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Leicester Insights

Situated in the middle of England in East Midlands, sits Leicester. One of the oldest cities in England with roots going as far back as 2 millenniums, little is known about the thought to be original iron age settlement that encountered the Romans but what is now know is that Leicester has become a bustling city with a rich culture, historical importance, and exciting nightlife.


Leicester History

Leicester is probably best known in recent years by the discovery of King Richard III body buried underneath a car park!

During the end of the War of the Roses, the battle in which he died, Richard III was buried without ceremony when he lost to Henry Tudor or as history now knows his as Henry VII. Some years later, during famous Henry VIII rein and the English Reformation that saw England break away from the catholic church, it was thought that Richard III was thrown into the river. However, this was wrong as in 2012 an archaeological excavation was commissioned by the Richard III society on the site which was the original burial site of Richard III. To their amazement, underneath the car park, a skeleton was found and thanks to radiocarbon dating the skeleton was identified as Richard III.

Leicester Landmarks

The Cathedral Church of Saint Martin or as it’s better known Leicester Cathedral, is thought to have been built as early as 1086 and is one of Leicester’s most prominent landmarks. As one of the six churches that were listed in the Domesday Book, the church features a gothic style and a 220 foot tall spire that was added much later in 1862. The Cathedral is definitely worth a visit whilst spending time in Leicester.


The Population of Leicester

Leicester has an estimated population of over 400,000 as of 2021, with a more accurate population estimate of 441,984 (September 2021).


Leicester Crime Rates

Leicester is the most dangerous city in Leicestershire and is in the top 20 most dangerous cities in the UK. As a city, crime rates in Leicester are higher than the rest of the country. With a 2020 overall crime rate of 97 crimes per 1000 people, Leicester is 27% higher than the overall Leicestershire crime rate of 71 crimes per 1000 people. In comparison, London has a crime rate of 101.48 crimes per 1000 people and nearby city Nottingham has a crime rate of 108 crimes per 1000 people, so when Leicester’s crime rate is looked at compared to other well known cities, the city is generally safer.


Cost of Living in Leicester

Leicester offers very reasonable costs for living and is generally cheaper when compared to the neighbouring cities. General consumer prices are thought to be 9.80% lower in Leicester than nearby Nottingham with rent also 8.39% lower and when compared to southern city Brighton, Leicester is thought to be 28.59% cheaper when you consider all everyday costs including rent!

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House Prices in Leicester

As of September 2021, the average price for a property in Leicester is £250,741 according to Zoopla.

Property Prices in Leicester by Property Type (Updated 2021)

Property TypeCurrent Value
Detached House£381,825
Semi-Detached House£235,000
Terraced House£188,549


Rent Prices in Leicester

On average it costs £869 per calendar month to rent a property in Leicester.

Rent Prices in Leicester by Property Type (Updated 2021)

Property TypeAverage Rent (pcm)

The Best Places to Live in Leicester

The general consensus is that the five most desirable places to live in Leicester are Oadby, Clarendon Park, Syston, Stoney Gate and Narborough Road. All locations are attractive for different reasons and offer different price points for living.

1.       Oadby

One of Leicester most attractive areas, Oadby is family oriented and is perfect for those looking to have both the convenience of the city and the serenity of the South Leicestershire countryside. Just 3 miles south east of the city, you’ll find larger homes including Victorian terraces, Edwardian inspired homes, and a variety of new build developments. This area is especially popular with families thanks to the wide range of primary and secondary schools receiving an ‘Outstanding’ from Ofsted, including Brocks Hill Primary School and Leicester High School for Girls.

With large green spaces, larger homes, and some of the best schools in the area, Oadby does come with a higher price tag where you can expect to pay around £350,000 for a property here or rent for around £850 per calendar month.

2.       Clarendon Park

Just 2 miles from the city centre, Clarendon Park is the perfect spot for commuters thanks to its great central location. But it’s not only commuters who enjoy the area, this spot is also perfect for students, families, and young professionals as it truly offers something for everyone. Students from Leicester University can take advantage of the short walk across Victoria Park making Clarendon Park the perfect base from which to study, socialise and sleep whereas families and young professionals can take advantage of the period housing, lively shops, and great central location to all of the action.

Surprisingly this area is on the more reasonably priced side of the Leicester property market, with houses ranging between £180,000 to £250,000 and flats averaging around £170,000.

3.       Syston

As one of the worst kept secrets in Leicester, Syston is a gem that offers all of the advantages of rural, small town living whilst also having great connections into central Leicester and surrounding Loughborough, Nottingham, and Lincoln. Property prices here are a bit more reasonable and meet the average for Leicester by standing at an estimated value of £240,202 whereas if you’re looking to rent you can expect to pay around £574 per calendar month, which is fair less than the Leicester average.

4.       Stoney Gate

A large residential suburb with some artisan and independent shops that is characterised by large Victorian houses and its leafy surroundings, Stoney Gate is often overlooked by tourists which makes it the perfect place should you be looking for a bit of quiet. Flat prices in this area are lower than average with the average value around £126,529 but the large Victorian houses come with a bigger price tag so it should be no surprise that you can expect to pay around £500,000 for a house.

5.       Narborough Road

The most diverse road in the UK, Narborough Road is home to over 222 shops which are owned by people of 22 different nationalities! A thriving multicultural neighbourhood that, despite being in one of the more economically challenged areas of Leicester, has blossomed into a hub of activity that is extremely popular with students and young professionals. Commonly referred to as the West End of Leicester, house prices are surprisingly reasonable and are below average at ££229,457.


School and Education in Leicester

Leicester is an attractive area for families as it offers a range of primary and secondary schools which have received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted, alongside 2 top UK universities.


Primary Schools in Leicester

The best primary schools in Leicester include:

All of whom have received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted and provide a primary education for children aged 3-11.


Secondary Schools in Leicester

The top secondary schools in Leicester include:

All of whom cater for children aged above 11 and have received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted.


Universities in Leicester

The two universities in Leicester are the University of Leicester and De Montfort University.


Leicester Transport Links

Public transport is definitely the way to go in Leicester, the city is notorious for one way systems and maze like roads so we would definitely recommend forgoing the car ride and get familiar with the local bus routes.

Bus Links

Leicester has an extensive bus network that reaches not only every corner of the city but also the surrounding villages and towns. There are 3 main bus providers in Leicester; Arriva travel, First Bus and Centrebus that converge in the newly refurbished Haymarket Bus Station which has 23 departure bays for easy navigation of bus time and routes.

Generally, an adult all-day ticket will cost you around £4.40, with a weekly pass costing £18 and a monthly one costing £56.

Cycling Routes

In a bit to be an eco-friendly city, Leicester has invested a significant amount into create a system of cycle paths and routes for safe travel around the city. The city centre itself is less than 30 minutes from anywhere in Leicester and there is a signed National Cycle Network that provides directions to and from the city centre.

You can pick up a free map of the Leicester bike routes at most community spaces.


Top 3 Things to Do in Leicester

  • King Richard III Visitor Centre
  • National Space Centre
  • Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

5 Facts about Leicester

  • Britain’s first radio station was BBC Radio Leicester in 1967. Leicester is therefore the origin of local radio in the UK.
  • The city’s market is the largest outdoor market in Europe.
  • Leicester holds a Guinness Book of World Records Award for the largest Tesco in Europe.
  • The package holiday was first invented in Leicester when Thomas Cook went to Loughborough.
  • Leicester is the home to Walker’s Crisps!

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