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In this guide we go over everything you’ll ever need to know about living in Swindon; from the best stops to get in some much needed shopping to the best schools in the district to commuting to the nearest city, this blog holds all the answers to you questions and more!

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What and where is Swindon?

Hidden in the South West sits a town; full of entertainment, diversity and excitement that is sure to thrill all who visit. Swindon sits just 30 miles from Bath and Oxford and just 16 miles from the capital of the Cotswolds, Cirencester.


What is the population of Swindon?

Within the Swindon postcode area there is an estimated 487,000 residents, where the average age is 41.2 years. The largest share of the population is held by people aged between 50-59, with them accounting for 16.2%of the population. Those younger than 30 account for 33.7% of the population of Swindon.

how many people live in Swindon UK

What is the average house price in Swindon?

The average current property value in Swindon is an estimated £262,347, although the average price paid for properties is an estimated £254,740. The current property value is an +2.07% (£5,320) increase compared to the previous 12 months.


The current property value for a detached house is £399,913, with average price paid being £375,182. The current value for a detached house is a +4.29% (£16,448) increase compared to the previous 12 months.


The current property value for a semi-detached house is £254,328, with average price paid being £250,492. The current value for a semi-detached house is a +3.61% (£8,860) increase compared to the previous 12 months.


The current property value for a terraced house is £202,753, with average price paid being £199,186. The current value for a terraced house is a +1.39% (£2,786) increase compared to the previous 12 months.


The current property value for a flat is £156,552, with average price paid being £139,048. The current value for a flat is a +6.14% (£9,060) increase compared to the previous 12 months.


What is the average rent in Swindon?

The overall average rent in Swindon is an estimated £743pcm. The average prices for different property types are as follows:

  • £502 for a single room
  • £708 for a flat
  • £862 for a house

By bedroom

Number of BedroomsAverage Rent
One bedroom£609
Two bedrooms£777
Three bedrooms£967
Four bedrooms £1,273


What are the Best Neighbourhoods in Swindon to Live In?

The old town area hold a vast variety of highly sought after traditional Victorian and Edwardian terraces that are extremely popular due to their period features are larger rooms. However, for something larger the area close to Coate Water Park on the south east of town is rumoured to be popular for its 1930s detached houses and new builds.  The roads that fair off of the Device road and around by the town gardens are supposedly in prime position for accessing the byways which will take you over to Barbury castle and the Marlborough Downs.

Great Western Railway

Is Swindon a nice place to live?

In 2015, Swindon was ranked the 27th best place to live in the UK; this may be because of the lower property prices compared to its nearby hotspots of Bristol and Newbury, making it an attractive area to prospective buyers.

The old town and surrounding smaller villages are reported to be more diverse in housing, offer more attractive landscapes and greenery. However, it is also reported that the closer to the city centre you get more concrete buildings, industrial estates and generic housing estates tend to pop up.


Is Swindon a safe place to live?

CrimeCrimes Committed 2019 (Estimated)Crimes Committed 2018
Percentage Change compared to previous year
Shop Lifting3,2003,116+2.6%
Anti-social Behaviour11,40011,195+1.8%
Bicycles Theft667615+7.8%
Criminal Damage / Arson3,7003,663+1%
Possession of Weapons306216+29.7%
Violent Crime10,90010,355+5%
Other Theft2,8002,963-5.8%
Burglary 1,9002,051-7.9%
Other Crime491545-11.1%
Public Order2,0001,810+10.5%
Vehicle Crime1,8002,007-11.5%
Theft from the person285257+10%

Overall, there was a +2.01% increase in Swindon crime rate in 2019 compared the previous comparable months of 2018. The largest proportion of crimes is held by anti-social behaviour where they account for 28.1% (11,400) of total crimes and is +15% more than the national crime rate. This then followed by violent crime accounting for 26.8% (10,900) of total crime, and is -26% less than the national crime rate.

When compared to the national average, the category of ‘shoplifting’ is the highest ranking crime. The total number of crimes that fall under ‘shoplifting’ within the Swindon postcodes are +18% higher than the national crime rate, placing the Swindon postcodes at position 24 out of the 104 postcodes within England and Wales.

Swindon Crime Rate


Travel in Swindon


Like any major town, Swindon is host to a diverse and readily available train route. Simply hop on to one of the Great Western Railway trains headed south west and you can easily be in the beautiful city of Bath in just under 30 an hour by direct train. If you were looking to travel east, the town of Reading is only 30 minutes, with London just over an hour away.


Bypassed by the M4, you can easily hop on the motorway westbound towards Bath and be there within the hour, or heading eastbound will find yourself within London in just over 2 hours.


Bristol Airport is just under 50 miles ways and will provide you will many destinations both within the UK and outside the UK to seek your holiday needs, however if you are looking for long haul flights or unlimited destinations then the largest airport in the UK, Heathrow, is only around 90 minutes from Swindon (65 miles).



With 96 schools and colleges sat within the Swindon postcodes, it is clear to see why this might be a hotspots for parents and families. 8 schools hold the distinction of an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofstead, with 33 receiving a ‘Good’ rating.


