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Keeping Your Business Safe


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Keep your business safe

Business Security

It’s important to keep your business safe from crime and reduce unexpected losses by improving your businesses security.

Crime can be a massive concern for businesses across the country, with businesses being vulnerable to many forms of crime. It is important to take some steps towards protecting and safeguarding your business against crime and minimising any risk of loss. Unexpected and unforeseen losses can have a massive effect on your businesses well being and profits. Taking a few steps can help prevent crime and increase protection.


How to protect your businesses safety

• Install good lighting around the business and keep car parks well illuminated.

• Protect your building by using security doors and windows that are certified to PAS 24:2012

• Keep valuables out of sight, try to make sure all valuables such as computers and laptops are kept out of sight on the ground floor and keep any machinery or tools locked away.

• Install motion action lights towards the entrance of your business. Motion action lights can help deter thieves and also provide better lighting for employees entering and leaving the premises at night.

• Keep a record of the valuable office equipment located at your premises.

• CCTV cameras can monitor activity at your premises and can be used track time and dates of any occurrences where people have entered of exited the building.

• Security widow film can add protection if a window is smashed reducing damage.

• Any money handling should be done privately, supervised and out of sight from any non employees.

• Remove items that could be used to commit crime such as ladders and rubble and bricks that could be used to smash windows.

• Control access to your premises and restrict unauthorised entry to the building, introduce key fob or keypad systems, ID cards can also help identify company employees.

• Display warning signs around the premises to deter thieves away from the premise.

These are just a few tips that could make a huge difference. For more information visit https://content.met.police.uk/Article/What-I-need-to-do/1400032545325/1400032545325 as the Metropolitan Police have some great security advice for businesses.


If you think that your business premises or office could do with a security check or an uplift, give us a call on 0330 332 0589.


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