How to Burglar Proof your Home

Nobody wants to come home to find they’ve been broken into. While it is true that nothing is 100% effective at keeping burglars out, there are steps you can take to make more burglar proof. We will give you hints and tips on how to burglar proof your home.

Did you know that one in four burglary victims have had their home targeted again after the burglary occurred. Unfortunately as figures suggest if you were to be burgled a second time it is likely to be by the same person as they will often believe if they didn’t get caught the first time they won’t get caught the second time, therefore your home is more likely to be targeted again. They already know the layout of your home and will most likely wait until you have replaced any stolen items. To prevent being a victim of burglary the first or second time around, you should take action to prevent it from happening…

Man holding a white block house in his hands

Burglar Proofing your Main Property

Lock Your Doors

It sounds simple, but making sure your doors are locked is the best thing you can do to secure your home. It’s been proven time and time again that burglars are just looking for easy targets, so leaving your doors unlocked is the best way to invite a burglar in. 34% of Burglars enter through the front door, and are in and out within 8-10 minutes. It makes sense that most break-ins happen between 10am-3pm as that is when most people are out of the house. But if you ensure that your front door is locked, this could all be avoided, as any potential burglar will class your home as to much trouble to break in to.

Make Sure Your Locks are Working

It’s all well and good locking your doors when you leave the house, but if your locks are damaged then it’s as bad as leaving them unlocked. If you suspect that you have any issues with your door handle or lock, get it looked at by a professional locksmith as soon as possible. Not only does a broken lock or door handle leave you venerable to a break in, if this did happen, it’s unlikely your home insurance will pay out. So it’s very important that you are confident in the security of your door locks.

Do you Know Where all the Copies Are?

when you moved house did you change the locks? 45% of people don’t. Not only could this make your home insurance invalid, it may also mean someone you don’t know has access to your home. Its best practice to change your locks when you move, but if you have not done so yet, it might be worth having them changed by a professional locksmith.

Reinforce Your Windows and Doors

Even if you have the best lock in the world, if the door or window itself is weak or flimsy, then it will be easy to kick through. If you are worried about the strength of your front door or window frames, then you may want to consider replaces them with newer, sturdier frames.

Light It Up

Use outdoor security lights to light up the outside of your property. Burglars love the dark as it allows them cover to break in. If you light up the places on the outside of your property where they are likely to gain access, they lose their cover and this should hopefully stop them successfully breaking in. Take a look at our Outdoor Security Lights page. 


Protecting your Garden

It’s not just your home that you need to protect; home security starts in the garden. Burglars will enter your front or back garden before they enter the house, so you need to take some steps to make your garden as burglar proof as possible.

Get the Right Fences

You might think installing a large imposing fence around your garden will offer you some protection from burglars, however you might just be providing them with the cover they need o break in without anyone noticing. We have a Garden Fence Security Guide for you to read to find out more.

Install Security Lights

Install some motion sensor outdoor security lights, these will light up when they sense movement and potentially scare any burglars away. Burglars love the dark, so lighting them up means they can’t break in in secret. To find out more about outdoor security lights then visit our Outdoor Security Light Guide.

Make Sure Your Gate is Secure

If your gate is easy to kick in, or if the lock is easy to open from the outside then you are leaving yourself vulnerable. To find out more about garden gates visit our Garden Gate Guide.

Get a Gravel Driveway

One thing that burglars love is the quiet, but it’s impossible to be quiet when walking up a gravel driveway. This in itself could be enough to deter a burglar from targeting your house.


Security Cameras

Installing a security camera is a good way to deter a burglar, especially if you use the signage that comes with them. . It’s important to place your cameras in the right places; they should cover any entrance ways or any place you feel is vulnerable. Security cameras are also good for identifying any burglars if the worst does happen. Take a look at Keytek’s favourite security cameras.

Best for Outdoor: Nest Outdoor Security Camera

  • 24/7 live video. 130° Wide-angle view lets you look after your home in 1080p HD, day and night.
  • Receive a phone alert or email when nest cam detects activity.
  • Weatherproof, cable and adaptor, so you can leave it out in the rain.
  • Talk & listen feature. Meaning you can speak to get someone’s attention or tell the postman to leave the parcel by the door.
  • Night vision. With 8 infrared LED, night vision evenly illuminates the scene.

Best for indoor: Hive View

  • Livestreaming & Video Playback
  • Detachable camera
  • Activity Zones
  • Night Vision

Keytek has guides for both indoor and outdoor security cameras.


Install a House Alarm

As we mentioned before, when placed correctly a house alarm is a fantastic way of burglar proofing your home. Not only will the sight of one deter a burglar, if someone does try and break in the very loud noise a house alarm emits should scare them away. The noise can also alert your neighbours, as if a burglar is very determined and continues the break–in the police can be called by your neighbours. These days a house alarm isn’t just a house alarm, many security companies are now providing entire home security systems that come with multiple cameras and motions sensors, as well as key-coded alarms.

You can read our Security System guide to find out detailed information about the type of alarm you should install in your home. Here we show you two of Keytek’s recommended security systems.

Hive Smart Home Security

The Hive Smart Home Security System is a great product for those who are new to smart home security systems and are looking for an easy to use home security system with a sleek, understated design. They offer a wide range of features and 5 different packages including a bespoke package to your home via their quiz online so you can choose the best home security package for you.


SimpliSafe home security systems are another product we love for ease of use. You can simply open up the box and get it running, no tools or experience required. SimpliSafe also offer a few different home security packages so that you can choose one that suits your home and needs. The most basic package ‘The Foundation’ retails for just £200 and includes the hub, control panel, entry sensor and SimpliCam camera which is a great deal. What is really great about SimpliSafe is that there are no contracts.


Join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme

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