Additional Home Security

Additional Home Security

Everyone wants to be confident that their home is safe and secure, as well as the usual steps you can take to secure your home, we will go through some additional home security tips. These additional home security tips will hopefully prevent any burglar from targeting your house.


How secure is your home?

Additional Home Security

Additional Window Security

Additional Garage Security

Additional Sheds and Out-building Security

Additional Garden Security/a>

Additional Vehicle Security

Security Lights

Visible burglar alarm

Security Cameras


How good is your home security?

Sure, you might have a good lock on the front and back door, but what about the rest of your home security?

  • Would it be obvious if you were away from home for a period of time?

  • Do you leave windows open, even if you think they are not accessible?

  • Are any locks you have installed on windows and door obvious and visible?

  • Have you ‘hidden’ a spare key where someone could find it? Under a plant pot or under a window ledge?

  • Would any hedges in your garden provide cover for a burglar to break in unseen?

  • Would entering your property cause any noise that would alert neighbours to a presence in your home/garden? Does your garden contain gravel, for example?

  • Is your garage properly secure?


Additional Door Security

There are a number of additional security items that can be fitted to your door that would support the existing locking points.

British Standard lock or cylinder-

  • By buying British standard, you know the lock or cylinder have been expertly tested and vetted. So, you know you are getting a high level of security.

  • Ensure you lock is fitted by an expert locksmith, a lock fitted incorrectly may be vulnerable to lock snapping and picking

  • You need to be sure your lock meets your home insurance requirements.

Sash Jammers-

  • Sash Jammers will stop a door and window from opening

  • They are a cheap option

  • They are easy to install

  • They can be fitted on UPVC and wooden doors

Key Operated Shoot Bolts-

  • A shootbolt is a locking mechanism that extends from the top and bottom which holds tight to the frame.

Hinge Bolts-

  • These are to prevent doors from being lifted from their hinges.

London Bar-

  • This will reinforce a wooden door frame that has a surface mounted rim lock or night latch.

Letterbox Guard-

  • This will stop burglars from accessing your home through the letter box.

  • Will stop burglars using the ‘fishing technique’ and will stop lock manipulation.

  • Can be fitted to UPVC, wooden and composite doors.

Door Viewer-

  • This is a peep hole that allows you to see who is stood at the door without having to open it.

  • Can also be digital door viewers

  • Easy to fit

  • Can be easily removed, if you move house.

Door Chain-

  • This allows you to open the door a certain amount, but not have it open all the way. This stops people from forcing entry once the door is open.

  • Be sure to purchase a ‘police approved’ door chain

  • A door chain is a good option for elderly or vulnerable people.

  • It’s easy to fit and relatively cheap, starting at around £20



Additional Window Security

It’s not just your doors that you can add additional security too, it’s also important to secure any other access points to your home. Take a look at some ideas for additional home security;

  • Locking window handles
  • Sash Jammers
  • Window Restrictors


Additional Garage Security

  • Garage door defender
  • Pacri Bolts
  • Hasp and Staple


Additional Sheds & Out-building Security

  • Non return screws
  • Hasp and Staple
  • Lockable window handles


Additional Garden Security

  • Prikka Strips
  • Hasp and Staple
  • Padlocks


Additional Vehicle Security*

  • Vans – Slam locks
  • Motorcycles – Secure ground anchors & chains.

* An Auto-specialist Locksmith may be required for additional vehicle security.

Security Lights

A dark garden is a perfect opportunity for a burglar to gain access to your property. Installing security lights, that at least light up the area around the doors and windows of your home, will offer great additional security.

To find out more about security lights, then read our blog on the best security lights for 2021.


Visible burglar alarm

It’s pretty common for a home owner to install a burglar alarm to secure their property while they are out. But what would add an extra level of security is to make sure any potential burglars can actually see that they are fitted. You can install ‘bell boxes’ that are very visible on your property, if you don’t wish to fork out for an entire alarm system, you can install fake burglar alarm boxes.

To find out more on burglar alarms read our blog on the best burglar alarms.


Security Cameras

Security cameras will add a great level of security to your home. Not only do they act as deterrents to potential burglars, but the modern cameras come with apps that can alert you to a break in. Meaning you can contact the authorities straight away.

To find out more on security cameras, read our blog, the best security cameras.

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