What to Do When Your UPVC Door or Window Won’t Open

Is your uPVC door or window stuck or won’t open? Our guide below takes you through all the tips and tricks to try and get it sorted and what to do if you can't!

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When your UPVC Door or Window Won’t Open When Unlocked

When your upvc door or window won’t open when unlocked usually means that it’s fallen out of alignment, the latch follower has broken or the gearbox has stopped working. The solution to these problems can either be a upvc door or window realignment or to replace the gearbox depending on the fault.


uPVC Window Won’t Open

There are a few reasons why your upvc window won’t open or is stuck, and there can be some easy solutions to getting your window working again and when in doubt a local Locksmith can always help solve issues such as:


uPVC Window Handle Moves but Window Won’t Open

If your uPVC window handle moves but the window won’t open it could be because the spindle is worn down, the window’s gasket is stuck to the frame or the windows hinges are dirty. In most cases you can solve the issue yourself but if you find that the window still won’t open, you’ll need to call out a Locksmith.


What to Do If my uPVC Window Handle Spindle is Worn Down

If you can move the handle but the window still remains locked, the spindle within the upvc window handle will most likely need to be replaced. Often, it’s easier and more cost effective just to replace the upvc window handle altogether as the part is relatively inexpensive.

A uPVC specialist Locksmith should be able to do this quickly and easily for you.


How to Fix a Stuck uPVC Window Gasket

Older uPVC windows may have rubber gaskets that help prevent draughts. If a window has been closed for an extended period in hotter weather a gasket can melt slightly causing the sash and frame to stick together.

  1. Using a debit card or a very blunt flat knife, slide it very gentle between the frame and the sash to separate the two.
  2. Slowly open the window, but don’t force it as that can tear the gasket and cause a draught in your window.
  3. Leave the window open for a while before closing again.


How to Fix a Dirty uPVC Window Hinge

A build up of dust and grit on uPVC window hinges can give the impression that a window is completely jammed as they will cease working when you try and open the window. A simple bit of maintenance with the appropriate grease or oil should have the uPVC window hinges working like new.


How to Open a uPVC Door with a Broken Gearbox

uPVC doors have multipoint locking points throughout the door which are controlled primarily through a gearbox. A broken gearbox can occur when the door is closed due to wear and tear, unfortunately the only way to open a upvc door with a broken gearbox is to take apart the part to manual open the door.

This is something that a professional Locksmith can do, and we would strongly advise against trying to do yourself unless you have the experience. When you call out a Locksmith, they will go through a few steps to open a upvc door with a broken gearbox.


1.      Take of the Handles

A Locksmith will use their tools to take off the handle to access the inside of the door. Some uPVC door gearboxes will have a dual spindle or twin cams in case one has failed, so by using the second cam you can open the door when the handles are off.


2.      Create Space Between the uPVC Door and the Frame

If your door doesn’t have a dual spindle or twin cams, a Locksmith will need to use a spreader to create space between the door and the frame and will then be able to identify the type of multipoint lock that is on the door and what action to take.


3.      Edge the Locking Points into Their Unlocked Position

When a gearbox has failed, you can usually still lock and unlock the cylinder so a Locksmith will ensure that the cylinder is unlocked and then mauver the locking points back into their unlocked position to be able to open the door.


4.      The Faulty Part is Replaced

A Locksmith will then be able to replace the broken gearbox or mechanism to ensure that the door returns back to working order. They will also be able to ensure that the door is in the correct position and aligned correctly to help ensure that unnecessary pressure isn’t on the new parts.


How Long it Takes to Fix a uPVC door or Window that is Stuck

It should take between 30 to 60 minutes to fix a uPVC door or window that is stuck, although it can take longer if unforeseen complications arise.

Find your local Locksmith here.


Am I Likely to Need a New uPVC Door or Window?

Unless your uPVC door or window has significantly warped or the frame is broken you shouldn’t need to get a new uPVC door or window. Most parts can be repaired or replaced when need be, by a professional local Locksmith.

Find more advice about warping here.


What NOT to do when a uPVC Door or Window Won’t Open

1.      Don’t force the door open

Forcing the door open can only cause more damage than good. If you feel a strong resistance when trying to open your uPVC door or window then your continued pressure on the door can cause more damage to a broken or faulty part and potentially make the issue worse and more expensive to sort out.


2.      Don’t try and fix the problem yourself

Whilst there are a few things you can do to see if you can resolve the problem, like tightening the screws if you think it might be out of alignment, often you might cause more damage if you don’t know what you are doing.

Likewise, many might be tempted to reach for the WD-40 but you should never apply this to locks or hinges as it can cause a build up of dust and dirt and can wear down the internal mechanisms

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