How to Find a Local Locksmith

Top 5 Tips for How to Find a Local Locksmith - Advice & Support

As security experts with over 25 years of experience in the Locksmithing industry we have put together the following guide to tell you how to find a good Locksmith for you!

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Why Do You Need to Find a Local Locksmith?

Locked out of your house or did you lose your keys all together? Once you know exactly what type of Locksmith service you require, it is time to call your local Locksmith! Here are some reasons why people might need a Locksmith:


1. Finding the Closest Locksmith

Finding the closest Locksmith isn’t always the best route to go down. Doing some research on your computer or smart phone can help you decide which Locksmith looks most reputable, independent review sites such as Trustpilot are useful.

Finding the nearest Locksmith doesn’t always mean they will be with you the quickest either, different Locksmiths offer different call out times, ours is just 30 minutes* and we’ll be with you, so make sure you check the response and make sure it suits your needs. It’s always good to check for trusted customer reviews.


 2. Make Sure They Are Reputable

Use Recognised Directories to Find Your Workman

There are many places to search and find Locksmiths and tradesman online, however if you are using a directory site try to use well known and frequently used directories like Checkatrade, and the Thomson Local.

DBS Checked with green tick

DBS Checked

If the Locksmith you choose has been DBS checked this means that the Locksmith has undergone satisfactory checks on their criminal record to enable them to work with vulnerable children or adults. All of our Locksmiths have undergone an DBS check to ensure that your property is only ever in the safest hands.

Are They Accredited?

Although the Locksmith industry is not regulated and it’s not a legal requirement for a Locksmith to be qualified or accredited, it’s best practice to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to complete the job.

We ensure our Locksmiths have the highest quality training and are fully accredited before they join our network.

Have They Been Recommended?

One of the best ways to know if a local Locksmith is safe and reputable is if they’ve been recommended by someone to you. If a friend or family member has used a Locksmith before and had a good experience with them, then they are more likely to be trustworthy and do a good job.

Also look at recommendations on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Google, Trustpilot, or other review sites to see what others say about them.


3. Find Out If They Can Do the Job

Ask your Locksmith details, and make sure they are confident they can help you. Make sure you get given an estimate of what the price will be , get details of the Locksmith that will be coming, and the process they will follow. Make sure you are confident with their skills and knowledge.

Specialist Jobs

Auto Locksmiths

Some services are specialist, and you will need a specialist Locksmith to complete the job. As an example not all Locksmiths have the ability to create vehicle keys, so if you have lost your car key we recommend to refine your search to specifically include ‘Auto Locksmith’ or ‘Car key replacement’, however if you are locked out of your car (which is more often the case) then Keytek® can help. Our local emergency Locksmiths are trained in non-destructive opening techniques to ensure you are not locked out of your car for too long.

Safe Locksmiths

Safes, as the name suggests, are ‘safe’ and secure even from some of the most skilled Locksmiths. The majority of domestic Locksmiths will only be able to supply or open smaller sized safes such as key or document safes. Larger sized safes such as floor mounted or cash safes will require a safe specialist Locksmith that is specifically trained in safe opening.


4. Find Out How Much the Local Locksmith Will Cost You

Any Locksmith should be able to give you a quote/close estimate for the work that will be performed. Here at Keytek® we ask a few short questions to get a better view of what’s needed enabling us to give a more accurate quote over the phone.

All our local Locksmiths will aim to repair** parts rather than replacing parts to try and help keep costs down for you. Any parts we do replace come with a 12 month guarantee for your own peace of mind.

Head to our Locksmith Prices page for answers to all your questions about Locksmith prices.


5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Identification

All our Engineers carry an ID badge so don’t be afraid to ask to see it. If you are not sure of the Locksmith’s credibility you can always call the company and they will be more than happy to confirm his current location and name.

Some Locksmiths, including ourselves, will also offer a 10-minute warning call to make you aware the Locksmith is nearly there. Why don’t you Meet our Locksmiths before booking with us?

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Sit Back and Watch a Professional At Work

Now that you have booked a trustworthy and credible Locksmith you can be rest assured that any Locksmith service you require will be dealt with to your satisfaction and equally as important your peace of mind.

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*where possible

**only where it is possible for parts to be repaired

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