How to Secure Your Home Whilst Selling It

Selling your house is certainly not an easy process for anyone, and some things can be overlooked with so much on your plate. However, it is important to ensure that security in included the list, and arguably near the top.

Once you have put your house on the market, protecting your privacy is not something that should be taken lightly, especially if like most people, you are advertising it whilst you are still residing. This guide will take you through effective suggestions and ways to secure your home whilst selling it.

secure home while selling it


Hide your valuables

When you decide to sell your house and put it online, there is no doubt that you’ll have attractive photographs and videos taken of your home to sell your house at the price you want. However, most people don’t consider that going the extra mile with the photography and showing the house in detail, can potentially put the home at risk. When take photos your inside house, try to either avoid shots that would reveal any valuable items that could be worth stealing, or hide them somewhere out of sight if you can. If you are selling through an estate agent, it’s worth speaking to them to make them aware you would like to avoid photographing valuables.

Valuables are not just jewellery and expensive gadgets; they could be a calendar in the kitchen that has dates of your upcoming plans or even family pictures. If they know a specific date you will be out of the house, they might take this as an opportunity and you might return to find you have had a break-in. It’s worth considering that valuables can also include pets, so it’s worth making sure they aren’t there for the photos. Pet theft is not new for UK pet owners, but they might not have considered an innocent photo of a cat in a house listing a risk.

The majority of the people that use home selling apps, such as Rightmove, Zoopla, or OnTheMarket, are genuinely looking for houses to purchase; however there are a few there just to watch houses from the inside to look for opportunities for a burglary.


“For Sale” Signs


secure home while selling it

Signs, such as the “for sale” boards that many people put outside their home when deciding put it on the market, are actually putting your house in danger of burglary. Burglars local to the area will know that your home is up for sale, and may go online to look inside to plan their next move. If you feel that a ‘for sale’ board is necessary, we suggest increasing the security of your home before you put your house on the market.


Schedule viewings ahead of time

To avoid potential wrongdoers who may knock on your door as a buyer asking to view the house, it is better that you schedule all showings ahead of time. No matter how professional a person may look when they knock on your door, always ask them to go online and schedule a viewing through the proper channels. If you are not prepared for viewer’s arrival, you will likely have valuable items on show, which a potential would be keeping an eye out for.


Security measures

There are many security measures that are certainly worth investing in for the safety of your valuables and family. Whether it is a security camera or door and window sensors, it will certainly help to add extra security to your home. The following some suggestions on what you can add as an additional security measure to your current and new home:

  • Security cameras – if you are planning to get a camera, whether outdoor or indoor, only for the purpose of selling your house, there are many affordable options on the market. You may also be able to take this with your to your new property.

  • Motion sensors – motion lights, no matter where you have them, are a great option that can deter and prevent a successful break in.

  • Alarms – burglar alarms are certainly worth investing in as a measure to avoid an intrusion inside your house. It is a powerful tool to stop burglars in their tracks.

  • Lock – adding extra security to your door lock is a great way to further protect your home. Is your current lock working correctly? It is a British Standard Lock? Are there additional security measures you can add to your door?


Selling an empty house?

There are countless reasons why people leave their house empty before it is actually sold. Whether you accepted a job that is out of your city/country or found your dream house somewhere else, it is vital to:

  • Have a friendly neighbour on hand – ask neighbours to keep an eye out on the property for you.

  • Outdoor lighting – this will make your home looks occupied.

  • Stop any deliveries – regular deliveries that will lead to piling up should be stopped.


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While the majority who will view your house online on apps, such as Zoopla or Rightmove, will be people truly looking for a house, some burglars use it as a tool to burgle your house by looking for valuable and weak spots on the inside.

Estate agents are important because they usually have a protection plan for your home and valuables; however, it is best your keep up with their security plan.

It is important to either hide all your valuables where they cannot be seen, particularly in the photograph phase of the process of selling your house.