Landmarks and History

One of the best known parts is Swindon’s Magic Roundabout. Made of SIX interlinking roundabouts, it was voted the UKs 4th scariest junction in 2009!

However, it was the introduction of a vital part of the South’s rail system that really put Swindon on the map. In 1841, Great Western Railways set up shop building engines and a hub for maintenance in Swindon. As a token to the history that was created from the introduction of GWR, there is a Steam Museum located on the site of the world famous railway works which is home to a collection of some of the greatest locomotives ever built.



The Old Town, which is the original part of the town, sits upon the hill creating an atmosphere of its own. From stylish wine bars to traditional pubs to authentic cuisine, whatever you are looking for you can find in old town.

If you wanted a bit more culture, you can head down to the Wyvern Theatre and Arts Centre, where a range of independent films, stand-up events go alongside some of the top names in dance, comedy, drama and music.

Visit the Swindon town centre for an immersive day of fun; with cafes, restaurants, bars and a six screen cinema, whether it is a family day out or you’re looking to let your hair down with your friends you’ll find everything you need here and more.



Looking for bargains and brands? Look no further than 7 shopping destinations that Swindon has to offer. Housed in a beautiful listed building, the Swindon Outlet Village is one of the South West’s most popular outlets and offers not only big named brands but a variety of independent shops where something is sure to catch your fancy.

Whilst visiting Swindon, you can also choose from the West Swindon Shopping Centre; home to a rather large ASDA, independent stalls and Swindon’s largest recreation centre, Greenbridge Retail Park; home to an IMAX, shops and free parking and Orbital Shopping Park; which includes a large M&S, Boots, New Look and Argos.


Swindon Events

If you want a night of glitz and glam, every April the annual Cotswold Water Park Spring Ball is held at the De Vere Cotswold Water Park Hotel. A fabulous night; with black-tie dress, a sparkling wine reception and a three-course dinner with wines, is sure to be a must for those who want to indulge in the fun of a charity auction and dancing to the music of The Curious Little Big Band.

Are you a gin lover? You may want to find yourself in Swindon in May for The Gin to My Tonic Festival, where over 100 different gins are brought together to celebrate outstanding craftsmanship, delightful and daring flavours and where an atmosphere of enjoyable drinking experiences is formed. Held in at the STEAM museum, this event is surely one you won’t want to miss!


Where to Stay in Swindon

Jurys Inn Swindon

Situated just 8 minutes from Swindon Train Station, the Jurys Inn offers both convenience and comfort for just about every visitor possible. On a business trip? The hotel is only a short 10 minute journey from the Windmill Hill Business Park. A weekend away? Only a 5 minute walk to The Brunel Swindon shopping centre and Wyvern Theatre, with over 50 restaurants within 0.3 miles there are a wide array of activities at your feet.

All rooms are comfortable and stylish offering large soft beds, fluffy pillows, spacious bathrooms and the use of free WIFI.

Marriott Hotel Swindon

Offering a 4 star service, The Marriott is known for its outgoing service and unmatched amenities. With a 4 star rating on Trip Advisor with over 800 reviews, the tranquil and sophisticated setting is the perfect atmosphere to both relax and enjoy. Make use of the on-site spa, walk around the private gardens or relax in the comfort of the bar and restaurant to ensure you get the most out of your stay.

Swindon Central Travelodge

Located in the heart of Swindon, the Swindon Central Travelodge is the perfect base for exploring and enjoying what Swindon has to offer. With a score of 92 out of 100 on the Tripadvisor walking rating, within 0.3 miles you can reach over 60 restaurants and 13 attractions making excursions just that bit easier. And once you’re done for the day you can relax in a king sized bed, surrounded by comfort.


What is the Closest University to Swindon?

University of Bath

Voted the 6th best university in the UK by the Guardian University Guide 2020 and located in one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, Bath University is one of the closest universities to Swindon.  Located in Calverton Down, the university campus has an array of picturesque scenery and the beautiful landscapes that Bath is known for.

Bath Spa

Based in a historic and beautiful campus, Bath Spa is just over an hour away from Swindon by both car and train. With over 160 years of history, the walls of the old campus have many a story to tell and the brand new building holds state-of-the-art equipment that is sure to impress.


What’s the Closest Airport to Swindon?

The recommended airport for Swindon is London Heathrow. Only 67.4 miles and just under a 90 minute drive via the M4, London Heathrow has a wide range of destinations to suit all your holiday needs and as the biggest airport in the UK, they offer both domestic and international flights.


What’s the Closest Hospital to Swindon?

The closest general hospital to Swindon is the Great Western Hospital, located on Marlborough Road in Swindon.  The facilities of this hospital include an A&E department, an acute assessment unit, intensive care unit, a maternity unit and a range of wards a clinics serving the general public through the NHS.


Top 10 Things to do in Swindon

  1. STEAM Museum of the Great Western Railway
  2. Coate Water Country Park
  3. Lydiard Park
  4. Swindon Designer Outlet
  5. Stanton Park
  6. Wyvern Theatre
  7. The Museum of Computing
  8. Roves Farm
  9. The Magic Roundabout
  10. Jungle Park

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