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Eastleigh insights

Eastleigh Local Locksmith UK Area Guide

Eastleigh town was originally best known as a Victorian railway town with streets built out in a grid pattern of terracing, both historically and architecturally. People who are born and raised in Eastleigh often refer to their hometown, Eastleigh, as “Beastly Eastleigh” on a frequent basis. The town has also always been going under various developments and investments to make it a place for innovative productions. Interestingly, the town has a wealth of amenities, including country parks, arena events, leisure centres, and theatres.


Living and Working in Eastleigh

Eastleigh has been rated as one of the best places to live as a family in the UK due to several factors, including its living costs compared to its average salaries. It also has good job opportunities as it is ranked as being one of the highest employment rates in the UK with 82% of the working age in Eastleigh are employed.


Eastleigh Population

Eastleigh’s population is currently around 130,000. Within the town, the neighbourhoods have seen different growth rate, with the highest growth rate was in areas such as Bishopstoke, Horton Heath, and Fair Oak. In fact, due to the lack of universities in the town, there is a lack in the 18-29 age group and more of the older and younger age groups.


How much does a house cost in Eastleigh?

The average house cost for Eastleigh in 2021 stands at £357,223, which has increased 2.57% compared to the previous year.

Property TypeAverage Price Paid (£)Current Average Value (£)Value Change (%)

How much does it cost to rent in Eastleigh?

The following table shows the average rent in Eastleigh PCM:

Property TypeAverage cost Per Calendar Month (PCM)

How much does it cost to rent in Eastleigh by number of bedrooms?

Number of BedroomsAverage cost Per Calendar Month (PCM)
1£ 669
2£ 876
3£ 1,212
4£ 1,399
5£ 1,733

What are the best neighbourhoods in Eastleigh?

The best neighbourhoods in Eastleigh to live in are Bishopstoke, Horton Heath, and Chandler’s Ford due to their low crime rates.


Bishopstoke is a beautiful village that was once a Parish Council that has many different activities and is very popular with its vibrant community and yearly carnivals. Very close to it is Fair Oak which is known for its big residential development.

Horton Heath

Horton Heath area has the highest rate of home ownership in the county, which suggests it is a somewhat an affluent neighbourhood for families.

Chandler’s Ford

The neighbourhood is ranked as the safest place to live in Eastleigh due to its very low crime rate and the residents’ good health. Additionally, it is popular for having many recreational places, stores, restaurants, and schools.


Eastleigh Crime Rates

The crime rate in Eastleigh is high, which it is ranked as the 8th highest dangerous town in Hampshire County, which consists of 274 towns. The worst crime rate is recorded in anti-social behaviour, followed by bicycle theft and burglary.


Schools in Eastleigh

To begin with primary schools, Knightwood Primary School has an Ofsted rating of “Outstanding”. Scantabout Primary School and The Crescent Primary School are also very popular with Ofsted rating of “Good”. Crestwood Community School and The Toynbee School serve the secondary phase of education with “Good” Ofsted ratings.

Eastleigh College

Providing AAT Professional Courses, apprenticeships, and free community workshops, Eastleigh College is ranked 10th nationally and the 1st in the county of Hampshire. Additionally, the college offers different commercial services while ensuring the best equipment is delivered to its school leavers for progression in their chosen industry.


Getting Around Eastleigh

By bus

There are various bus operators in Eastleigh that cover all areas. The two main ones to get around the town are Bluestar, which runs in the town’s most popular neighbourhoods, including Fair Oak and Bishopstoke. Xelabus covers all the surrounding areas, such as West End and Hedge End. First Bus provides services directly to Eastleigh’s closest city, Southampton.

By car

Eastleigh is very easy to reach by car as it has access to two important motorways, which are the M27 and M3. The M3 provides great route access to England’s main city, London, and the main airport London Heathrow. The M27 gives you access to the most popular south coast towns and cities, including Bournemouth and Portsmouth.

By train

Eastleigh train station is located in the heart of the town. It has several connections to some of England’s most popular cities, including London.


Cycling is a huge part of Eastleigh, with Bike Back Better scheme encouraging residents to improve their health and fitness with cycling to get around the city rather than sitting in the car. There is also CycleStreets, which provides you with the best balanced cycling routes through small maps and clear directions.


Nightlife in Eastleigh


Steam Town Brew Co. Bar in Eastleigh is a must try. Not only is it a dog friendly bar, but also a great menu for ciders and beers. The bar has also very friendly staff who have been highly rated with a good reputation of delicious food.

The Chalet Eastleigh is a further highly recommended go-to bar for an escape your day with a variety of wine and cocktails and constant live music, not to mention its unique alpine and après-ski vibe that is completed with a highly rated friendly staff.


The Good Companion pub has a very friendly and welcoming staff servicing delicious food with very good portion sizes. If you are planning for a day out in the mid of the week, it is the perfect place to be as it is family and dog friendly, not to mention the amazing patios with a wide range of drinks.

