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Ringwood Insights

Ringwood is a historic market town on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. Ringwood benefits from being a ‘rural’ type town but within easy access of everything you need such as bigger shops and employment opportunities in Southampton, the New Forest and beaches along the Hampshire and Dorset coast.

It takes under two hours to reach London via the M3 from Ringwood but just over 30 minutes to reach the city of Southampton via the A31.

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Population of Ringwood

In the 2011 census it was recorded that 13,943 people were living in Ringwood. This is just a small increase of 556 people from the previous census 10 years prior and estimates for the 2019 population follow the same path of a small increase.


Average House Prices in Ringwood

On average as it stands (2021) you can expect to pay around £533,281 for a property in Ringwood. This is almost £200,000 more than the average price you can expect to pay for a property in Ringwood’s county of Hampshire. There were 165 sales of properties in Ringwood over the last 12 months with the average buyer paying above Zoopla’s current average value by almost £20,000 at £552,553. The value change of a home in Ringwood has shot up also with a very healthy 11.96% increase.


Detached House Prices in Ringwood

Of the 165 properties sold in Ringwood over the last 12 months the vast majority of them, 110 in fact were sales of detached properties. This of course will have influenced Zoopla’s current average value of a property in Ringwood as the average price homeowners of detached properties paid was £662,149. This is more than £100,000 over Zoopla’s current average value of a detached property in Ringwood which stands at £539,313. Like you would imagine Ringwood’s detached property market has seen a very healthy increase of value change of 11.79% or £56,860.


Semi-Detached House Prices in Ringwood

Semi-detached homes in Ringwood are much more affordable than detached but are still far more expensive than other locations of semi-detached homes in Hampshire. Zoopla’s current average value and the average price paid are almost balanced as they currently sit at £384,139 and £384,255 respectively. 28 semi-detached homes were sold in Ringwood over the last 12 months and as the numbers show it has seen a small but positive rise in the value change of 2.63%.


Terraced House Prices in Ringwood

19 sales of terraced properties in Ringwood made up the numbers with the average price paid standing at £314,158. Zoopla estimate the current average value of a terraced home in Ringwood to be worth just a little bit more at £315,363 with a huge value change of 14.22% seen over the last 12 months.


Flat Prices in Ringwood

Just 8 sales of flats were seen in Ringwood over the past year and the average flat buyer paid £200,838. However, that price is not set to be seen for long as Zoopla now estimate the average price of a flat in Ringwood to be worth £86,747 more! As the trend follows, Zoopla have seen a very healthy value change of 14.19% rise over the past year.


Renting in Ringwood

The average property rents for £859pcm in Ringwood according to rent summary. What’s interesting is that they report that a flat will cost you more at £815pcm whereas renting a house will cost you £741pcm in Ringwood.


Is Ringwood a Nice Place to Live?

Due to Ringwood’s location the locals enjoy the benefits of being in such close proximity to both the New Forest and the coast with beaches such as Bournemouth in Dorset and coastal towns such as Lymington with both being within a 30 minute drive away as well as Southampton if you commute to work or need some retail therapy. Ringwood attracts lots of families for its family-friendly neighbourhood town feeling and plenty of good schools within the area, lots of outdoor social clubs and many independent shops and cafes! However, this all comes at a price as you can tell from the average property stats mentioned earlier that Ringwood is often named one of Britain’s most expensive towns.


Is Ringwood a Safe Place to Live?

Ringwood is policed by Hampshire Constabulary and records a low amount of crime over the past few months. The most recent data available is for December 2020 where just 178 crimes were reported. Over the year the most amount of crime reported was in August 2020 with 293 reports, the least amount of crime happened in April 2020 with just 129 reports. Looking at the line graph, the highest and lowest reported crimes may be a knock on effect of the UK lockdown; at its lowest when lockdown began and at its peak when the lockdown was eased for the most part. You can take a look at these stats yourself and even look deeper into particular postcodes by visiting the website.


Travelling in Ringwood

There is surprisingly no train stations in Ringwood but you can get around by bus should you need to. As well as local buses, you can also catch the National Express coach from Ringwood that will take you directly to places such as London and Bournemouth and further afield when catching adjoining coaches.


Education in Ringwood

There are a handful of good primary and secondary schools in Ringwood as well as a college and some secondary schools offer post 16 education. In terms of higher education there are two universities close by in Bournemouth. Bournemouth University which cover a whole range of courses and Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) which of course covers all things in the arts such as acting, illustration and photography.  Find out more about the universities below:

Bournemouth University:

Arts University Bournemouth:


Eating and Drinking in Ringwood

The top three restaurants in Ringwood according to Tripadvisor reviews are:

  1. The Cellar – a European wine bar with charcuterie boards!
  2. The London Tavern – a great British pub!
  3. Friday’s Bar and Tapas – a small plate international restaurant!


Shopping in Ringwood

The Furlong is the place to go if you are looking to do some shopping in Ringwood. Here you will find clothing stores such as Crew, Fatface and Joules, beauty shops such as Callula Beauty and Love to b, Waterstones, Specsavers, Cafes, a Waitrose and more! If you’re looking for a day trips worth of retail therapy head to Southampton’s Westquay Shopping Centre where you’ll find plenty more shops just a stone’s throw away from your doorstep. Why not check out our Guide to Southampton here for more information!


Places to stay in Ringwood

The top three rated hotels in Ringwood on Tripadvisor are:

  1. Petherton Cottage
  2. High Corner Inn
  3. The Burley Inn Hotel


Top 10 Things to do in Ringwood

  1. Ringwood Brewery
  2. Moors Valley Country Park
  3. Liberty’s Owl Raptor and Reptile Centre
  4. Burley Manor Riding Stables
  5. Avon Heath Country Park
  6. Blashford Lakes
  7. Ringwood Meeting House and History Centre
  8. The Furlong Shopping Centre
  9. Ringwood Health and Leisure
  10. Hockey’s Farm Shop


Need a Locksmith in Ringwood?

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There are many other things you need to consider when moving home in Ringwood so check out our Moving Home Checklist to help you along the way! Once you’re in consider improving the security of your home in Ringwood further still by checking out our Ultimate Guide to Home Security here!

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