Physical, Mental and Home Office Security

After a survey made by 2,000 companies in the UK, the majority have agreed they would allow their staff the flexibility of working from home. After their hands being forced during the pandemic, work from home that was previously seemed as impossible is now possible. Below we tackle some of these working from home complications so you can get back on the road to success career wise!

Working from Home Mental Health


It is tempting to work the hours you’d prefer, maybe you’re a night owl or an early bird but by sticking to a routine your body and mind will thank you for it. Having a set routine will also help you change from work mode to home mode much easier as you’ll clock off at the usual time and be less tempted to work longer hours. As for the commute time you’d usual have why not try spending it exercising or doing something you enjoy like reading a book!



A calm, quiet and tidy workspace is key for productivity, a safe haven away from the kids and a space where everything you need is to hand! It might be tempting to work on the sofa or in bed but you can be easily distracted here by Netflix or a ‘5 minute nap’. As well as that it is important maintain correct posture so as not to damage your spine!


Having a lunch break away from your workspace will allow your eyes to rest from the computer screen and give your body a bit of a stretch! Taking regular breaks will also help your mental wellbeing as you will not feel ‘trapped’ in one space. Why not take a walk during a break, even if it is just around the block it will do you wonders!


Virtually Socialise

When working from home you miss the usual office chat and relationship building so it is important that you and your team schedule in a chat other than strictly work talk during your zoom meetings! Are you a solo worker? Why not try arranging ‘virtual work meetings or coffee meet ups’ with your friends! Don’t forget always communicate any problems or concerns you may have with your boss or colleagues, they are there to support you.


Work/Life Balance

You may be able to have more flexibility and a better work/life balance by working from home but make sure you do benefit from that! Don’t be tempted to work past your usual work hours to get stuff done because it will drag you down in the long run and leave you feeling depleted!

Learning Opportunities

Training opportunities and career progression may see you slip through the net whilst you’re working from home so ensure you maintain good communication with your boss and ensure you have a clear plan of action of what you wish to achieve. Ensuring you are growing within your job and career will provide you with a purpose and in return will benefit your company from the dedication and passion you will more than likely provide in return.


Working from Home Physical Health

How to maintain good posture at your desk

You might be making do with your home office, unlike your office you might need to make some adjustments to your work space to ensure your body maintains good posture. The NHS recommends the following:

  • Chair

Reduce the risk of back pain by adjusting your chair to fit you, or if you are making do support your back with cushions. Remember your knees should rest lower than your hips with your feet firmly on the floor for correct alignment.


  • Monitor

The top of your monitor screen should be at eye level and around an arm’s length away from you to avoid neck and eye strain. Also ensure there are no reflections on your screen that can cause harm to your eyes, shut a blind if necessary and adjust screen brightness.


  • Keyboard

Your keyboard should be placed slightly away from the edge of the desk and the same height as your forearms with elbows at right angles to avoid repetitive strain.


  • Mouse

Keep it close to you and avoid over straining your arms.


  • Phone

If you’re on the phone for the majority of the day, switch to a headset so you aren’t constantly straining your neck.



Working from Home Security

Working from Home Workspace

Picking a comfortable and private workspace is one of the first things many people consider when they begin working from home. Preferably the best workspace would be a private room in your home with a lock on the door to prevent your family from walking in during any meetings (check out this toddler and baby walking in on their father during a live BBC news report)

However, not all of us benefit from a spare room so find a quiet corner where there will be less noise from others in your home. A corner in your bedroom may work quite well if you can resist the urge to climb back into bed or perhaps the living room if no one else will be watching TV. We’d say to avoid the kitchen though as there will lots of noises from the kettle boiling to the fridge making those strange noises it makes, the tap dripping and the grumble from your stomach as you resist the snack cupboard that is just within an arm’s reach!

Most importantly, your working space should be private. Ensure no one is able to peak through a window or over your shoulder. This advice mainly consists for those working remotely in a cafe which none of us can do right now but still applies if your home is on a busy road or in a house share.

If this isn’t possible it may be worth investing in a privacy screen or shield. These are made of a thin film that slot onto the screen of your desktop or laptop and filter the screen so that no one can see what it on the screen unless you are sitting directly in front of it.


Home office locks

There are plenty of locks you need to think about when it comes to securing your home office. Take a look at our lock guide here for more information.


Install a safe

Another way to upgrade your home office security is to invest in a safe. There are plenty of different options of safes on the market, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming safe advice!

Home office perimeter

It is a good idea to ensure the perimeters of your home office and home in general are safe and secure from potential burglars especially whilst you have sensitive work data stored at home. Find out how to secure your home in our Home Security Guide here!


Lock your Computer

Whenever you step away from your computer be that even to just make a cup of tea, lock it! This will ensure your dog/cat/child can’t accidentally delete the whole load of work you’ve been doing or reply ‘n!!df&jde7’ to that important work email!


Hide your workplace belongings at the end of the day

Try to store away your workplace belongings at the end of the day. Not only will this prevent you from working out of hours unpaid but will keep it safe from any spilt drinks or uninvited visitors.

Shred your important documents

Now might be the time to invest in a shredder for your home if you handle sensitive physical documents, it’ll even be handy for your household bills.


Cyber Security

Keeping your important data safe from cybercriminals is vital and often seems to far too complicated to understand for those of us not in that field or with interest within it. There is a lot to cover when it comes to cyber security and so we have created a cyber security guide to help you here!


Virtual Private Network or VPN must always be used when you are connected to a network you do not control such as when connected to the wi-fi at a cafe or the airport for example. But you must also use a VPN if you are working from home and need access to your work server or website that is only meant for use of the employees. P.S. When using a VPN ensure you only use it for work related things as your company could potentially take a look to see what you are doing.


Say no to sharing devices

Your family members may ask you to use your work computer but you never know what might accidentally happen whilst they are using it. As a preventative to save your devices and the important work on it just say no.


Save your work online

It is always best to ensure you have saved your hard work in multiple locations. If you’re saving it on a hard drive ensure you always back up your files online. Hard drives are easily misplaced never to be seen again!


Scam emails are becoming more and more advanced so never, ever click on a link or an attachment from an email you don’t recognise or weren’t expecting.


Keytek® Locksmiths

Find your local Keytek® Locksmith here on our page! Did you know that on every job we complete our qualified Engineer will carry out a free home security check to your property? This will ensure yourself and your work will remain as safe as can be from burglars!



Yes, uncomfortable work seating can be dangerous to your back and body.

Working from home and working at office are completely different environments. An imbalance between both environments can affect your mental health.

The best way to work from home safely is to make a home office where you can be isolated from your home mode and have a comfortable posture as in your workplace.