Cricketer Arms is a further pub choice best known for its British decorative themes place along with a classic pub menu. If you are looking for a friends gathering, go to Cricket Arms, they are best known for their vibrant atmospheres and a meet point for gatherings and good drinks.


The closest best night club to Eastleigh is Popworld. They hold many different occasional events, from summer to back to school and Christmas events. Popworld is the best place to be to dance the night away with a variety of drinks and DJ booths to make sure you get the best out of your night.


Entertainment in Eastleigh

Partyman World

With Eastleigh’s top ranking in being a family town, Partyman World, with all its amusements, is the perfect place for children’s day out. They offer a range of activities to do, including ball ponds, climbing wall, and comfy cafe with prepared food for the parents.

Vue Cinemas

If you are looking for a chill day out of home, Vue Cinemas offers all the latest mainstream movies at great prices and family deals. You can also get your own cold food and soft drinks to have the best similar movie home experience.

Hollywood Bowl Eastleigh

The Hollywood Bowl is perfect entertainment for adults or friends day out. It has a variety of the latest amusement machines with an English pool and parking area and, undoubtedly, a multilane bowling alley. There is also a dining area if you are planning to spend few hours there.

Bella Crafts

An amazing atmosphere if you are looking for a day out for both adults and children where there are activities that could suits children from 2 years old to adults. Different services are provided, including birthday parties, holiday clubs, and bridal services. The staff there are very helpful and will always make sure you and your children are making the best out of your day.


Shopping in Eastleigh

The main shopping centre in Eastleigh is Swan Centre where you will find over 40 stores including everyone’s favourite fashion brands. There are many parking spots around the centre and frequent buses run from there.


Leisure in Eastleigh

Places Leisure Centre and The Hub Eastleigh are two highly recommended and very popular health and fitness centres in Eastleigh to boost your healthy lifestyle and endurance. Both leisure centres offer a variety of facilities from gym equipment to fitness classes, sports halls, and a swimming pool.

Anytime Fitness Eastleigh is another choice for a gym centre that focuses mainly on gym equipment, with different membership plans.


Eastleigh Must Sees

Eastleigh Museum

A top must see is the town’s history in Eastleigh museum. You can discover plenty of what the town was in the 1930s and how it developed to what it is now. There are several exhibits, programmes, events, and plenty of family and friends activities to keep you engaged.

The Point

A theatre and dance studio for contemporary dance, The Point is a fun visit in Eastleigh. You can either book classes and make your visit full of workshops or book a visit to watch an event. The events vary for each age, in which there are different events for adults, students, and young people.

Hocombe Mead Nature Reserve

The Hocombe Mead is a beautiful 400 year old site that has very interesting and historic woodland and meadows. There are benches if needed after a long walk or a long cycle in the nature reserve as well as many platforms that give you the best views when standing on them.

Itchen Valley Country Park

Itchen Valley Country Park, on the outskirts of Southampton, is a dog-friendly, wheelchair-accessible nature reserve. There is a woods café with local artists’ work on display. According to the Eastleigh Borough Council, there is also monthly forest treatment programmes modelled after Japanese mindfulness in nature, Shinrin-Yoku, which is commonly known as forest bathing. There is a lot more to do, including peaceful walks and picnics.


Staying overnight in Eastleigh

Travelodge Eastleigh Central

Located in the heart of the town, Travelodge Eastleigh is a minute walk from the main train station, with different facilities provided whether you are going for leisure or business purposes. Most importantly, if you booking a holiday make sure you take your pet with you as they are allowed!

Ellington Lodge at The Concorde

The Ellington Lodge is a further choice for all types of stays. They offer breakfast and dinner at the Moldy Fig Restaurant with different entertainment nights at the Concorde’s Restaurant to keep you engaged.


Top 10 Places to visit in Eastleigh

  1. Hensting Alpacas
  2. TeamSport Eastleigh
  3. Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway
  4. Perform
  5. Lake Side Country Park
  6. Fleming Park Golf Club
  7. AMF Bowling Eastleigh
  8. Eastleigh Museum
  9. Go Ape! Itchen Valley
  10. Chandler’s Ford Library

Top places to eat in Eastleigh:

  1. Artisan Meze and Wine Bar
  2. Dog and Crook
  3. East Avenue
  4. Prezzo
  5. The Hiltonbury Farmhouse
  6. Steam town Brew Co
  7. Miss Ellie’s Cafe
  8. Jewels
  9. Ceno
  10. Kohinoor of Kerala

Eastleigh FAQs:

What is the closest airport to Eastleigh?

Southampton Airport is the closest airport to Eastleigh as it is only 1.2 miles away.

Where is the hospital in Eastleigh?

Nuffield health Wessex Hospital located in Chandler’s Ford in Eastleigh is the town’s main private hospital.


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