Window Sash Locks

Sash locks are a great way to help add extra security to your windows, find out all about them in our guide below!.

Window Sash Locks

You might have heard of window sash locks, but what are they? How do they work? What do they do? We will go through all you need to know about installing sash locks to your windows.

What are window sash locks?

A sash window lock is placed in the sash of the window to stop the window from opening fully. A sash window lock can be placed in any type of window; UPVC, wooden or aluminium. You may have heard that sash windows locks aren’t very secure compared to newer type windows, but there is a reason they are still used. Sash windows locks have been used in eras from Victorian, Georgian, and regency times, the design has changed over time, but essentially the principle is the same.

We will go through the different types of sash locks and the level of security they provide.


Different types of sash window locks

There are a few different types of sash window locks. We will go through each style so you can see which one might be right for you.


Quadrant Sash Window Lock

These come in various different materials so you will have the ability to choose which style will fit in with your home décor. The functionality of a Quadrant Sash Window Lock is that a small arm attaches two plates on your window frame and casement, which keeps the window from opening. Quadrant sash locks are simple and relatively small, so if you are looking for a subtle way to improve your window security then these could be the ones for you.


Brighton Sash Window Lock Fasteners

Much like the Quadrant Sash Window Lock these attach to both the window frame and casement. However, where they differ is that the Brighton’s use a screw mechanism, which does make them more secure. The Brighton’s also come as locking and non-locking varieties. They are slightly chunkier than the Quadrant sash locks, so do your research to make sure they will go with your window and décor style.


Fitch Fasteners

These use a semi-circular plate that pivots to keep your window securely closed. The fitch fasteners are a very traditional way to secure your windows, but are relatively small, so won’t be a huge feature of your window. They also come in locking and non-locking versions.

  • Claw fasteners
  • This traditional Victorian window lock uses a cam action to swing a curved metal claw into a receiver, stopping your window from being opened.


Average price of a sash window lock

As you would expect there are some factors that affect the cost of a sash window lock; the type of sash window lock, the brand you choose, how many you need, the type of window you have etc. However, you can expect the range of cost to start at around £5, for a basic sash window lock, such as a Fitch lock. If you are looking for a set of brass hook fasteners then you may be looking at around the £25 each mark. As well as the cost of you sash window locks, you will have to factor in the delivery and installation costs.


How do you lock a sash window?

The way you lock a sash window depends on what type of lock you have installed. However, the general idea is that make sure the window frame can be moved easily within the casement before latching the frames together. You would then latch the frames together using and screw locks or stops that you have had installed.


Sash Window Stops

Sash stops are installed on the upper sash, this stops the sashes from sliding over each other. This prevents the window from being opened. They come in two parts, a receiver that you screw to the inside of the window frame and the steel barrel that will fit inside the receiver. Once you have drilled the correct size hole into the frame and have screwed in the receiver, the barrel will then screw into the receiver when it’s in use. You can choose from 2 types of sash window locks for sash stops. You can choose protruding bolts that can be removed with a key, or you can pick bolts that are extracted.

A good set of sash window stops will vary in price, but on average you can expect them to be around £10.


Sash Window Dual Screws

Sash window screws offer added security for those are security conscious and will fit most sash windows. This type of lock will bolt through the top and the bottom of the sash to stop your window from opening. The dual screws will stop anyone from being able to slide open your window, even if the main fastener is broken or has been tampered with. You can get full bolts for the most protection, but they tend to be more expensive.


Be Secure and Use a Professional

If you are wanted to install sash window locks to your home, there is the option of doing it yourself. However, if you are doubtful of your ability, then it is always best to hire a professional locksmith. This will ensure that any locks are installed properly and meet your home insurance standards. Keytek Locksmiths are fully trained to install and update sash window locks, so give us a call 0330 332 0589 and see what we can do for you.