The Checklist to make your home more secure

Most people spend time and effort decorating their house to make it look nice, while forgetting about adding extra some security. Your home should be a very safe retreat where you feel protected; this guide will take you through some steps that will make your home more secure.

how to secure your home more




Doors are usually the most vulnerable part and the easiest access for a thief. Even if burglars broke in using another method, doors will usually be their first try. Therefore, investing in extra security for your door is worth it. Here are some extra measures you can consider to make your home more secure:

  1. Peepholes

Peepholes are a great way to scare burglars away. They will know you can easily look from it and call the police if they look suspicious, so this will add extra security to thieves trying with your doors.

  1. Strike Plates

Installing a strike plate is a great idea to add more security to your home as it is specifically designed to reinforce the weakest area of your door, which is the door jamb.

  1. Glazing

Installing a glaze on your door will not only help keep your house warm, but it can even prevent burglary with forced entry as it reinforces the door.

  1. Hinges

Make sure your door hinges are working properly and always make frequent checks on them; if it’s worth replacing or changing them, do it as soon as you can. Weak hinges are a massive reason for a successful break in.

  1. Letterbox

Make sure your letterbox is following the British Standard rules to increase the security of your home. If you can fit an internal plate or basket for your letterbox, this will enhance your overall letterbox security and obviously your home.


Is it Worth Replacing your Door?

You can apply as many reinforcements as possible for your door, but it wouldn’t be the best security without having a suitable door for your property. Depending on your home, you can either choose from wooden, uPVC, or composite doors. For a full buyer’s guide on doors click here!



Locks are the most valuable part in any type of door. Not only because it is the first part would a burglar try to unlock but also would reduce cost in the long term if it’s highly secure. Read our locks guide here.

  1. Deadbolts

When it comes to more security, a deadbolt is a must and should come at top of the list. Strong deadbolts cannot be easily moved when you are locking or unlocking.

  1. Install a smart lock

If possible, it is recommended that you go with keyless locks for extra protection in your home. Smart locks can add more security to your home in terms of being able to lock it anytime and anywhere. Most times we leave the house to work wondering if we have properly locked our doors or not; smart locks will provide you with peace of mind that you can easily lock it when you are not at home. In fact, 40% of UK homeowners admit they lose at least one of their keys while 90% of young adults, aged 18-24, report they have lost or forgot their keys somewhere. This is why smart locks could provide additional security to your home.

  1. Anti-snap locks

Lock snapping is the main way a burglar will be able to break in into your house. In fact, it has been estimated that around 27% of all house burglaries happen due to snapping the door lock. Hence, Anti-snap locks provide you with a peace of mind and assurance that snapping will be very difficult to achieve by burglars.

  1. Anti-drilling locks

Anti-drill locks will prevent a burglar from breaking your door handle by applying strong force on it. In fact, drilling a lock is completely damaging and destructive. Applying an anti-drill lock on your door would also help avoid snapping your door.

  1. Knob Lock Jammers

The door jammer is a further option, which is very similar to placing a chair under your knob lock but more secured due to its sturdy and strong material. Door jammers are perfect extra security to your lock as it will provide protection should the burglar bypass your lock.


how to make your home more secure


Window security is a perfect addition to make your home more secure not only for burglaries but also for pets and kids having easy reach to the windows. The following considerations will provide you with peace of mind in terms of safety.

  1. Window locks

Window locks are often the most preferable option when it comes to windows. Several of the window locks that you can purchase for additional security are pin locks, keyed locks, hinge wedged locks, and sash locks.

  1. Window sensors

Window sensors are essential for comprehensive home security systems as they can alert you immediately if someone tries to enter your home through a window. The circuit opens when the window is opened and the magnet is moved away from the switch, which sends a signal to the control panel, causing the alarm to sound.

  1. Tempered glass

An important consideration in window types is tempered glass, in which it is four times stronger than annealed glass and is known as a safety glass when used in windows. To increase the strength of this type of glass, it is heated and cooled repeatedly. This sort of glass will crumble rather than break into jagged fragments if it is broken by thieves. Burglars will have a harder difficulty breaking into your house if you have this type of glass installed, and they most likely won’t want to.

  1. Window bars

Permanent security bars are made to be used on a regular basis and for an extended period of time. Swing-away bars can be used to clean the window glass or to exit in an emergency. They’re kept safe by a padlock or a quick-release mechanism that can only be accessed from the inside. Removable bars are intended to be utilized where the presence of bars might detract from the overall aesthetic.

  1. Thorny Shrub

Plants, in general, can be used for extra safety for your home. The thorny shrub is one of the best defensive plants to make your home more secure, especially if it is planted near your windows!



Alarms are often one of the best additions to your home security.  The following are the main types of alarms that are best to consider when you are making your home more secure.

  1. Fire/smoke alarm

Fire or smoke alarms will detect early signs of fire, which can help you take faster action on it. In fact, a well maintained fire alarm system can be beneficial for your home insurance as it will reduce the cost.

  1. Burglary alarm

The best addition a burglary alarm will add to your home’s security is preventing the intrusion in the first place. In fact, 89% of convicted burglars have admitted that a home with a smart security system would put them off and deter them. An alarm could easily make a noise that can be heard by neighbours and draw attention, this means thieves may avoid coming to your home.

A unique feature of burglar alarms is that they will give you reassurance when you are not at home. Knowing the burglar will set the alarm off when you are not at home will give you peace of mind while having extra security.


Motion Detectors

Door and window motion sensors are a good option to make your home more secure. Outdoor lighting motion sensors can not only detect burglars, but also animals coming towards your door or window. Light motion sensors are a perfect addition for night time but not useful during the day. It is best to check when burglary usually happens in your town or city to help you decide if you need one. It is also cost effective, so it might be worth it either way!


Security Cameras

There are two main types of security cameras. It is definitely worth investing in security cameras for better security for your home for both personal purposes and to help gather evidence towards any crime.

  1. Outdoor cameras

Outdoor security cameras are worth investing in in most cases as it helps you know a before the burglary takes place. It is also worth investing more in the outdoor places that you do not access very often, such as your back garden or garage.

  1. Indoor cameras

Indoor security cameras are worth investing in when you usually expect so many quests to your home or host several parties or gatherings in your home.


Garage security

Many people get lazy when it comes to locking their garage door for faster and easier access. But, put in mind that this is an invitation for burglars to come and steal all your valuables. Here is what you should consider:

  • Lock all doors for the garage
  • Remember to lock your car
  • Never forget your home keys in the car
  • Install a sturdy garage door
  • Don’t share your security code
  • Install a CCTV camera
  • Reinforce your windows


Patio/Garden Security

Patio/garden safety considerations are important if you want to add extra security to your home.


Garden fences come in many shapes and types. Choosing the most suitable fence should be on top of the list as it decreases the chance of your items being on the show. Fences are not just adding security from burglars but adding security for your children and pets. Some people like to add more security to their fences by adding spikes and other deterrents. However, make sure you follow the government’s rules when applying any of the fences’ extra security boundaries.


Plants on fences are a great way to deter burglars away. Some of the recommended plants that can be used are Creeping Juniper, Blue Spruce, Common Holy, Giant Rhubarb, and Firethorn.


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You may be able to upgrade your home security yourself by adding some of extra security measures stated above but to ensure that your home security is the best it can be and fitted correctly so as not to make your home vulnerable it is best to find a professional Locksmith. Our fully trained and accredited Locksmiths at Keytek® offer homeowners and residents a free home security check on every call out. If you are booking us in just ask our Locksmith for more security advice and we will gladly help.