Cylinder Snapping

What is Lock Snapping?

An intruder will use a number of makeshift tools to snap the locks and, sadly, it can take just seconds to gain access to your home. No skill or experience is needed they will simply use physical force to break-in. Euro profile locks (better known as Euro Cylinders) are found in the majority of uPVC doors and are the most likely targets for this type of forced entry.

A burglar could be in your home in 13 seconds using lock snapping. All burglars have to do is apply the right amount of pressure to a euro cylinder lock and remove the outside. Once the mechanism is exposed, it can be tampered with and unlocked, and this can allow the thief to gain entry.


How Common is Lock Snapping?

Lock snapping is one of the most common ways for an intruder to enter your home, this is because a quick and relevantly quiet method of entry. This is a preferred method for burglars due to a potentially lower risk of getting caught in the act and the lack of skill involved.


Can I Stop Cylinder Snapping?

You can fit your doors with an Anti-Snap Lock to help prevent a break in. as they hold a higher security and are more resistant to the dangerous of lock snapping. Anti-Snap locks do snap. However they are made to snap in a certain place, a place that is far away from the central section. The central section is the vulnerable part of the lock and gives access to the multi-point-lock or dead lock. It is almost impossible to create an affordable lock that won’t snap, but with the Anti-Snap Cylinder, just the tip will break off, meaning the burglar will not be able to get into your home.

Anti-snap Euro Cylinders

One way to prevent lock snapping is to install anti-snap locks on all external doors as they hold a higher security and are more resistant to the danger of lock snapping. There are currently 2 nationally recognised standards that exist for cylinders; TS 007(1 Star or 3 Star) or the Sold Secure Diamond Standard for lock cylinders (SS312). You can also get door handles that are tested to TS 007 Standards and if successful can receive a 2 star rating.

What we recommend

We at Keytek® recommend an ABS High Security Euro Cylinder, which is the only security cylinder currently on the market which has a TS007 3 star rating, SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Accredited and Secured by Design Accreditation combined.

We also recommend at the very least installing a star solution which is the minimum you should aim towards should you look into upgrading your cylinders. There are 2 different ways you can achieve a 3 star security solution; one way is to install a 1 star TS 007 lock in combination with a 2 star handle which will give you the 3 stars collectively or you can install a 3 star TS 007 lock. If you have a higher budget you could also consider installing a 3 star TS 007 lock with a 2 Star handle to give you a 5 star security solution.


How to Tell if you Have a Euro Cylinder fitted?

If you have a uPVC or Composite door then you most likely will have a euro cylinder fitted to your door. Usually the barrel of the lock will come away from the door and you will have to turn the handle up to lock it. You can also get euro cylinders on wooden doors, but these are less likely.


How do you Know the Cylinder is Snapped?

If there has been a break-in or an attempted break-in, then there will be obvious damage to your door. The lock and cylinder will have been removed and the plastic covering of the handle will have been ripped off.


Can you Replace your own Cylinder Lock?

It is inadvisable to secure your own home, if you are not an accredited Locksmith. One reason would be that it may not fit to your insurance standard and you could be denied a claim if a break in happens once you have replaced your own lock. If you have had no Locksmith training then you cannot be sure that your home is secured correctly. This could lead to more break-ins. It is always best to engage the services of a accredited, experienced Locksmith.


What are the Best Cylinder Lock Replacements to get?

Keytek® would recommend an ABS High Security Euro Cylinder. All of our local Locksmiths are able to supply and fit an ABS High Security Euro Cylinder, to ensure your uPVC or double glazed doors are not only meeting your home insurance requirements but are also ultimately secured for your peace of mind when it comes to your home security. The ABS High Security Euro Cylinder is the only security cylinder currently on the market which has a TS007 3 star rating, SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Accredited and Secured by Design Accreditation combined.


Anti-snap locks your questions answered


Can burglars break anti-snap locks?

If someone tries to break an anti-snap, it will snap at the break line as it is designed to do. However, one it is broken the lock will not open.


How do I Know if I Have Anti-snap Locks?

You assess if you have anti-snap locks by finding either the 3 Star Kitemark on the lock, or identifying the Sold Secure Diamond Accredited Diamond on the Lock. If you are unsure you can always call your local professional Locksmith to come and assess your locks.

To find your local Locksmith, search our Find a Locksmith Page.


How do Anti-Snap locks work?

Anti-snap locks have a thin break line in between the two halves of the cylinder (lock) so that if the outside is forced it will break along the snap line without leaving the lock vulnerable. In other terms it will still snap but in a specific place where the locking part of the lock cannot be reached.

Are Iseo locks Anti-Snap?

Not all Iseo locks are anti-snap but they do supply a variation of the euro cylinder which has TS 007 1 star rating, meaning that specific lock is anti-snap.


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