Garage Security Advice

Garage Security Advice

Often people do not only keep their car in the garage, they also store a range of power tools, expensive sports equipment and various other valuables which are highly sought after by burglars. Whether your garage is attached to your property or separated from your house, the contents could be at risk if the garage is not secured.

The majority of burglars are opportunistic and are anticipating an easy win, therefore seeing a heavy duty lock on a garage door could easily deter a burglar. Many burglars strike at a property when residents are distracted, so the installation of motion-triggered security lights will ensure any movement around your garage will not go unnoticed. As burglars aim to complete a job in the shortest possible time, any obstructions which require further effort and time will be sure to deter a burglar, such as installing a garage defender to disable the use of the door.  There are also several ways to secure your garage internally, such as securing valuables using wall anchors or expandable bolts, or considering extending the home security alarm to the garage.

garage defender

PJB Garage defender with padlock

The simple act of improving your garage locks could enhance your security considerably. ‘Up and over’ garage doors are most often equipped with a central locking handle, which are usually quite fragile and easily damaged by burglars. An effortless solution is to drill a hole so a padlock can be inserted, as a result preventing the door being opened. If your garage has a wooden pedestrian side door, the best way to improve your security is to install a mortice deadlock, with a minimal five levers.

A further factor to take into consideration when upgrading your garage security is whether there’s easy access to your home through an internal door. If a door in your garage leading to your house is not secured, not only will a burglar have access to the contents of your garage, you may also expose your home.

When looking at improving your garage and outbuilding security, do not forget to include them in your home insurance cover. Calculate the total value of the contents in your garage and other outbuildings, and whether your home insurance payout will be sufficient compensation. If not, consider discussing additional cover with your insurer.

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