed doors and gaining entry. Once they are screwed in, they cannot be unscrewed or tampered with easily, and most have a unique screw driver to unscrew them.


Hasp and Staple

This is used with a garden shed padlock to secure a shed or outbuilding door. You would secure the ‘hasp’ (the loop on a plate) to the area next to the door, and the ‘Staple’ (the hinge) to the door. To secure these even more, fit a bolt through the both the hasp and the staple with nuts on the inside of the building.


Shed Shackle on Wooden Sheds to Stop Entry

Getting a police approved shed shackle is another way to secure your shed. This stabilises and reinforces a large area of the wall so for a burglar to enter they would need to destroy a large section of the shed. You can also secure your valuable to this shackle, so even if they did get into your shed, your bike would still be secured!


Additional Garden Security

The garden is the heart of the home, the place to have as a luxury retreat exclusive for only your family. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in any place of their house, including their garden! From garden gates to garden fences, take a read through some additional garden security ideas below.


Prikka Strips

Prikka strips can be a useful deterrent to keep any unwanted bodies in your garden – human or animal! They can be easy screwed or glued onto to the tops of walls or fences to prevent climbing into your garden.



Having high quality Sold Secure padlocks can be extremely beneficial to your garden’s security. These can keep gates and other exits/entrances closed and secure, and make it harder for an intruder to enter your garden.

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Extra Home Security

Sometimes you need a little extra security to make your home the most secure it can be. Read through our extra home security tips below to see what you could add to protect your home.


Security Lights

A dark garden is a perfect opportunity for a burglar to gain access to your property. Installing security lights, that at least light up the area around the doors and windows of your home, will offer great additional security.

To find out more about security lights, then read our Ultimate Guide to Garden Security Lighting.


Visible Burglar Alarm Systems

It’s pretty common for a homeowner to install a burglar alarm to secure their property while they are out. But what would add an extra level of security is to make sure any potential burglars can actually see that they are fitted. You can install ‘bell boxes’ that are very visible on your property, if you don’t wish to fork out for an entire alarm system, you can install fake burglar alarm boxes.

To find out more on burglar alarms read about the Best Home Security Systems.


Home Security Cameras

Security cameras will add a great level of security to your home. Not only do they act as deterrents to potential burglars, but the modern cameras come with apps that can alert you to a break in. Meaning you can contact the authorities straight away.

To find out more on security cameras then read our ultimate guides on Indoor Security Cameras or Outdoor Security Cameras for your home.


Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are essentials in the home. These alert you to home fires and carbon monoxide leaks to prevent harm and make sure everyone know and gets out of the house safely.


Home Insurance and Additional Home Security

When you are adding extra home security, it’s always worth updating your home insurance company to the changes you’ve made, as adding extra security may reduce the amount you pay and show that you are making reasonable adjustments to keep your home safe.

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