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5 Things To Consider When Changing Your Locks


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5 things to consider when changing your locks UK

There are many reasons why people decide to change the locks to their property. These can include moving home, failed locks or lost keys. When doing so there are some things you should consider.


When is it a good time to change your locks?

People will change the locks to their property for various reasons, however you should look to change the locks to your property if you have;

1. If you have recently moved: You can never be sure who has a spare key if you move home so replacing your locks is the perfect way to be sure you are the only people with keys to your property.

2. Your locks are over 5 to 10 years old: Locks will have various life expectancies depending on makes and models however we recommend looking at having new locks fitted every 5 to 10 years.

3. If you’ve lost your keys: Loosing a set of house keys can be worrying as you can never be too sure who may find them. We would always recommend having your locks changed if you have lost your keys, especially if you have lost them with something that may show where you live for example your driving licence.


What lock is right for you?

Depending on what type of door that you have will be the best way to determine which lock is suitable. Generally speaking, if you have a wooden door you will be looking to fit a Mortice lock or Night latch, if your door is made from uPVC door you will be looking to change a euro lock these are usually fitted as standard for uPVC door locks. It is recommended to check with a locksmith prior as they can help you with choosing a lock that meets the security levels you require for either your front door locks or other locks in your property.


Why should I choose British standards?

When changing your locks choosing British standard is always recommended as these locks have passed various testing to ensure they meet a recommended standard. British Standard locks also meet the minimum standard requested by most insurers for home insurance policies. It can often be tempting to try and choose a cheap locksmith or cheaper option for your locks but we highly recommend having British Standard locks fitted and using an accredited local locksmith to fit them.


Should you go for digital?

There are now many companies offering new digital locks and if you are considering this it’s a good idea to understand the cost involved with fitting. Many of these locks can be difficult and more complicated to fit so you need to assess the extra cost involved in fitting when considering purchasing one.


How do I get my locks changed?

To ensure your locks are changed correctly you should hire a professional locksmith. A 24 hour locksmith will generally carry a wide range of locks and be able to fit these at a time that suits you, and can even be available out of hours if you experience an emergency. If you use a mobile locksmith they will be able to attend your home and also help with advice on meeting the needs of your security.

If you wondering how a Locksmith might change your lock, read our guide How to Change a uPVC Door Lock Cylinder.


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