Additional Home Security

Additional Home Security

Here at Keytek® we follow the scout’s code “Be Prepared” when it comes to home security. It is easy to think that once you have a lock on your front and back doors a burglar will pass your home by, sadly this is not always the case!

You want to start thinking like a burglar – What would put you off?


Additional Door Security

There are a number of additional security items that can be fitted to your door that would support the existing locking points.

  • British Standard lock or cylinder
  • Key Operated Shoot Bolts
  • Hinge Bolts
  • London Bar
  • Letterbox Guard
  • Door Viewer
  • Door Chain


Additional Window Security

  • Locking window handles
  • Sash Jammers
  • Window Restrictors


Additional Garage Security

  • Garage door defender
  • Pacri Bolts
  • Hasp and Staple


Additional Sheds & Out-building Security

  • Non return screws
  • Hasp and Staple
  • Lockable window handles


Additional Garden Security

  • Prikka Strips
  • Hasp and Staple
  • Padlocks


Additional Vehicle Security*

  • Vans – Slam locks
  • Motorcycles – Secure ground anchors & chains.

* An Auto-specialist Locksmith may be required for additional vehicle security.

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