Anti Snap Locks

Anti Snap Locks

Home security is as important as ever for home owners, and with 1 in 100 homes in the UK burgled each year  it’s no surprise that people are starting to wonder if their home security is up to scratch!

Popularity of uPVC and composite doors is on the rise and whilst they are generally more secure than wooden doors thanks to their multipoint locking system, a lot of people are aware that the central lock is actually the weakest point of the door and is vulnerable to cylinder snapping.

It’s thought that 75% of burglars break in through a door, so ensuring that your euro cylinder (the central lock) is tested against cylinder snapping and various other forced entry methods will help to protect your home. Therefore, industry experts and the police suggest anti snap locks.


How Secure is Your Home?

The most common lock seen on uPVC and composite doors are euro cylinder locks, and when an intruder applies the right amount of force it can unfortunately be snapped, allowing them access to your home. If your euro cylinder lock isn’t anti snap, a burglar could potentially gain entry to your home in less than 30 seconds!

If you have an anti snap lock fitted to your external uPVC or composite door you decrease the chances of your home becoming a target and give it better chance to withstand attack.


What Are Anti Snap Locks?

Anti snap locks for uPVC doors have a sacrificial snap line on the side which faces externally so that if pressure is applied to the anti snap lock, it snaps along that line protecting the internal weak point which controls the door. This means that if someone tries to gain access to your home, they won’t be able to gain access through manipulating the weak point.


 How Do Anti Snap Locks Work?

Anti Snap lock



How Do I Know If My Locks Are Anti Snap?

1. Look for the British Standard Kitemark.

Whilst not a 100% guarantee, looking for the British Standard Kitemark is a pretty good indicator of what level of security your euro lock has and if it might be an anti snap lock.

2. Look for the 3 Star Kitemark

If you have a euro lock with a 3 star rating, then this means that your lock has been assessed against lock snapping and is an anti snap lock.

3. Remove the Cylinder

One of the only sure-fire ways to check if you have anti snap locks is to remove the euro lock and check if it has the snap lines (as pictured above). We wouldn’t recommend removing the euro lock yourself but call out a local Locksmith to help you. You’ll want a uPVC specialist who is familiar with a euro cylinder lock and will be able to see if you have anti snap locks, if not they are then also on hand to upgrade them for you!


Upgrading to Anti Snap Locks

If your euro cylinder lock isn’t an anti snap, then you might want to get your locks upgraded to an anti snap euro cylinder. Keytek® Locksmiths provides an unmatched Locksmith service where your home security is our top priority. All our Locksmiths arrive to site with a fully stocked van where we will be able to upgrade your standard euro cylinder to an anti snap euro cylinder*!

All parts supplied and fitted by Keytek® Locksmiths come with a full 12 month warranty and are fitted by some of the industries top security experts so you can be assured that your new anti snap locks will help to keep your home safe!

Call us today on 0808 164 2928 to organise a visit from your local Locksmith!


Are Anti Snap Locks Any Good?

There are several options you have for anti snap locks that help reduce the likelihood of being targeted by burglars, some of the most popular are the Yale 3 Star Cylinder and the Ultion Anti Snap Lock. Read our full review of the Best Anti Snap Locks.


Yale 3-Star Euro Cylinder

Yale is one of the best known security brands out there and is a household name in the UK. Providing high security locks since the 1800s, their anti snap locks conform to the latest British Standard Kitemark TS007 and are known for their quality and performance.

Ultion Anti Snap Locks

The TS007 3 star rated Ultion anti snap lock is one of the highest security locks on the market, with Ultion so sure of their protective design that if a burglar was to gain access to your home using cylinder snapping within 5 years of installation, Ultion will pay you £1000!


How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade to Anti Snap Locks?

When upgrading to anti snaps locks you can expect to pay for a labour rate plus the price of the new locks. Anti snap locks tend to a bit more expensive than standard euro cylinder locks as they have a higher security, so do bear this in mind.

For up-to-date industry advice on Locksmith prices, read our guide to Locksmith prices.



*Where possible. Ordering procedures may apply.

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